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Caframo Fan Replacement Parts

Caframo Ecofans are known for giving years of worry-free performance, and that's one of the reasons they are so popular. Like anything with moving parts, however, they will eventually require maintenance. Fortunately, we have all of the replacement motors with easy to follow "how-to" videos on each page so you can get your Ecofan running like the day you took it out of the box.
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By Brenda from WI on December 26, 2014
The blade fell off of our Caframo Ecofan. How do we reattach the blade?
By Dawn H. on December 26, 2014

You should be able to insert the fan blade assembly back into the hole and then use an Allen wrench to tighten it back on. The hole for the Allen wrench is located on the side of the hub on the front of the fan blade assembly.

By Audrey from State College, PA on November 10, 2014
Is there a warranty that comes with the fans?
By eFireplaceStore on November 11, 2014

The manufacturer offers a 1 year warranty against defects in workmanship. If the fan should fail in that time frame, we can file a claim with the manufacturer for replacement parts or a replacement fan.

By Robert from Hansville, WA on December 28, 2015
How do i find the model number of my Caframo EcoFan?
By Will M. on December 29, 2015

The model number for your fan should be located on a white sticker, directly underneath the model information stamped on the top of the metal housing.

By Charles from Perry, ME on February 16, 2015
I have an Ecofan with a serial number 1148786. Which replacement motor kit do I need to get for it?

By Chris C. on February 19, 2015

Per Caframo, the appropriate replacement motor kit for your Ecofan is MRK0BG.

By George from New Hampshire on December 2, 2013
I have an Ecofan Airplus, 3-blade, with gold blades that will not work. I can't locate a model number, maybe 802? I tested it with a small battery to the terminals and blades started to turn extremely slow, for an instant.
If the motor will function a little, do I need to replace it? If so, which is comparable or will move a little more air as we want it to move more.
By Collin C. - NFI Master Hearth Professional on December 3, 2013

A weak motor can indeed turn the fan blades for a few moments before becoming too hot to continue functioning. The highest CFM output fan we offer is the Caframo Ecofan AirMax 812 Heat Powered Wood Stove Fan. This fan was recently updated from 150 CFM to 175 CFM air movement capacity and operates at a very broad temperature range. The fan also offers superior air movement at lower temperatures, when compared to previous models.

By Sherri from Hampden, ME on May 1, 2016
Is the motor the only part that could need replacement or can the generator go bad?
By eFireplaceStore on May 2, 2016

Both the motor and the thermal generator can fail, but it is very rare for the latter to do so.

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