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    Ethanol Fireplace Inserts & Logs

    From environmentally-friendly traits to enhanced user experience, and more desirable features, our ethanol fireplace inserts are designed to please the average hearth owner from top to bottom. Imagine reclining near an attractive fire, revelling in leisure time that involves nearly no personal energy through maintenance of your hearth device. That experience is true to form for these ethanol-centric options, which are packaged to provide the hearth experience without the disturbing side-effects that would otherwise demand your energy and time. The designs offer versatility as well; you can experience a sleek, sophisticated model or a more traditional set of ethanol fireplace logs. Due to the progressive fuel type, you can expect a hearth experience free of smoke, soot, and disturbing odors. These clean and inspiring moments can, similarly, be enjoyed within the confines of an area of your choosing; options included below are specially made to service a versatile list of hearth-spaces, as indicated. Our ethanol fireplace reviews suggest the designs and functionality together have had their intended effects.

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    Offering convenience, impressive visuals, and a highly-durable, longlasting burn, just to start, the Moda Flame EPB4047 Pro 47" Ethanol Fireplace Burner Insert provides its users with an easier process. The unit, made to eliminate the process of installation, bypasses the need for a utility connection. As a bonus, the aesthetics make this one a winner, with standout flame effects that won't be forgotten. Expect a durable, long-lasting burn to say the least with a full 9-12 hours comprising its range of possibility. Additionally, you'll have power of choice and versatility in your hands as well, as this one can be installed in nearly any architectural environment.

    It's no wonder hearth owners are seeking out ethanol fireplace logs and similar units. The Moda Flame EPB4015 Pro 1.5L Bio Ethanol Fireplace Burner Insert offers convenience from the start and is virtually maintenance-free. Emitting no fumes during burn, the burner insert is known for its wide-scope of appropriate locations, since it is ideal for patio, condominium, apartment, and home use, as well as for business operations in common industries, like restaurants and hotels.

    Ethanol fireplace logs and sleek insert options have, not surprisingly, grown in popularity. These are a welcome addition to our, also admirable, gas fireplace inserts with natural gas and propane fueling. The highly-useful, one of a kind ethanol options are specially fit to hearth owners with desires of low-maintenance, convenient results, and versatility. With enhanced user experience, via the smoke-free operation and odor-free burn, you can expect a relaxing time when using your favorite among our ethanol fireplaces. Such an experience will continue well beyond the completion of your fire. Enjoy this selection along with the rest of our high-quality hearth inventory, here on

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