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Osburn Wood Stoves

Osburn Wood Stoves offers the top of the line wood burning stoves on the market. You don't have to look too far to find a fantastic deal on a high-quality Osburn wood stove. In fact, you've already found it. The Osburn wood burning stove store offers our customers a great price on a great wood stove. You can browse our complete line of wood stoves from Osburn, pick out the one that is right for your needs and your home, then let us take care of the rest.'s friendly staff, customer service, and focus on value will ensure that you receive exactly what you were looking for, which is probably why you started shopping with us in the first place.
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By Paul from Lehigh Valley, PA on December 28, 2015
I need a replacement starter for an older Osburn G2 wood burning stove. Do you carry these?
By Will M. on December 29, 2015

For replacement parts, please fill out this form.

By Shirley from Seward, AK on February 16, 2015
We bought our Osburn stove eighteen years ago and we know it's time to replace it because the metal in the top is bowing from the heat. Should the stovepipe be replaced too?
By eFireplaceStore on February 17, 2015

The existing piping may need replacement, but if it has been kept clean and swept regularly, you may not need to. I recommend having a chimney sweep out to inspect and evaluate the stovepipe and chimney system.

By Helena from NY on October 17, 2015
What is the best orientation for wood in the Osburn 2300 (02301) woodburning stove? We bought it used and want to do this the right way. We did download a manual for it and I don't see it mentioned there.
By Brennan W. on October 19, 2015

While there is no specific recommendations when it comes to log placement in this stove, you will want to make sure the logs are dry and seasoned and no larger than 18".

By Karen from Marianna, FL on November 19, 2015
What stove can be used in a room that measures about 400 square feet?
By Chris C. on November 19, 2015

For a space around 400 square feet, I would suggest the Osburn 900 High-Efficiency EPA Wood Burning Stove or the Drolet Pyropak Extra Small Wood Burning Stove. Both of these smaller models will effectively heat 250-1000 square feet.

By David on November 9, 2012
I bought a fireplace insert about five or six years ago but don't know the model number. Where do I look or how do I determine the model number?
on November 9, 2012

Many of the Osburn stoves and inserts come with a set of metal build plates that are packed in the firebox area when the unit is shipped out. These plates will contain the model and serial number of the unit. If you no longer have these build tags, the only other location the insert has identification is on a tag that is mounted on the back of the unit. If it is an insert, it would of course need to be rotated or removed from the fireplace opening to gain access.

By Andrew on November 9, 2012
I'm looking for the 2300, and max. height of stove and max width of o/s of box. Can the 45 ell be attached directly to the collar of the stove?
on November 9, 2012

The Osburn 2300 Wood burning Stove measures 31" tall with legs and 31 5/8" with the pedestal base. The outer width of the unit is 24 1/2" with legs and 24 1/4" with the pedestal base. You can see it here: Osburn 2300 Wood burning Stove. While it is generally recommended to have at least 12" of vertical piping before the first elbow, Osburn does not specifically make mention of this being a necessity. Please keep in mind however, that the more vertical run you have before the elbow, the better. Stoves have a better chance of establishing good draft initially if there is vertical piping in place on the flue collar.

By Carol from Northern, CA on November 15, 2013
I have had an Osburn 2400 for 22 years. Last winter it started having a smoking problem. At one point smoke was coming out both the sides around the top of the stove. It had been cleaned recently (stovepipe, etc.) so that was not the cause. I have very good bricks but perhaps one with a slight crack. I did notice that the insulation is pretty thin on top. This happened at about 4 in the morning with the damper on low. I don't know if it needs replacing or if the insulation would be a problem. Can you help me?
By Collin C. - NFI Master Hearth Professional on November 18, 2013

The primary purpose of the insulation is to help seal the gap between the upper baffles, keeping the firebox hotter and helping to keep smoke from escaping between the baffles. However, the insulation will have no effect on whether or not smoke could leak from firebox. I recommend checking the outer body of the stove for any cracks that may have developed. Please keep in mind that the outer shields may hide any cracking, so they may need removal. The cracks may also only open during burning the stove.

By Bernice Axelson from Elgin, IL on August 26, 2013
I need an insulation blanket for my Osburn 1600 Wood burning stove. Where can I buy one or can I order it online?
By Kevin E. - NFI Certified Specialist on August 29, 2013

The insulation blanket for your stove is part number PL34047. You would need two of these to complete your renovation. These would be a special order for us. If you are interested in ordering please, give us a call at 1800-203-1642.

By Stacey from Wheeler, TX on September 24, 2014
I love the look of the Osburn 1800 and 2200 Series wood stoves. We will have concrete flooring so will there be any need for any extra floor wear for this to be set on? Would this be your choice to heat a 1500 sq ft house? Are there any other suggestions?

By eFireplaceStore on September 24, 2014

The 1800 and the 2200 are excellent wood stoves for fire viewing, with the 2200 being the better suited of the two to heating a 1500 square foot house. Because your floor is noncombustible, a floor protector will not be needed. Like most current EPA stoves, a 6 inch venting system will be needed. These stoves are at their most efficient when an outside combustion air duct is provided.

By Ray from Ellijay georgia on March 8, 2016
I am looking for the Osburn 2200 wood burning stove insert. Do you have this item? I see the free standing unit only.
By Will M. on March 8, 2016

This item is located here.

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