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    Rutland Stovo Fireplace, Stove, and Furnace Mortar - 1 Quart Tub

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    Product Details
    Manufacturer: Rutland
    Part Number: 615
    eFireplaceStore Item Number: RUT-615
    UPC: 00022624006152


    • Ideal for repairing and relining stoves, fireplaces, furnaces, boilers, and incinerators
    • Seals and prevents air leaks around flue and chimney joints
    • Can withstand up to 2,000 F once heat cured
    • Pre-mixed for convenient application
    • Adheres to masonry and metal
    • May be painted after drying
    • Suitable for lining Franklin stoves and barbecue grills
    • Properties:
      • Solvent: water
      • Consistency: trowelable paste
      • Tooling Time: 30 minutes
      • Heat Cure Time: 1 hour
      • Heat Cure Temperature: 500 F
      • Color: pink to buff when cured
    Installing a heating appliance into your home has just gotten a great deal easier. With the Rutland Stovo Fireplace, Stove, and Furnace Mortar, you have a 1 quart tub that is capable of giving to you the needed resources to make sure that everything is properly and securely installed. After having applied all the finishing touches, you might begin to wonder why anyone would ever want to select a different item that might not live up to your needs?
    Customer Questions & Answers
    By Julia Thomas from Tampa, FL on December 2, 2011
    My fireplace has a rusty spot and small area rusted through on one side where vertical tube meets horizontal metal just above where the wood is burned. I have repaired the area on the roof where the water was seeping in. Can I now safely seal this area just above where the logs would burn with 615 Stovo? Tampa FL. Rarely build a fire, just 'small' ones for atmosphere less than 10 times a year. Chimney sweep said it would be ok and that I could do it myself. Is this the right product for this metal to metal patch?
    By Kevin E. - Fireplace Specialist on December 2, 2011

    This item should work for your repair. It is designed to repair either masonry or metal. Ideally, it is used to repair small cracks similar to those that occur between fire bricks. You may also check out the below furnace cement. It effectively bonds 1/8" wide metal to metal joints.

    Rutland Pre-Mixed Black Furnace Cement - 1 Pint Tub

    By Steve from Waynesboro, VA on February 17, 2014
    I am working on installing stone directly to the metal face of a firebox we just installed. Can we use the Stovo as an adhesive solution to adhere the stone to the metal face? Does it have the strength to hold the stones up (stack stones about 1-1.25" thick, 6" long, and 2" wide)?
    By Collin C. - NFI Master Hearth Professional on February 18, 2014

    This is indeed an excellent product to adhere both stone and masonry to metal surfaces. Wall ties should be used to hold the stacked stone against the wall, as mortar alone can fail over time.

    By Ken Jardine from El Dorado Hills, Ca. 95762 on July 14, 2012
    I have a fireplace that is located on an inside wall. The fireplace is 40 years old. I had it inspected and was told the fireplace is in good condition, but the mortar between the large grey bricks needs to be replaced on the back inside the fireplace where wood is set. I did so a year ago with Type s mortar by a masonry person. The mortar came out after building a fire. I was told a refractory mortar would do well with my issue. This is only a 3 by 3 foot area and between the bricks that are an eighth inch or slightly larger. What would you suggest and can I do this myself with a product you provide? Do I clean the area between the bricks first?
    By Collin C. - NFI Master Hearth Professional on July 16, 2012

    While this product is ideally used for relining existing stoves or covering existing brick, it can be used as a mortar for firebrick as well. Another product that is specifically designed for firebrick mortar is Rutland Dry Refractory Mortar Mix.

    This product is designed to refill damaged mortar joints and can be used over existing mortar, although I do recommend using a narrow chisel to remove any loose mortar, prior to using the new product.

    By Carmelita from Yellowknife, NT, Canada on October 16, 2014
    We have an insert in our wood fireplace and there are cracks in the cast iron insert. What product would you recommend that will fix this problem?
    By eFireplaceStore on October 16, 2014

    A high temperature furnace cement such as the Rutland Pre-Mixed Black Furnace Cement - 10.3 Ounce Cartridge can be used to temporarily repair the issue. However, I recommend having the insert welded, as the cracks will likely continue to widen if the unit is burned regularly.

    By Al from Bamberg, SC on March 26, 2015
    Can this Rutand Refractory Mortar be used to lay fire brick in a fireplace or grill?
    By eFireplaceStore on March 26, 2015

    This product does indeed do well for skim coating and setting firebrick in all applications. It will do well for lining a grill or fireplace.

    By Bill from Lancaster,NY on December 22, 2016
    I have a gas fireplace log that broke in half. Can I use Stovo to mend it?
    By Will M. on December 22, 2016

    Stovo should not be used and the log should simply be replaced.

    By Janice from Naples, NY on August 18, 2015
    I have a wood stove that is set into a brick fireplace. There is a sheet of metal that was fitted and attached to the brick to cover the opening of the fireplace. Then a hole was cut in the metal sheet for the pipe that connects to the wood stove to go through. There is a small space between the pipe and the hole that was cut. The space was previously filled with, I think, refractory mortar. The photo shows it pretty well. However, it has almost all fallen out. Is this Rutalnd Stovo fireplace, stove, and furnace mortar the appropriate product to reseal or fill that space? If not, which product should be used?
    By Will M. on August 19, 2015

    By Ricardo from Florida on October 27, 2012
    I would like to know if this product would be good to make my wood-based pizza oven level and even.
    By Collin C. - NFI Master Hearth Professional on October 29, 2012

    This is an excellent product for just that very purpose. The high temperature rating makes for a good bedding or leveling material for stoves, cookers, or ovens of all sorts.

    Customer Reviews
    Rutland Stovo Fireplace, Stove, and Furnace Mortar - 1 Quart Tub ( 21.95 )
    5 out of 5 Stars based on 1 review(s) - sorted by Most Helpful Customer Reviews

    Excellent Product!
    from Barnharton
    December 22, 2015
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
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