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Snap-Lock Stove Pipe

Snap-Lock stove pipe has a single wall design and is used to connection your free-standing stove to the chimney vent. The Snap-Lock distinctive is their unique seam that snaps together on each length as well as a connection system that makes assembling the pieces easy and creates a dependable seal. This product comes in a several diameters to match your application. Reducers, couplers, and other parts are available for you to install this stove pipe quickly and completely.
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By Kirk on November 9, 2012
Im building a workshop that will have a metal roof and would like to put in a wood stove to heat it. I was planning on 6 stove pipe. What flange/transition piece do I need for the roof?
on November 9, 2012

Most commonly, you would use a "ceiling support box" and a "DSA roof flashing" to make the transition from interior to exterior. I am assuming the underside of the metal roof will be exposed or there is will be only a layer of sheathing with no standard flat ceiling? If so, the ceiling box serves as your transition point between interior stovepipe and exterior chimney pipe. The box would pass through the ceiling and would attach flush to the top of the roof decking. The DSA (Dead soft aluminum) flashing would then be attached to the roof and would conform to the shape of the tin. The components needed for the roof transition are the following items: Component 1 Component 2 Component 3 Be advised that these items are designed for use with the Duratech chimney line, manufactured by Simpson Duravent. While this is the case, the flashing and storm collar will technically work with any 6" I.D. and 8" O.D. chimney system. The ceiling box however, has a specific twist lock collar made into the inside that will only accept the Duratech product.

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