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    Buck Stoves: Top Buck Stove Models

    We all know the comforting, warm appeal of Buck stove models, from the classic Buck wood burning stove to natural gas and propane gas Buck stove options. Many offer traditional visuals, illustrating the trait well with familiar, time-honored hearth aesthetics. Yet, there are visually versatile Buck products, too; inclusive of the familiar Buck stove appearance to the more contemporary, as well as updated, diverse fuel types, eFireplaceStore is your one place stop to find the Buck stove option which best suits your needs.

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    A quality representation of more traditional inventory is provided with the Buck Stove Model 329B Vent Free Gas Stove option, which has great convenience features, as revealed in the title. The remote ready option is a contender among units designed to create an instant feel of tranquil relaxation. With a configurable design that allows for free standing stove, built in fireplace, or mantle designs, this one of a kind option is meant to create the familiar, personalized atmosphere that can enhance the quality of your hearth. Also featuring mobile home approval, the versatility of this and similar products stands out.

    On the other side of the spectrum is the inspiring contemporary option that offers a spin on more conventional looks that make Buck stoves popular, like this Buck Stove Hepplewhite Vent-Free Steel Gas Stove which, in addition to crowd gathering color options, comes with a durable, steel chassis and a finish which is heat-strengthened for increased longevity. Similar top quality products can be located through our Buck Stove page as well as the accessories page and additional Buck wood stove models can be found through our wood burning stoves page. This and more Buck stove models and products are a testament to the manufacturing processes that have been in refinement for over 40 years. With domestic manufacturing and additional attractive design features, this encompassing inventory reassures the average hearth owner that Buck stoves can provide an impressive range of options. Choose your ideal Buck stove right this minute. If desired, try a consultation with one of our informed hearth specialists while choosing the most appropriate, rewarding options available on

    Buck Stoves Q&A with the NFI Certified Specialists

    * Please Note: All customer questions are answered by our NFI Certified Specialists free of charge!
    10 Questions & 10 Answers
    Catherine W.
    from MS asked:
    March 31, 2021
    Do you have to vent a model 81 out of the chimney and if so what do you vent it with?
    1 Answer
    Yes, the Buck 81 needs to be vented to the exterior using a properly UL listed chimney system. Depending on the installation, used as a fireplace insert or freestanding stove, will determine which chimney system to use.
    Submitted by: Aaron D. on April 1, 2021

    from Oklahoma asked:
    February 5, 2021

    What is the difference between a buck stove model 74 and a buck stove model 74zc?

    1 Answer

    The 74 model is designed to be a freestanding stove or fireplace insert, installed inside an existing masonry fireplace with a functional chimney.  The 74ZC is a "zero clearance" unit that can be framed and installed within a combustible enclosure and uses manufactured, solid-pack insulated class A chimney pipe.

    Submitted by: Tyler M. - NFI Master Hearth Professional on February 5, 2021

    Linda J
    from Gastonia, NC asked:
    December 15, 2020
    Can I convert a wood-burning Buck Stove to gas logs?
    1 Answer
    Unfortunately, no wood stove may be converted for use with a gas log set. 
    Submitted by: Will M. on December 15, 2020

    Marcia L
    from Morocco IN asked:
    November 21, 2020
    For the model 21 Buck stove, how far from a non-combustible back wall is advised?
    1 Answer
    Submitted by: Tyler M. - NFI Master Hearth Professional on November 23, 2020

    Tom C
    June 29, 2020
    How wide is the rear (back) side of the Buck stove model 91 stove?
    1 Answer
    The back width is 25  5/8". 
    Submitted by: Brennan W. on June 30, 2020

    Ron G.
    January 16, 2020
    How do you get soot off the inside of a glass door?
    1 Answer
    You can use our Rutland Glass Cleaner found here.
    Submitted by: Kathy O. on January 16, 2020

    from Ohio asked:
    December 25, 2019
    What would cause our LP Buck Stove not to completely light? At times the stove will light, but you can hear gas or air or something rushing in?
    1 Answer
    Sounds as if the gas pressure could be incorrect, or there is no regulator on your dedicated gas line to that unit as required.

    Submitted by: Owen O. on December 26, 2019

    Virginia S
    from Fallston, MD asked:
    March 6, 2018
    Our Buck stove is an older model with blowers. Recently we lost electric and had no heat. My husband said the stove had to be able to use the blowers or the stove would be damaged. My question is could we have built a fire and not had a problem. It came with a screen so having the doors open would have not been a problem. Can we use it if necessary without the blowers?
    1 Answer
    I'm not aware of any wood stove that must use the blower for operation, unless this is a mechanically-drafted chimney. The function of most all wood stove blowers is to add a convection element to the radiant heat being produced in normal operation, which is why blowers are normally offered as optional accessories. One of the major benefits of any wood stove is the ability to have heating in the event of a power outage.
    Submitted by: Will M. on March 6, 2018

    Carol Lee C
    from Pell City, AL asked:
    November 28, 2017
    What is the difference between a catalytic and non catalytic buck stove?
    1 Answer
    A catalytic stove will have a piece called a catalyst that is above the combustion chamber. It is heated by the fire and radiates heat into the room, which makes the stove more efficient. Stoves marked non-catalytic will strictly radiate heat from the combustion chamber.
    Submitted by: Brennan W. on November 28, 2017

    Ray S
    from Front Royal, Va asked:
    November 28, 2017
    Is the model 26000 or 27000 still available? If not what would replace it?
    1 Answer
    Those units are no longer available, and there are no direct replacements. The closest would be our wood burning Buck Stoves listed on this page.
    Submitted by: Brennan W. on November 28, 2017

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