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    Fireplace and Wood Stove Installation Guide

    A new fireplace or wood stove is a lot like your other appliances. In most cases, whether you buy an outdoor or indoor model, you'll want to have your new system installed by an expert professional. Qualified installation is especially important natural gas and propane fireplaces. Properly connecting the gas lines, establishing proper gas pressure, and ensuring a snug fit of all valve and hoses all provide vital fireplace safety.

    Fireplace manufacturers take that safety very seriously. In fact, many companies will not honor their product warranties unless a qualified professional performs the initial installation. Fortunately, locating fireplace experts is actually fairly easy. Thousands of experts are available throughout the United States and Canada.

    Fireplace Installation Basics

    As you might expect, safe installation largely depends on the kind of fireplace you buy. Wood-burning and pellet fireplaces and wood stoves can be installed by a variety of building professionals. These experts include contractors, building supervisors, carpenters, and other home renovation professionals.

    Some other kinds of fireplaces are even easier to get up and running. Many electric models only need to get connected to a wall socket. Gel fuel fireplaces require nothing trickier than lighting the gel fuel and placing the canister in its proper position.

    Gas fireplaces, including propane fireplaces and natural gas log sets, will require connection to a gas line or tank. In many cases, such as when a home is already equipped with gas piping, the installation remains fairly simple. For houses using external or stand-alone tanks to supply fireplace fuel, the installation can grow more complicated. That's where the help of a qualified gas expert or technician becomes necessary.

    Who Is Qualified to Install Fireplaces?

    Many licensed plumbers are also certified gas technicians. As such, they are trained and qualified to make all necessary connections and adjustments to get your gas fireplace or gas log set up and running. In addition, your local gas utility may have trained installation professionals available, or can refer you to installers in your area.

    Remember that the proper installation of a gas fireplace or gas log set is primarily a safety concern. Don't hesitate to ask for credentials or proof of certification before you commit to hiring installation personnel.

    What About Outdoor Fireplaces and Fire Pits?

    Some fireplace shoppers think that outdoor fireplaces and fire pits require less specialized knowledge to get them up and running. In fact, they actually require the same amount of expertise as indoor fireplace and wood stoves. Fire pits and outdoor fireplaces must also have adequate heat-shielding on their bases and pedestals, as well.

    What Online Resources Are Available?

    The National Fireplace Institute offers a free installation expert locator as part of its website. The locator is available at www.nficertified.org/public. Visitors can search by ZIP code to find installers certified according to NFI safety and expertise standards.

    About the Author

    Collin Champagne

    Approaching his 10-year work anniversary, Collin is one of our National Fireplace Institute (NFI) certified technicians and content manager for the eFireplacestore, eCanopy, and EliteDeals brands. He is a Master Hearth Professional, which means he is certified in all three hearth appliance fields — wood, gas and pellet.

    When not at work, he spends time with his wife, Lindsey, and his sons, Samuel and Eli, on their ranch enjoying their many animals. Completing projects around the ranch and spending quality time with his family are among his greatest joys. 

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