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    Mirage Stone Fireplaces

    Mirage Stone Fireplaces are unique outdoor fireplaces that use strong, durable, heat dissipating stone. You will find this stone will not crack in heat, snow, or rain. Some mirage stone fireplaces are recreational so that they can burn year round. A Mirage Stone fireplace features an interlocking technology system rather than mortar, glues, or fasteners. Stone Fireplaces can be disassembled and moved relatively quickly. The multiple color options make this an attractive outdoor heating appliance.
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    Mirage Stone Fireplaces Q&A with the NFI Certified Specialists

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    Customer Images of Mirage Stone Fireplaces

    • Mirage Stone Fireplaces
    • https://ccfce2f255f79647007e-7afb498b1ad43b02ae67cecc4ed56ff6.ssl.cf1.rackcdn.com/49143.jpg
    • Mirage Stone Fireplaces
    • https://ccfce2f255f79647007e-7afb498b1ad43b02ae67cecc4ed56ff6.ssl.cf1.rackcdn.com/49595.jpg
    • Mirage Stone Fireplaces
    • https://ccfce2f255f79647007e-7afb498b1ad43b02ae67cecc4ed56ff6.ssl.cf1.rackcdn.com/49774.jpg
    • Mirage Stone Fireplaces
    • https://ccfce2f255f79647007e-7afb498b1ad43b02ae67cecc4ed56ff6.ssl.cf1.rackcdn.com/49887.jpg
    • Mirage Stone Fireplaces
    • https://cdn.practicaldatacore.com/efireplacestore/mod_productReviews/userReviewImages/large-temp542c37c5a184d.jpg
    • Mirage Stone Fireplaces
    • https://cdn.practicaldatacore.com/efireplacestore/mod_productReviews/userReviewImages/large-temp555b6ddcec73d.jpg
    • Mirage Stone Fireplaces
    • https://cdn.practicaldatacore.com/efireplacestore/mod_productReviews/userReviewImages/large-temp57d0179f4aa3b.jpg
    • Mirage Stone Fireplaces
    • https://cdn.practicaldatacore.com/efireplacestore/mod_productReviews/userReviewImages/large-temp57d13e6dcf7c6.jpg
    • Mirage Stone Fireplaces
    • https://cdn.practicaldatacore.com/efireplacestore/mod_productReviews/userReviewImages/large-temp57f5078963df5.jpg
    • Mirage Stone Fireplaces
    • https://cdn.practicaldatacore.com/efireplacestore/mod_productReviews/userReviewImages/large-temp5836678e74515.jpg
    • Mirage Stone Fireplaces
    • https://cdn.practicaldatacore.com/efireplacestore/mod_productReviews/userReviewImages/large-temp59276f5e41bf5.jpg
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