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    Chimney Fans - Chimney Exhaust Fans

    Instead of allowing smoke to re-enter your home, utilize the power of a chimney fan. Installed at the top of the chimney, the chimney exhaust fan creates its own draft which results in pulling smoke up and out of your home. In fact, chimney fans are sometimes the only way to deal with major draft problems. Depending on the size of your chimney, you may also need to purchase an adaptor to ensure proper installation. Available for use on multiple heating appliances where manufacturer and local protocols allow, such as fireplaces, furnaces, wood stoves, and more, many fans include a pre-wired junction box, a fan speed control, and a bird screen. Use these fans for your heating appliances and say goodbye to odors, as you relax in your home knowing this product is helping to ensure your comfort.

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    These designs take the consumer experience into consideration with inherent features specialized to protect your breathing and air quality. Next to these basics, you'll find our models equipped with energy-efficient qualities, since they are, often, manufactured to use minimal energy in your home. Protect your hearth and home with models suited to this purpose, like the Enervex RS16 Chimney Fan, which comes ready to solve the worst of your draft problems, while retaining the longevity and physical prowess you've come to expect of our merchandise.

    Formulated from stainless steel construction, this durable and carefully designed option can fit the bill nicely. Using about as much electricity as a regular lightbulb, there's little wonder as to how this item has become a best seller on the website. And with warranties to ensure your satisfaction for years to come, this and similar products, like the Enervex RS14 fan and the Enervex RS12, will help build lasting trust in the model you've come to obtain; that manufacturer warranty in question is dual-targeted, including a gracious 10-year manufacturer protection span for corrosion, as well as an additional 2-year warranty protection against defects in materials and workmanship. Also accompanied is the pre-wired junction box, fan speed control, and bird screen, mentioned above; you'll find that this comprehensive product covers your needs from start to finish; get your model with the confidence that hearth owner satisfaction has been carefully considered.

    These and more chimney products provided on the website help you rise to the occasion demanded for top hearth performance. Our accommodating inventory provides fan adaptors in varying sizes, well-equipped to fulfill your needs with precision and dependability. Stainless steel construction, a common product feature, helps our adaptor selection accomplish this goal, maximizing consumer motivations for selecting from it. Benefits don't stop there; consider the Enervex EBC 10-P Fan Speed Control with Draft Switch product for use with gas-fired heating appliances; the product comes equipped with integrated safety functions to prevent appliance operation where insufficient draft occurs, enhancing your fireplace performance and energy at once.

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