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    Ventless and Vent-Free Gas Logs

    Ventless gas logs are a very popular heating option. These beautiful log sets give the illusion of a real wood-burning or charcoal fire without the mess of ashes and cinders! Real Fyre offers several of our bestselling vent free gas logs here on The Real Fyre Charred Frontier Oak design seems to be the most popular. This 30" set is designed to be operated with natural gas while this 24" set is fueled by propane. There are so many different ventless gas fireplace log sets, you're sure to find the perfect size to fit into your current fireplace space!
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    Empire Ventless Gas Logs
    Empire Ventless Gas Logs
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    Real Fyre Charred Frontier Oak Ventless Gas Logs
    Charred Frontier Oak
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    Real Fyre Charred Aged Split Oak Ventless Gas Logs
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    50 Questions & 50 Answers
    jimmie c
    from kingsport tn asked:
    December 26, 2017
    do you have any 14 inch ventless gas logs
    1 Answer
    No we do not.
    on December 27, 2017

    from Ohio asked:
    December 9, 2017
    What is the difference in the vent free gas logs other than the looks?
    1 Answer
    Ventless and Vent Free log sets are the same.
    Brennan W.
    on December 10, 2017

    from TX asked:
    November 8, 2017
    How does a millivolt control work?
    1 Answer
    The millivolt control will have a standing pilot and will have two terminals into which wiring from a wall switch or a remote receiver can be installed.
    Brennan W.
    on November 8, 2017

    from FL asked:
    July 16, 2017
    I have a wood burning prefab fireplace in my home and want to switch to gas fire logs. I have been told I should use ventless logs, but continue to use my flue. What is your advice?
    1 Answer
    If you were to install ventless logs, there would be no reason to keep your flue open. These are, in fact, designed to be used with the damper closed. Some people might leave them cracked open for air circulation in basements or newer buildings with small square footage, but you will lose heat this way.
    Kelsey C.
    on July 17, 2017

    from Birmingham, AL asked:
    February 27, 2017
    I have a corner cabinet unit with ventless natural gas logs and need to change to using propane gas logs. Where can I find them?
    1 Answer
    You can find these in our Ventless gas log sets, just click LP.
    on February 27, 2017

    from NJ asked:
    February 15, 2017
    How does the unit work, so as to not need to be vented?
    1 Answer
    These units operate at a high enough efficiency to put off only water vapor and carbon dioxide during operation.
    Brennan W.
    on February 15, 2017

    Kenneth Ling
    from Lola, Kansas asked:
    January 8, 2017
    We have a set of 24" ventless gas logs, and would like to know if they could be fitted with a remote.
    1 Answer
    I will be happy to look into this for you. If you could, please provide the manufacturer and model number of your log set.
    Brennan W.
    on January 9, 2017

    David Stout
    from Mount Airy, MD asked:
    December 20, 2016
    I have direct vent Heatilalor fireplace (Model GCDC60) with decorative glass. Can I replace old gas logs with ventless gas logs without the decorative glass?
    1 Answer
    You can replace the logs with exact replacement logs, but you couldn't use aftermarket logs. Unfortunately, as we are not a Heatilator dealer, we do not have access to proper replacement logs.
    Brennan W.
    on December 21, 2016

    Linda Murray
    from Irwin, PA asked:
    December 19, 2016
    I need an 18" log for the back log, a 19" log in front, and 2 1/2" wide. Do you have those available?
    1 Answer
    Only the exact replacement logs may be used with any ventless gas hearth system. For replacement parts, please fill out this form.
    Will M.
    on December 20, 2016

    Steve Mills
    from Massapequa, NY asked:
    December 16, 2016
    I currently have a NG ventless fireplace that is about 15 yrs old. As I'm sure you've heard a thousand times, the unit emits an unpleasant odor that prevents us from using it. I have been reading recently that many new gas log sets are made with a catalytic converter system. Are any of the replacement log/burner sets you offer equipped with such a system.
    1 Answer
    Our recommendations will differ depending on if this is a ventless fireplace or simply a wood burning fireplace with ventless gas logs installed. If this is a fireplace, the only option will be complete replacement. If this is a gas log set, upgrading the system to a model with refractory ceramic logs may remedy the issue, so long as there are no pre-existing issues that will cause an odor with any ventless gas log set (high traffic area, ceiling fans or candles burning). With older, ceramic fiber logs, this lightweight, porous material will break down over time and hold a smell that will not go away unless the entire system is replaced. Also ventless gas hearth systems are not recommended for anyone who is sensitive to smell.
    Will M.
    on December 19, 2016

    Janice Eason
    from Tuscalooosa, AL asked:
    December 8, 2016
    Are there electronic ignition retro fit kits for ventless gas logs? My gas logs are hard to turn on and I need the most simple way to turn them on that doesn't require you to crawl into the fireplace to turn them on.
    1 Answer
    We will be happy to look into replacement panels for your unit. If you could, will you please provide the manufacturer and model number of your fireplace? We look forward to your response.
    Brennan W.
    on December 8, 2016

    from Flourtown, PA asked:
    October 22, 2016
    I am looking for replacement logs for a Monessen Deb Ember Blaze 24" natural gas log fireplace.
    1 Answer
    Per the manufacturer, this log set is still available.
    on October 24, 2016

    from Oklahoma City, OK asked:
    January 31, 2016
    What is the difference between vent free and ventless gas logs?
    1 Answer
    Vent free and Ventless are the same in regards to gas log sets.
    Brennan W.
    on February 1, 2016

    from Milton, MA asked:
    January 31, 2016
    I have a small fireplace opening, 12 inches deep, and it comes to a point in the back so the rear dimension is only 24" wide and the front is a little wider, say 30". I am looking for ventless gas logs that would fit. What would you recommend?
    1 Answer
    Per these measurements, the Real Fyre 16"/18" Charred Frontier Oak Ventless Natural Gas Logs Set with Variable Flame Remote Pilot Kit, but there may be more suitable options. You can use our gas log calculator to view the options that will work with your fireplace opening dimensions.
    Will M.
    on February 1, 2016

    from Oklahoma City, OK asked:
    December 2, 2015
    I have gas logs in my fireplace at home. Do I have to open the flue when I use them?
    1 Answer
    If they are vented gas logs, you must absolutely open the damper while the logs are in operation. If they are vent free, opening the damper is typically only required by the gas log manufacturer when the mantel clearances cannot be met.
    Will M.
    on December 2, 2015

    from Ridgecrest, CA asked:
    November 18, 2015
    Are vent less gas logs allowed in California?
    1 Answer
    Vent free appliances are not approved for use in California.
    Brennan W.
    on November 18, 2015

    from NJ asked:
    November 9, 2015
    Our old gas logs for our fireplace are 22 inches long. What size of ventless gas logs do we need to order to replace them?
    1 Answer
    Please enter your hearth dimensions into our gas log calculator to view the options that will be available for your fireplace.
    Will M.
    on November 10, 2015

    from PA asked:
    October 22, 2015
    What is the difference between vented and ventless gas logs/burners?
    1 Answer
    The difference between vented and vent free is efficiency. Vent free burners operate at an efficiency that allows them to only put off water vapor and carbon dioxide during combustion, so they can exhaust and draw combustion air from the room. Vented units can have a higher BTU output than vent free burners, but require venting which can cause heat loss. Vent free units are only meant to be used for 2-3 hours at a time as they put moisture into the air and can cause stuffiness in the room, while vented units can be run for as long as you would like.
    Brennan W.
    on October 22, 2015

    from Cincinnati, OH asked:
    May 4, 2015
    I would let to buy the Majestic enhancement kit SC2430EK. Where can I find this?
    1 Answer
    Yes, you can find this accessory on our website below: Majestic SC2430EK Two Top Log Enhancement Kit for SC24-R and SC30-R Log Sets
    Tyler M.
    on May 4, 2015

    from Hot Springs, AR asked:
    February 19, 2015
    I am looking for gas logs for my Majestic BUF400 fireplace that have a thermostat and also run off of propane. What would you suggest?
    1 Answer
    There are a vast number of vent free log sets that we carry that will fit this unit, but the 24 inch width is one common detail. Some of the most popular sets we offer in LP and with the option for a thermostat are the Empire 24" Ponderosa Refractory Ventless Propane Gas Log Set and Millivolt Slope Glaze Burner, the Empire 24" Charred Oak Ceramic Fiber Ventless Propane Gas Log Set and Intermittent Slope Glaze Burner, and the Real Fyre 24" Charred Frontier Oak Ventless Propane Gas Logs Set with Variable Flame Remote Pilot Kit.
    on February 19, 2015

    from VT asked:
    February 3, 2015
    I have older logs from my previous fireplace. Will I be able to reuse them with a ventless system?
    1 Answer
    Unfortunately, no. Vent free log sets and burners are very specific to one another. As such, the logs and burner can only be purchased and installed as a complete set. This will ensure that the system does not release harmful soot or carbon monoxide into the room.
    on February 3, 2015

    from Lockport, NY asked:
    January 27, 2015
    What is the difference between refractory log sets and ceramic fiber log sets? I'm looking at a Vail Premium 32" ventless fireplace. Which model would you recommend? What are the pros and cons between the 2 different types?
    1 Answer
    Refractory logs are superior to ceramic fiber logs as they do not break down over time unlike ceramic fiber logs. Secondly, ceramic fiber logs are much more fragile making cleaning and maintenance a delicate process. Refractory logs will continue to hold and radiate heat for some time after the burner has been extinguished similar to the side of a brick wall which has been exposed to the sun for the majority of the afternoon. If you are in search of a 32" fireplace, I would suggest utilizing a firebox, such as the Empire Breckenridge VFD32FB0L Deluxe Vent-Free Louvered Gas Firebox - 32" along with an 18" log set of your choosing. With a firebox and log set purchased separately, if for any reason down the line, the log set needs to be replaced and replacement components are no longer available, a replacement log set and burner could be installed. Whereas, if a vent free fireplace in which the burner and log set are proprietary to that fireplace, replacement components could be harder to come by at a much later time. Pairing a firebox and log set may be slightly more expensive on the front end, but is well worth it in the long run. Ceramic log sets have one "pro" which sets them apart from refractory logs. While the burner is in operation, the ceramic logs will commonly have a section of the log placed closely to the burner tube allowing the log to glow as if it were a true wood log.
    Chris C.
    on January 27, 2015

    from Schoharie, NY asked:
    January 10, 2015
    Can all of your ventless propane log sets be controlled electronically with the necessary adapter?
    1 Answer
    Only our remote-ready units can be controlled electronically. This would include both the variable flame sets and the on/off variety. The units listed as "Safety Pilot" can only be controlled manually at the log set.
    Kevin E.
    on January 10, 2015

    from MD asked:
    January 7, 2015
    What would cause fumes to come off of a ventless log natural gas fireplace?
    1 Answer
    Most vent free gas log sets will release an initial burn off odor during the first 3 to 4 hours of operation. However, if the set continues to release a noticeable smell when operating, there is likely an issue with log placement. The log placement instructions should be reviewed and a visible check made to ensure that flames are not hitting any of the logs directly. It is also important to service a vent free set on a yearly basis. Accumulation of dust, lint, or pet dander into the assembly can partially clog the air intake, releasing an odor.
    on January 7, 2015

    from Charleston, SC asked:
    December 10, 2014
    We are looking at ventless gas logs for natural gas to replace some gas logs that we have had with propane for about 20 years. We will be hiring a plumber to convert our appliances to natural gas and wondered if there is anything special about installation that we need to worry about. With the plumber's help, should we be able to install them ourselves or do we need to hire someone to install them?
    1 Answer
    As long as the gas line is currently in position, changing fuels will not be an issue for a vent free log set. As you know, vent free systems cannot be converted, so installing the new natural gas burner will be fairly simple. The supplied gas line will connect to the existing pipe stub already in the fireplace. This is a job that your plumber could very easily handle.
    on December 11, 2014

    from New Bern, NC asked:
    November 20, 2014
    We are converting our fireplace from propane to natural gas but I'm not sure which pilot type to use. What are the differences between them? What would you suggest? Also, do natural gas logs put out a lot of heat? We have a ventless fireplace.
    1 Answer
    Propane and natural gas log assemblies will produce the same BTU output, when looking at the output between the same models. Propane burners will have a smaller burner orifice, as propane gas has a higher BTU potential than natural gas. All pilot assemblies used with vent free logs are safe and have a built in shutdown system that will turn gas off to the valve if the pilot flame is lost for any reason. The most basic type of pilot is a manual pilot or what is commonly known as a "safety pilot". This system allows only manual control of the burner, with some systems offering 3 step flame height adjustment. A control knob is located on the burner assembly. Remote or millivolt pilot assemblies will allow you to control the unit from a light switch or remote control. There are also various other remote assemblies that allow flame height adjustment, in addition to the ability to control the unit from a remote.
    on November 21, 2014

    from Marshfield, MA asked:
    October 30, 2014
    My fireplace measures: width of FP opening - 58" height of FP opening - 39" width of FP rear - 38" depth of FP floor - 22" What size do you recommend? I am thinking of the RealFrye G10 Charred Aged Split Oak 30". Does that sound appropriate?
    1 Answer
    This set would indeed be the correct model to use and is the largest we offer. Your fireplace opening is quite large for the size of the 30 inch set, however the BTU limitation that is in place for vent free appliances prevents a larger version from being offered.
    on October 30, 2014

    from CO asked:
    October 29, 2014
    I am replacing a vented natural gas log set that is controlled by a wall switch. Can I use a regular Safety Pilot system instead of a remote control?
    1 Answer
    Certainly. The wall switch is simply completing a millivolt circuit, so the switch could be disconnected and a manual valve used instead.
    on October 29, 2014

    from Toms River, NJ asked:
    October 10, 2014
    I have an original brick fireplace that I converted to a vent free natural gas log set from the home depot about 8 years ago during a second story add on to my house. I capped off the chimney right under the second story floor with a 1/2" thick steel plate and cement. Is there some sort of blower assembly I can add in to help distribute the heat? I would like to get rid of the little stand up fan I have on the side next to it to blow the heat away from the mantle because, without it, everything gets really hot. I have melted a few plastic holiday decorations.
    1 Answer
    While we do have grate heaters that can be used with vented logs, they are not intended for use with vent free log sets. The issue with using a blower with a vent free log set within a masonry fireplace is that even the slightest draft can cause wafting of the flames against the logs. This in turn causes some flame impingement, releasing CO and hydrocarbons into the air.
    on October 13, 2014

    from NJ asked:
    August 28, 2014
    I want to replace my ventless gas logs with new with thermostat remote. The metal fire box is 28 1/2 inches in the front, 21 inches at the back, and 13 1/4 inches deep with a 20 inch height. What size and type of ventless gas logs would work for me?
    1 Answer
    Based on your dimensions, most 24 inch sets will work for your application. An example of a popular set with thermostatic remote capabilities is the Monessen 24" Mountain Cedar Ventless Natural Gas Log Set with On/Off Remote Pilot Kit. The remote ready pilot assembly allows the use of a thermostatic remote such as the Ambient RCST Standard Thermostat On/Off Remote Control.
    on August 28, 2014

    from Atlanta asked:
    August 3, 2014
    Can ventless logs replace natural gas logs?
    1 Answer
    Both vented and vent free logs are typically available in natural gas or propane fuels. I'm assuming that you currently have a vented set that is fueled by natural gas and want to convert to vent free. If this is correct, I will need to know the front width, rear width, depth, and height of your fireplace opening. This will help me to determine the proper size of set for your needs.
    on August 4, 2014

    from New Orleans, LA asked:
    May 21, 2014
    My house originally had a coal-burning fireplace. It does not appear to have a damper or a lining. What is the best way to close off the top and bottom of the chimney so that a ventless log set can be used without introducing dampness into the chimney and losing heat up the chimney?
    1 Answer
    In your case, it may be best to use a vent free insert, as opposed to a vent free log set. The insert will be a completely sealed and self contained metal chassis, which will prevent any heat from escaping to the chimney. By code, if the fireplace has any sort of chimney, it cannot be sealed off when using vent free logs. While I have seen fireplaces sealed by use of a fabricated metal pan, this is technically not an acceptable solution.
    on May 21, 2014

    from AZ asked:
    April 6, 2014
    We are building an outdoor fireplace and want to use the ventless logs. The box is going to be sealed with concrete blocks and fire bricks on all interior sides so there is no flu. There will be a natural gas burner installed to be lit manually only. I don't think we need the remote control or the pilot light. There will be a key which turns the gas on to light it. That being said, can we just order the log set with the grate and is that all we need? What would you recommend for our situation?
    1 Answer
    By your description, you can indeed purchase just a log grate and a set of refractory logs to be used in your fireplace. For outdoor applications, it is ideal to use a stainless steel grate, as it will last much longer in the humid outdoor air. .
    Collin C. - NFI Master Hearth Professional
    on April 7, 2014

    from Pittsburgh Pa asked:
    March 11, 2014
    We are interested in the ventless gas logs but are concerned about the safety of a 100+ year old fireplace. We plan to bring in a new gas line, repair any brick work necessary and seal off the flue/chimney with fire brick but would like to leave the existing firebox as original as possible. We are using professionals for the work. Anything else we need to consider? If it is structurally adequate, are we okay?
    1 Answer
    Being that vent free log sets emit much less heat than wood burning fireplaces do, a basic inspection to ensure that the fireplace, and chimney system are sound and safe would be sufficient to allow a vent free log set to be installed. Having professionals on site takes out a lot of guess work being that they can visually inspect and make needed repairs to the fireplace.
    on March 11, 2014

    from Charlottesville, VA asked:
    March 2, 2014
    Our ventless gas logs are causing our fire alarms to go off. What do you think is causing this, and what should we do to correct it? We appreciate your input. Thanks.
    1 Answer
    Whether you have smoke alarms or carbon monoxide alarms going off, we recommend discontinuing the use of the ventless logs set until it can be serviced by a professional. The issue is likely caused by incomplete combustion, which may be a result of improper log placement or gas pressure that is out of the required range. Please call a local reputable plumber to have the unit serviced.
    Tyler M. - NFI Certified Specialist
    on March 3, 2014

    from Dover, Tennessee asked:
    January 8, 2014
    What would cause ventless gas logs to put out a soot film on the front of the fireplace?
    1 Answer
    Because vent free logs pull combustion air from the room and then return the heated air back to the room, they can produce a bit of a film over time. If the sooting is occurring over a relatively short amount of time, it is likely that the air shutter in the gas log burner assembly is becoming clogged and needs to be cleaned out. If this component is clogged with dust, dirt, or spider webs, in can cause the fuel mixture to become unbalanced, leading to the release of soot.
    Collin C. - NFI Master Hearth Professional
    on January 8, 2014

    from Pamplico, SC asked:
    January 5, 2014
    What is your smallest set of propane ventless gas logs?
    1 Answer
    Our smallest assembly is the Real Fyre 16" Valley Oak Ventless Propane Gas Logs Set with Safety Pilot Kit. This system requires a width of 17 inches and a depth of 10 inches.
    Collin C. - NFI Master Hearth Professional
    on January 6, 2014

    from Ala asked:
    December 20, 2013
    We have logs that put out too much heat. Do you have logs that can be adjusted to a lower setting?
    1 Answer
    We do indeed offer vent free log sets that have an adjustable flame setting. However, even at the 50% flame adjustment mark, they will still be emitting at least 18,000 BTUs to the room, which is a considerable amount of heat. If you truly need heat from the log set at times, this would be the best option. However, if your fireplace has the ability to be vented, you may consider using a vented log set instead.
    Collin C. - NFI Master Hearth Professional
    on December 20, 2013

    from Springfield, VA asked:
    December 13, 2013
    Can I buy just the burner assembly and not the entire log set for a 24" natural log set?
    1 Answer
    We currently only list our ventless logs as complete sets - both burners and logs. This is due to the highly specific way ventless units must operate. However, if you currently have a set of Peterson ventless logs and can reply with the model information, we can quote you the appropriate burner.
    Kevin E. - NFI Certified Specialist
    on December 13, 2013

    from Nocona, Texas asked:
    December 9, 2013
    I have a silly question for you. We have a traditional fireplace that has a flue that can be opened. Can we have ventless logs, or will it require us to have a log set that requires venting?
    1 Answer
    This is actually a good question and one that comes up often. If the chimney does have a working damper and is in good shape, you have the choice of using a vented or vent free set. The damper can be closed down most of the way with a vent free set, allowing the heat to circulate in the room for greater efficiency. In the event that you would like to operate the set, without incurring the extra heat, the damper could be fully opened.
    Collin C. - NFI Master Hearth Professional
    on December 10, 2013

    from Richmond, VA asked:
    December 3, 2013
    My mechanical fireplace measures 30" at the opening front width and 20" at the back wall width. The depth is 16 inches and height is 16 inches. What is the largest set that will fit and work properly?
    1 Answer
    Unfortunately, a 24 inch set is slightly too large for your application, so a 20 inch set would have to be used. An example is the Real Fyre 20" Golden Oak Designer Ventless Natural Gas Logs Set with Safety Pilot Kit. This unit will offer enough supplemental heat to warm approximately 900 square feet.
    Collin C. - NFI Master Hearth Professional
    on December 3, 2013

    from Delray Beach, Florida asked:
    November 29, 2013
    I want to install two ventless propane gas fireplaces in the house I am building in Palm Beach County Florida. Are there any restrictions?
    1 Answer
    Unvented appliances are legal in the state of Florida at this time, however each local jurisdiction has final authority on the matter. It is recommended to contact your local code office to verify that vent free appliances are legal in your town.
    Collin C. - NFI Master Hearth Professional
    on November 29, 2013

    from Saint John, IN asked:
    November 29, 2013
    I am trying to determine what ventless gas logs will work with our fireplace for model # B36LM. Can you please advise?
    1 Answer
    Because of the fairly steep taper that the interior of the B36 has, a set of logs such as the Real Fyre 20" Golden Oak Designer Ventless Natural Gas Logs Set with Safety Pilot Kit should be used. A 24 inch set would be too large. We do offer these sets with remote pilot assemblies and in LP fuel, if needed.
    Collin C. - NFI Master Hearth Professional
    on November 29, 2013

    from Pampa, TX asked:
    November 19, 2013
    My fireplace is 30" wide in the front and 24" in the back, but only 13" deep. I think at one time this was a wood burning fireplace just because the house was built in 1926. However, I'm not sure of this until I can borrow my friends little remote camera to poke up the vent. The vent, or opening, is only about 1.25" x 6". I don't know if this is even big enough to be considered vented or not. That is my question. Can I use a vented unit or do I need to get a ventless? I would like to be able to use a vented unit because of the cost and I want to be able to have a more realistic look plus generate heat! Can you give me some advice on this?
    1 Answer
    Based on the dimensions of your fireplace and the flue opening, the fireplace was likely originally intended for coal burning. Because of the small size of the flue, a vented gas appliance should not be used, as it will release more gas byproducts than the small flue will be able to keep up with. If you are able to verify that the flue is in good condition and not blocked, a vent free set could be used. I recommend inspecting the chimney before proceeding further.
    Collin C. - NFI Master Hearth Professional
    on November 19, 2013

    from Waterville, PA asked:
    November 15, 2013
    Do the pilots stay lit on all of your ventless log sets? I am going to use this set infrequently and I am not sure about leaving the pilot lit all the time. Also, I'm not sure I want to leave the pilot on when I am away from home for a week at a time.
    1 Answer
    Most of our ventless leg sets do indeed feature a standing pilot light. However, the sets that feature the Electronic Pilot Kit do not; these use a battery-operated ignition system that eliminates the standing pilot. You can use the search options on the left-hand side of this page to select "Electronic Remote Pilot" from the "Pilot Type" menu to see these log sets.
    Tyler M. - NFI Certified Specialist
    on November 15, 2013

    from Tulsa, OK asked:
    November 13, 2013
    I have a vent less gas log with remote that I bought at a local store. I don't like the noise from the pilot and the remote start eats batteries. I would like to buy something to fix it. A wall switch and an electric pilot would be great! What do you think?
    1 Answer
    While it may be possible to use a wall switch in place of the remote control, I will not be able to offer a solution to the pilot assembly. Vent free burners are constructed with the valve as an integral part of the assembly, due to safety reasons. As such, the valve cannot be separated or changed.
    Collin C. - NFI Master Hearth Professional
    on November 13, 2013

    from NC asked:
    November 6, 2013
    I am looking to install propane gas logs into a working fireplace. Should I buy ventless gas logs or vent logs? I am going to keep the flue closed because I need to heat the home.
    1 Answer
    Your application will call for ventless logs to be used. This is the only type of set that can be safely used with the flue damper shut. They are also the superior choice for supplemental heating purposes, as vented logs are primarily for appearance and offer little supplemental heat.
    Collin C. - NFI Master Hearth Professional
    on November 6, 2013

    from NJ asked:
    November 5, 2013
    Can you insert ventless gas logs or insert into a wooden entertainment center made for electric inserts?
    1 Answer
    Unfortunately, no. The wooden entertainment centers are specifically tested and listed for use with electric fireplace inserts only. Gas inserts release a great deal of heat that requires them to have greater clearances to combustibles. As such, they can only be used with purpose built mantels or built into a surrounding wall enclosure.
    Collin C. - NFI Master Hearth Professional
    on November 5, 2013

    from Conway, AR asked:
    October 19, 2013
    I currently have a vent-free fireplace and would like to upgrade my set to a remote/ thermostatically controlled set. The logs have been broken, so I just want a new set. The fireplace is a corner fireplace measuring 32" (front width), 26" (back width), 16" deep, and 30" high. Can you recommend a complete replacement set?
    1 Answer
    Based on your dimensions, one of our most popular vent free sets could be used. The set is the Real Fyre 24" Charred Frontier Oak Ventless Natural Gas Logs Set with On/Off Remote Pilot Kit. This set can be purchased with a thermostatic remote control that can be used to maintain the room temperature. It is important to note that this set is complete with the burner system and can be installed into a vent free firebox that does not have the burner system as an integral component. If your vent free firebox came with the burner as part of the unit, this set should not be used.
    Collin C. - NFI Master Hearth Professional
    on October 21, 2013

    from Greer, SC asked:
    October 14, 2013
    I would like to add a gas ventless log to my fireplace. I have moved into a house which was built in the 1940's. The fireplace measures 20.5" in front, 18.5" in the back, and 9" wide. There is a copper pipe with a red on off knob coming up from the floor of the fireplace. Can you help me?
    1 Answer
    Based on the dimensions of your fireplace, it was likely constructed as a coal burning unit and will allow a very limited selection for gas logs. The smallest set that we carry is the Real Fyre 16" Valley Oak Ventless Natural Gas Logs Set with Safety Pilot Kit. The only issue with this set is that it requires 1 inch of additional depth over what you have. This may not necessarily be an issue if the fireplace has a hearth that will allow the very front of the log set to protrude onto. Another option would be to use vent free coal burner, such as the Rasmussen Vent-Free Natural Gas Burner with Realistic Coals. As you can see by the appearance, it is not meant to be used by itself. The burner should be placed into a decorative coal basket or used with a fender. Some coal burning fireplaces retained their original fenders and this could be used to conceal the burner, if your fireplace still has the fender.
    Collin C. - NFI Master Hearth Professional
    on October 15, 2013

    Ventless gas log sets offer a beautiful, realistic flame pattern. If you're looking to enjoy the dancing flames created by a real wood-burning fire without the hassle of sweeping up ashes, then these log sets are some of your best options! They come in a variety of sizes, so you can find one that fills your fireplace with a pile of realistic-looking logs and beautiful flames. In addition to providing gorgeous flames, ventless gas log sets are very efficient: 100% of the heat generated by these gas-fueled flames is directed right into your living space. It's a great option if you want to turn your furnace off and still heat your living area during the winter months. As an added bonus, these ventless fireplace logs don't send a lot of moisture into your living area! You'll enjoy the heat without the humidity produced by lower quality sets. Take some time to browse our high quality ventless gas fireplace logs. With the best prices around and free shipping, you're sure to find a set that you love!
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