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    While heaters have the sole purpose of warming a room, they also have a wide variety of places they can be used. Nowadays, heaters are built for patios, pergolas, and even boats. Their application is great for everything from small indoor spaces to large outdoor areas. These heaters for sale are often fueled by gas, though some modern versions rely solely on electricity. Infrared heaters are great for quickly warming a space that is prone to changing temperatures and gusts of wind. Some heaters are portable and serve a multi-functional purpose. To learn more about the exact heater that will best suit your needs, visit our Heaters Buyer's Guide that goes into greater detail.
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    Heaters Q&A with the NFI Certified Specialists

    * Please Note: All customer questions are answered by our NFI Certified Specialists free of charge!
    3 Questions & 3 Answers
    from Cambridge, MA asked:
    November 4, 2019
    If the heater on an electric fireplace is at the bottom is this dangerous and hot for pets?
    1 Answer
    Most electric fireplaces have heating elements that distribute heat out of the top of the unit, aided by a fan. If an electric stove has a heater at the bottom, this could indeed be hazardous for a pet or child.
    Submitted by: Tyler M. - NFI Master Hearth Professional on November 5, 2019

    Ron B.
    from Rosedale, MD asked:
    September 30, 2019

    What type of heater would be best for a 12 x 20 insulated building? I need something safe with minimal fumes.

    1 Answer
    If you are concerned about fumes, it would be best for you to look here at our electric heaters.  The largest we carry would be for approximately 90 square feet.
    Submitted by: Kathy O. on October 2, 2019

    Ron B.
    from Rosedale, MD asked:
    September 27, 2019

    How many BTUs would I need to heat a 12x20 work shed?

    1 Answer
    It would depend on the height of your ceiling. If the ceiling was 10' high, and you wanted to keep it at about 70 degrees, you could look for one that has approximately 25,000 BTUs.
    Submitted by: Kathy O. on September 30, 2019

    Customer Images of Heaters

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