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Susan J. from Los Angeles asked:
Do the heaters need a 220 electrical box?
Do the heaters need a 220 electrical box?
Some heaters will run off of 110 volt AC power, while others require 220 volt AC power.
Answered by: Aaron D.


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About Infratech Comfort

There's no doubt about it. There's more brands of infrared heaters on the market now than there have ever been before, but there's a brand that stands out above the crowd. Infratech is that brand.

Not content to offer only a few models that make you compromise, Infratech heaters can be had in a number of different series, widths, colors, and integrated into both home automation and smart device control systems. Infratech heaters also offer voltage ranges for both residential and commercial applications, making them truly able to meet every need. Learn more about this stellar product line and determine which model is best for your needs with our Infratech Buyer's Guide.