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    Wood Burning Stoves and Heaters

    With a new wood burning stove, your living space will be consistently warm and cozy. Economical, environmentally friendly, and attractive, a wood stove is exceptional at heat distribution when placed in the main living area. With many different wood burning stoves for sale, including the very popular cast iron wood burning stoves, and our woodburning stoves with blowers, you're sure to find the one that fits your home and budget!
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    9 Questions & 9 Answers
    from Juneau, AK asked:
    July 13, 2017
    What is the difference between an EPA stove and a non-EPA stove?
    1 Answer
    EPA stoves fall under a general category of appliances that use either a baffle to create a reburn effect of the combustion byproducts in the combustion chamber or a catalyst to help create a complete burn at a lower temperature, while filtering out harmful emissions. In order for the EPA stoves to work properly, they use smaller, well insulated combustion chambers. Where non-EPA models typically just consist of a generic combustion chamber, EPA models are engineered to work in conjunction with their air injection systems, creating a hot and clean burn, while allowing longer burn times. Almost all municipalities now require EPA appliances for new installations and non-EPA models that have not been grandfathered in can no longer be installed. However, EPA appliances are vastly superior to their predecessors and once their operation is mastered by a consumer, they are fantastic to use.
    Submitted by: eFireplaceStore on July 13, 2017

    from PA asked:
    January 22, 2019
    How many BTUs do you recommend for 850 sq ft open space?
    1 Answer
    With standard 8' ceiling height, 29,750 BTUs.
    Submitted by: Will M. on January 23, 2019

    from TN asked:
    January 18, 2019
    What are the efficiency ratings for the 3 US Stove Company wood stoves on the site?
    1 Answer
    The 2000 is 75%, The 2500 is 73%, and the 3000 77%.
    Submitted by: Owen O. on January 18, 2019

    Lynn H
    from Lempster, NH asked:
    February 23, 2018
    Do you have a wood stove with a grate in the bottom rather than the bricks?
    1 Answer
    The new EPA stoves they make now generally do not have grates. None of the stoves we have have grates all have firebrick.
    Submitted by: Owen O. on February 23, 2018

    from GA asked:
    January 4, 2018
    Do Osburn stoves have rear flue option?
    1 Answer
    No, they don't.
    Submitted by: Owen on January 4, 2018

    from Kingston, WA asked:
    September 2, 2017
    Can any stove with a 6 inch flue be connected to an 8 inch flue and operate properly?
    1 Answer
    No, not in all cases.
    Submitted by: Owen on September 5, 2017

    from Allentown, PA asked:
    April 25, 2017
    Do you deliver and set up products?
    1 Answer
    As we are purely an online retailer, we use FedEx freight as a third party for most all of our freight shipments. Subsequently, we do not provide set up or installation.
    Submitted by: Will M. on April 25, 2017

    Steve Root
    from Arizona asked:
    January 2, 2017
    Where are the Osburn stoves made?
    1 Answer
    Osburn stoves are manufactured in Canada.
    Submitted by: Chaz on January 2, 2017

    from Boulder, CO asked:
    November 28, 2016
    I have just purchased a mountain cabin that is off the grid. It is approximately 870 sq. feet, which includes a loft that is approx. 240 sq. feet. The present wood stove needs to be replaced. I am looking at the Napoleon 1100C and the 1400C and wondered if the 1400C would be over-kill, since the stove will primarily/only be used in the summer months for chilly mornings and evenings.
    1 Answer
    While the square footage is only 870 square feet, which would require only 30,450 btus, this is assuming 8' ceiling height and would not account for your overall ceiling height including the loft. With that being said, this stove should operate perfectly fine with the square footage.
    Submitted by: Will M. on November 29, 2016

    Wood burning fires are an economical way to heat your home in winter and colder months. Relatively inexpensive when compared to other fuels, wood can even be used from your own property! Additionally, unlike fossil fuels, wood is considered "carbon-neutral." When burned, it doesn't add extra carbon dioxide to the environment.

    At eFireplaceStore, we have wood burning stove for sale at the lowest prices - guaranteed. You'll find cast iron wood stoves, or maybe you need a wood burning stove with blower, and more! If you do find the same product for less, we offer a 110% lowest price-match guarantee along with our 100% secure online shopping experience and free shipping for orders over $99! Find the right stove for you today!
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