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    Fireplace Curtains and Mesh Screens

    If you're looking for an attractive way to protect your living area from an open flame in your fireplace, a mesh fireplace curtain is a great choice. At, we offer a wide variety of fireplace spark screen options. Some of our most popular are manufactured by Cascade. The Cascade Deluxe Heavy Duty Fireplace Mesh Panel Kit and the Cascade Black Fireplace Mesh Panel Replacement Kit are our two bestsellers! Woodfield and UniFlame are two other manufacturers that we feature on our website store.
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    31 Questions & 31 Answers
    Gary M
    from napa ca asked:
    March 3, 2018
    the width of the opening is 36" x 28" high, does the 24" wide screen using 2 fit?
    1 Answer
    The two 24" screens for a 36" opening is actually ideal for your application.
    Brennan W.
    on March 5, 2018

    from Fleming Island, Fl asked:
    January 17, 2018
    Do you sell replacement mesh screens for the Majestic 42c firebox?
    1 Answer
    Yes. you can find replacement Mesh Screens here.
    on January 17, 2018

    Loretta M
    from Garden City NY asked:
    January 11, 2018
    I would like to replace the existing mesh screen on the gas fireplace. The existing length of the screen measures 201/2 ". What size screen should I order? 20 or 21?
    1 Answer
    In this case, we definitely think it better to have just a little bit extra (the "slack" will typically remain on the outer edges anyway) than to have an unattractive gap in the middle when the curtains are drawn. So we'd go with the 21-inch screens here.
    on January 11, 2018

    Randy S
    from bedford pa asked:
    December 18, 2017
    looking for parts for heatilator bri42 screens
    1 Answer
    As we do not carry that brand, you will need to contact the manufacturer directly.
    Kelsey C.
    on December 18, 2017

    from Toronto, Ontario asked:
    November 28, 2017
    I would like to inquire about a custom fireplace curtain for the attached fireplace. The measurements are (red box - 56" W x 38" H and orange box - 45.75" W x 32" H)
    1 Answer
    We apologize, but we do not offer any fireplace screens in the sizes you have requested. Our full section is available as shown on this category page.
    Tyler M.
    on November 28, 2017

    from CA asked:
    October 21, 2017
    How do you install the fireplace curtain or mesh screen?
    1 Answer
    Here is a copy of the install instruction of the mesh curtain rod.
    on October 23, 2017

    from Cleveland, OH asked:
    March 4, 2017
    I'm looking for mesh material to repair the screen insert for my Vermont casting. The metal frame is okay, but the mesh needs replacement. Can you assist?
    1 Answer
    You should be able to measure from the hearth floor to the top of the screen rod to determine which of the mesh replacement panel kits will work, as the listed height for the attachment screens we offer will include the height of the 1/2" attachment rings. For the width of the screen, simply add 30% to the width of your fireplace opening and divide by 2.
    Will M.
    on March 6, 2017

    from Seattle, WA asked:
    January 30, 2017
    I am looking for a curtain screen for this fireplace.
    1 Answer
    For mesh replacement, images may not be necessary. You may certainly reply with this image, but we will simply need to know the opening width and height. For the height measurement, please provide this measurement from the hearth floor to the top of the screen rod.
    Will M.
    on January 31, 2017

    Gerard Battaglia
    from Hicksville, NY asked:
    January 30, 2017
    I have had this wood burning stove insert in our fireplace for about 30 years. I am in need of a new screen.
    1 Answer
    This screen appears to have been made specifically for your wood burning insert and we do not offer anything in our inventory similar to this.
    Will M.
    on January 31, 2017

    George Najarian
    from Lincoln, MA asked:
    January 18, 2017
    Fireplace opening 36" (H) X 72" (W). Do you have a curtain available in this size?
    1 Answer
    While this is not something offered on our site, we can have custom mesh panels ordered. If you would like pricing for this, please provide the measurement from the hearth floor to the top of the attachment rod for us to determine the proper height needed. For the width, 30% should be added so each panel would measure 47".
    Will M.
    on January 18, 2017

    David Williams
    from Birmingham, AL asked:
    December 30, 2016
    I have a double sided fireplace that has screens that are 35" wide x 22" tall. Do you have replacement screens that would fit?
    1 Answer
    To determine the proper height, you should measure from the floor of your fireplace opening to the top of the screen rods as the advertised height shown on our site will include the 1/2" height of the attachment rings. For the proper width, you should multiply the width of your hearth by 1.3 and divide by two to determine which mesh panel size would most closely match in width.
    Will M.
    on December 30, 2016

    Christopher Acquaviva
    from Gardiner, NY asked:
    December 22, 2016
    I am looking for the "S" shaped clips that are shown in the attached image (between the large rings and the small rings on the curtain). Do you supply them or have you come across them before?
    1 Answer
    We do not offer these clips, however, we do offer full replacement mesh panels with the 1/2" attachment rings already in place.
    Will M.
    on December 22, 2016

    Tom Kolen
    from Wisconsin asked:
    December 16, 2016
    I have a Heatalator A-420, and I would like to replace the screens, because they don't hang straight. What size or model do I need?
    1 Answer
    While we cannot offer the exact replacement mesh for your fireplace as Heatilator does not offer any of the hearth products they manufacture to online dealers, the best way to determine the correct screen height will be to measure from your hearth floor to the top of your screen rod as most all of the replacement mesh screens we offer will include the 1/2" height of the attachment rings.
    Will M.
    on December 19, 2016

    from Michigan asked:
    December 15, 2016
    My general dimensions are 42.5" wide and 39.5" long, do you have a screen that I would accommodate?
    1 Answer
    If 39.5" is the height, this will have to be custom ordered. Please let us know if you are interested and I will forward a price.
    Will M.
    on December 15, 2016

    David Knight
    from Camby asked:
    December 6, 2016
    I need a new set of spark screens (18"x 36"). I would prefer two panels versus a single screen.
    1 Answer
    If your opening is 18" x 36", you would choose a screen slightly shorter than the 18" height to account for the screen rod. Most all of the screen height measurements will include the height of the 1/2" attachment rings, so please take this into account when choosing a screen measurement. For the width, this does not have to be exact as the total screen width should be about 1.3X the opening width, so the total screen width should measure roughly 47", When divided by two, this would measure 23.5". Subsequently, two panels measuring 24" wide would be recommended.
    Will M.
    on December 6, 2016

    from Ojai, CA asked:
    December 2, 2016
    I have an opening of 52" by 36" tall. I have found the extended rod to install, but can't find any mesh screens wider than 48" total. (24"each side.)
    1 Answer
    We are able to have larger mesh screens cut to length. To confirm, I am assuming you are looking for standard curtain mesh panels in black? Please confirm when you can.
    on December 5, 2016

    from Tampa, FL asked:
    November 21, 2016
    How do I decide what width I need?
    1 Answer
    You will want to go a total of 6"-12" over the full width of the fireplace to allow room for the screens to fold.
    Brennan W.
    on November 22, 2016

    from Cincinnati, OH asked:
    October 9, 2016
    I would like a mesh screen and rod for a fireplace opening that is 45 inches wide by 27 inches long. What would be the appropriate size screen and rod? Would I need two panels that meet in the middle or just one? How does the rod install? Is it a tension rod or are there mounting brackets? Thank you!
    1 Answer
    The screen rod kits that we carry are an overlap style, with a center mounting bracket to hold them in position. A fireplace of your size would be best suited with two screened panels, each 24 inches wide. This would allow for full coverage and some draping. A good screen kit to use would be the Cascade Black Fireplace Mesh Panel Replacement Kit - 24 Inch x 26.5 Inch. The rod would be the Woodfield Hanging Fireplace Spark Screen Rod Kit - 61090.
    on October 10, 2016

    from Montreal, CAN asked:
    September 24, 2016
    My fireplace opening is 36 long x 20 high. I have 2 mesh doors that I want to replace. What width do I need to buy? Is a 20 x 48 screen too much?
    1 Answer
    The 48 inch total width falls within the 30 to 40 percentile amount of draping that you should have. As far as height is concerned, be sure to measure from the screen rod to the hearth of the fireplace. If you have exactly 20 inches or slightly more, a 20 inch kit would work.
    on September 26, 2016

    from Cape Charles, VA asked:
    August 4, 2016
    How do you disengage the rods to replace the mesh screen on a Martin 400 wood burning unit? Do you have a diagram or video to illustrate?
    1 Answer
    Due to the age of the fireplace, I do not have specifics as to how the screen rods are removed. Where the rods meet in the center of the fireplace opening, there should be two screws holding the rod ends in place, while the ends of the rods at the far left and right hand sides should simply be set into holes in the chassis with no screws or hardware to hold them.
    Chris C.
    on August 4, 2016

    from Grand Junction, CO asked:
    March 10, 2016
    I'm looking for a mesh screen curtain for an outdoor fireplace. The last one I got was cheap and fell apart in just a few months. Do you carry a heavy duty curtain?
    1 Answer
    We do not offer a screen specifically made for outdoor use, but I recommend simply choosing an appropriately sized screen and painting the screen with a high temperature ceramic paint. This will increase their longevity and offer better resistance to corrosion. Ceramic paint can often be found at home improvement and auto parts stores.
    Will M.
    on March 10, 2016

    from Wayne, NJ asked:
    January 26, 2016
    My fireplace has two separate panels that are 23" wide by 27" long which meet in the middle. Which mesh fireplace screens should I buy and do the panels come with clips to attach to the bar which runs the full width of the fireplace?
    1 Answer
    Assuming the 23" measurement is the height of the panels without the attachment rings, the Cascade Deluxe Heavy Duty Fireplace Mesh Panel Kit - 24" x 23.5" - 2423 would be suitable replacement options. The listed height of 23.5" includes the attachment rings.
    Will M.
    on January 26, 2016

    from Euless, TX asked:
    January 4, 2016
    How do I measure for these mesh fireplace screens?
    1 Answer
    You will measure from the screen rod down to the floor of the fireplace, as you will need to determine the size of the top rings factored in with total height.
    Brennan W.
    on January 5, 2016

    from Srerling, MA asked:
    December 20, 2015
    I need a mounting rod and screens for a fireplace that is 28" tall and 36 " wide. Do you carry something like this?
    1 Answer
    on December 21, 2015

    from Wheaton, IL asked:
    October 2, 2015
    My fireplace measures 31 1/2 inches wide by 25 1/4 inches tall. What is the best size mesh screen to buy. Also, what length/size rod should I purchase?
    1 Answer
    Brennan W.
    on October 2, 2015

    from Dunedin, FL asked:
    September 5, 2015
    My fireplace opening is 24" x 36" but I would prefer to go with one that is slightly wider, possibly 38" or 40" wide. When ordering replacements, do the measurements you list for width of 40 consist of 2 separate screens that will meet in the middle?
    1 Answer
    You will need to purchase a panel kit that is 1/2" shorter that the height of your opening to account for the pull rings. I recommend the Cascade Deluxe Heavy Duty Fireplace Mesh Panel Kit - 24" x 23.5" - 2423 as the two 24" wide panels will account for the width as well.
    Will M.
    on September 8, 2015

    from CA asked:
    June 9, 2015
    I need to replace my fireplace screen that measures 40" X 21". Which screen do I select?
    1 Answer
    If your measurement provided is just the screen itself, I recommend using the Cascade Black Fireplace Mesh Panel Replacement Kit - 24" x 21.5". The extra 1/2 of an inch comes from the hanging rings. The two panels measure a total of 48 inches wide, for proper draping. If the measurement includes the hanging rings, I would instead use the Cascade Black Fireplace Mesh Panel Replacement Kit - 24" x 20.5".
    on June 10, 2015

    from Greenfield, WI asked:
    February 21, 2015
    I have a Martin Industries glass door on my fireplace, model B36P(B) or BAY36. Do I need to uninstall the glass doors in order to replace the mesh screen curtain? The rod on which the curtain threads is a continuous rod with a loop in the center.
    1 Answer
    There should be a clamp in the center that is held in with screws. By loosening the screws, you should be able to remove the screen rods to replace the screen.
    Will M.
    on February 23, 2015

    from Caro, MI asked:
    October 22, 2014
    Can your screens be trimmed at the bottom for a perfect fit?
    1 Answer
    While the screens can technically be trimmed, it is recommended to purchase the correct height as standard, whenever possible. Cutting the screens will remove the bottom guide wire, which usually keeps the screens from getting bunched together or tangled.
    on October 22, 2014

    from Portland, OR asked:
    July 5, 2014
    How do I replace a fireplace screen?
    1 Answer
    In almost all cases, there is a pair of support rods that run across the fireplace opening and are held in place by a center clamp. The center clamp is usually tightened down by a screw or pair of screws. By loosening the screws, you should be able to remove the screen rods and remove them from the fireplace. The old screens can then be slid off the rods and the new screens installed. The individual rods can then be reinstalled and the center clamp tightened down again.
    on July 7, 2014

    from Wisconsin asked:
    October 21, 2013
    Do I measure from the top of the rod to the base to figure out the correct height for my new mesh screen? Also, how much clearance should I allow on the bottom?
    1 Answer
    You do indeed want to measure from the top of the screen rod to the floor of the fireplace. You will need to subtract 1/2 an inch from the measurement to ensure proper clearance so that the screen does not drag.
    Collin C. - NFI Master Hearth Professional
    on October 22, 2013

    Fireplace screen curtains are typically made of metal fire screen mesh that is designed to keep sparks and burning pieces of debris from flying out of your fireplace. The mesh screens featured on this page are all designed to slide like a curtain across the front of your fireplace opening. They can be pushed to one side when you need to add more wood, but once the fire is burning well, you simply close the mesh curtain and enjoy both the light and the heat that your crackling fire produces! Mesh screens are fairly easy to clean-as long as you clean them on a regular basis. Typically, mild soap and a soft cloth are all your need to remove the dust and ashes that build up on the metal mesh. There's no need to use abrasive cleaners like bleach or ammonia, which can actually discolor the metal. However, a mesh fireplace curtain continues to be effective even if it starts to discolor. You may want to replace it for decorative sake, but it's still very effective at keeping debris inside your fireplace! At, we want to meet your expectations and keep you as a satisfied customer. That's why we offer a wide variety of products at very reasonable prices-especially if you shop during our sales events. And as an added bonus, you'll also enjoy free shipping with most of our items!
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