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      Pilot Types Explained:
    • Electronic Remote Pilot – (Vented & Vent Free) This control type will include a remote and have a non-standing pilot that will ignite when activated by the remote, allowing gas flow to the main burner. With vented sets, the flame height will be fixed. With ventless sets, the remote will also allow you to adjust flame height.
    • No Pilot – Match light – (Vented Only) This will not feature a valve and will only be available with vented natural gas log sets. This option is not available with any ventless log set or any propane set. The burner will be lit with a match and the gas flow/flame height will be controlled with a previously installed manual ball or gas valve in the fireplace. Typically, this valve is located outside of the fireplace opening on the floor or wall.
    • On/Off Remote Pilot – (Vented & Vent Free) This pilot kit will feature a standing pilot that will have to be lit manually. The optional wall switch, On/Off or On/Off thermostatic remote will ignite the burner only. The flame height may be adjusted manually with the valve control knob, but not with the optional remote.
    • Safety Pilot – (Vented & Vent Free) This is the most basic safety valve available for vented propane log sets but is also available with vented natural gas log sets. The pilot is lit manually using either a match or long stem butane lighter via the valve control knob. After a few seconds, the pilot flame contact with the thermocouple will allow gas flow to the main burner. If the pilot flame is extinguished for any reason, gas flow to the main burner will cease, preventing the open flow of gas into your home (this will be the case with any pilot kit, with the exception of the natural gas match lit option).
    • Variable Flame Remote Pilot – (Vented & Vent Free) With vented log sets, this pilot kit will feature a standing pilot that will have to be lit manually. The optional Variable Wall Switch will turn on the flame and adjust the height up and down. The optional Basic Variable Remote will turn the unit on and off as well as adjust the flame height up and down, while the Deluxe Variable Remote will add thermostatic control. With ventless log sets, your results may show both standing and non-standing pilot kits. Either option will include a remote, but only the “Variable Flame Intermittent Pilot” option will feature a non-standing pilot flame that may be lit with the remote. You will be able to select either option on the left-hand side of the page in your filtered results.

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    Vented Gas Log Styles

    Charred Oak
    Post Oak
    Split Oak Designer Plus
    Golden Oak
    American Oak
    Burnt Rustic Oak
    Burnt Split Oak
    Charred American Oak
    Charred Cedar
    Charred Forest Oak
    Charred Majestic Oak
    Charred Northern Oak
    Charred Oak
    Charred Red Oak
    Charred Royal English Oak
    Charred Rugged Split Oak
    Charred Split Oak
    Coastal Driftwood
    Forest Oak
    Golden Oak Designer Plus
    Golden Oak
    Pioneer Oak
    Post Oak
    Red Oak
    Royal English Oak Designer
    Royal English Oak
    Rugged Oak
    Rugged Split Oak
    Rustic Oak Designer
    Rustic Oak
    Split Oak Designer Plus
    Split Oak
    Western Campfyre
    White Birch
    Woodland Oak

    Ventless Gas Log Styles

    Charred Aged Split Oak
    Charred Frontier Oak
    Evening Fyre Split
    Evening Fyre
    Golden Oak Designer
    Split Oak
    Valley Oak
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    27 Questions & 27 Answers
    from Hot Springs, AR asked:
    October 25, 2018
    Can I use different model of ventless fireplace logs on my present burner?
    1 Answer
    You should only use log sets designed for your specific model of ventless burner. Sets are not interchangeable between brands. Be sure to check the model of your burner.
    Cortney O.
    on October 25, 2018

    from Charleston, SC asked:
    March 25, 2018
    Can ventless gas logs be used in a wood burning fireplace insert?
    1 Answer
    No, ventless logs cannot be used in an fireplace insert. Usually just in wood burning fireplaces and fire boxes.
    Owen O.
    on March 26, 2018

    David H
    from Pensacola Florida asked:
    March 23, 2018
    Is there a difference between fireplace logs that are used in propane gas fireplaces and those used in natural gas fireplaces?
    1 Answer
    Usually not the logs themselves, just the burner and valve have differences.
    Owen O.
    on March 26, 2018

    from Davison, Mi. asked:
    February 17, 2018
    Want some heat along with looks, but have been told ventless is dangerous and dirty. Is this true.
    1 Answer
    A ventless fireplace is a very high efficiency way to quickly heat the home for shorter periods of time (3-5 hours). All units have oxygen depletion sensors built in to them to shut off whenever air gets low around the unit. Since they do pull and exhaust to the room, you can get a lost of dust circulated back into the air.
    Kelsey C.
    on February 19, 2018

    from Franklin, TN asked:
    February 15, 2018
    Do the exterior gas logs need to be covered when not in use?
    1 Answer
    As the burner is made of stainless steel and the logs are made of concrete, it is not required that you cover the set when not in use.
    Brennan W. W.
    on February 15, 2018

    from Dublin, GA asked:
    February 9, 2018
    If I am changing from vented to venttless, will I be able to use my old grate?
    1 Answer
    No vented burner can not be used in a vent free application. You would need to replace the grate/burner.
    Owen O.
    on February 9, 2018

    K. Nelson
    from Nebraska asked:
    January 9, 2018
    How safe are ventless logs?
    1 Answer
    We have posted quite a bit of information on our site regarding this topic here.
    Will M.
    on January 9, 2018

    from Charlotte nc asked:
    December 27, 2017
    What set of natural gas logs has the tallest flame?
    1 Answer
    In general Peterson Real Fyre tends to have the strongest and best looking (most realistic) flame. They also offer set that have variable flame adjustment.
    on December 27, 2017

    Jeff J
    from Panama City, FL asked:
    December 10, 2017
    Which heat a large room better, vented or non vented?
    1 Answer
    Non vented will produce the most heat.
    Brennan W.
    on December 11, 2017

    Gary R
    from asked:
    January 19, 2017
    Is it true that it is not safe to use vent free logs for extra heat?
    1 Answer
    Vent free logs are safe, as they come equipped with an oxygen depletion sensor which will shut the unit down if there is any drop in the oxygen level of your home.
    Brennan W.
    on January 19, 2017

    Dustin B
    from Cleveland, OH asked:
    December 13, 2016
    Are there gas log solutions that look more contemporary (meaning they don't look like logs)?
    1 Answer
    These options are shown here.
    Will M.
    on December 13, 2016

    from Fort Worth, TX asked:
    December 10, 2016
    What determines whether you should buy vented or vent free logs?
    1 Answer
    As long as the chimney system is in good working order, you could choose either style. Vented gas logs are designed for appearance and feature a tall, realistic flame pattern. They are not designed to provide much supplemental heat. Vent free gas logs are excellent supplemental heaters, however they have a low flame and require yearly maintenance to ensure that they burn cleanly.
    on December 12, 2016

    from Greenville, SC asked:
    May 22, 2016
    Can I reuse vented gas logs if they got wet?
    1 Answer
    Vented gas logs will be composed of either ceramic fiber or solid refractory ceramics. In the case of ceramic fiber logs, they are porous and may need to dry prior to use. With solid refractory ceramic logs, they can simply be wiped down and will not hold water. There would be very little risk in either case as water vapor is already a harmless byproduct of construction and masonry chimneys are not all water-tight to begin with.
    Will M.
    on May 23, 2016

    from NJ asked:
    December 19, 2014
    How do you know if you need to change the logs in your ventless gas fireplace? How often do they need to be changed?
    1 Answer
    There is not a set time frame for log replacement, as use of the fireplace will vary from customer to customer. If the logs begin to chip, emit an acrid odor, or are heavily discolored by soot, replacement should be considered.
    on December 19, 2014

    from Monterey, CA asked:
    October 31, 2014
    Can we have gas logs installed if we have a gas lighter (line in the firebox) that has been used to burn wood?
    1 Answer
    You can indeed. Wood burning fireplaces can be converted to a gas log installation, as long as you have the proper sizing needed to house the logs.
    on November 3, 2014

    from Magnolia, AR asked:
    September 28, 2014
    What are the different types of pilot lights?
    1 Answer
    For natural gas installations, you have the option of using no pilot at all. A manual gas valve is opened and the gas must be ignited by a match or lighter. Having no pilot allows for a larger log set to be used, but is a bit more work to light. Propane installations do not have this ability, due to the increased volatility of LP gas. The next step up is called a safety pilot kit. This system uses a small manual valve with a standing pilot. The pilot is lit at the beginning of the season and anytime you would like to light the set, a control knob is rotated to the "on" position. This pilot allows you to quickly light the set and the valve is small and easy to hide. The last level is the remote pilot kits. These sets allow the option of a remote or wall switch for control. There are different variations, including and on/off pilot, a variable flame height pilot, and an electronic ignition pilot. The electronic version uses a spark ignitor that saves fuel over the standing pilot. The only down side to the remote systems is the larger valves force the use of a smaller log set.
    on September 29, 2014

    from Elizabethtown, PA asked:
    September 15, 2014
    Generally speaking, when should gas burners be replaced with a ventless gas log fireplace? Is there a set rule of thumb?
    1 Answer
    Manufacturers do not specify a set replacement date for vent free burner systems, however they should have a yearly service and evaluation of condition. If significant corrosion or any perforation is present on the main burner or the gas valve is no longer maintaining the correct flow pressure, the system should be replaced.
    on September 16, 2014

    from Chesapeake, VA asked:
    August 29, 2014
    Is it possible and safe to run propane gas logs using a 20 pound grill tank?
    1 Answer
    If the tank is located outside and proper plumbing fittings are used, it is indeed possible to fuel a vent free log set with a 20 pound cylinder. I encourage you to use a 30 or 40 pound cylinder however, as the vaporization rate of a 20 pound cylinder is low enough that it will limit operation of the log set to a couple of hours at a time. The tank would then need time to catch up and vaporize more fuel. The colder it is outside, the longer it will take to vaporize additional fuel.
    on August 29, 2014

    from Questa, NM asked:
    May 31, 2014
    Why do we get this awful smell when burning with the vent partially closed?
    1 Answer
    It is likely that the damper is closed too far and some combustion byproducts are spilling into the room. A good way to test this is to light a match or hold a lighter near the top of the fireplace opening when the set is burning. If the flame blows away from the opening, the set is spilling byproducts into the room. The damper will need to be opened in small increments until the spillage stops.
    on June 2, 2014

    from Auburn, AL asked:
    February 6, 2014
    What is the difference between a basic and deluxe remote? Are there other choices?
    1 Answer
    The Peterson basic remotes will offer the ability to turn the log set on and off remotely. The variable model will also allow you to adjust flame height. The deluxe model offers a thermostatic setting as well, allowing you to program a desired room temperature that the log set will modulate to. Because of the modulating nature of the gas valves, one of these remotes must be used. Other models are not compatible.
    Collin C. - NFI Master Hearth Professional
    on February 6, 2014

    from Lafayette, LA asked:
    December 20, 2013
    What type of logs do I need if I have a fireplace that is open on both sides?
    1 Answer
    These logs are known as see through (sometimes spelled "see thru") log sets. The options we offer can be seen here. I will be happy to answer any questions about the different pilot options and sizing.
    Collin C. - NFI Master Hearth Professional
    on December 20, 2013

    from VA asked:
    November 30, 2013
    How can you tell if your gas logs are ventless?
    1 Answer
    The first thing to check for is a manufacturer name or model number on the burner or build tags. All vent free log sets will come with a build tag of some kind that will have this information. If this is not present for any reason, the next thing to check is if the logs have any locating pins or notches/grooves that allow them to be set up only one way. Vented logs will not have these grooves and can be set up as you desire.
    Collin C. - NFI Master Hearth Professional
    on December 2, 2013

    from Schaumburg, IL asked:
    November 27, 2013
    Why would anyone get vented gas logs instead of ventless gas logs? Wouldn't the ventless provide more heat? Is the ventless dangerous?
    1 Answer
    Vented gas logs are primarily chosen if the look of a real fire is wanted, without the additional heat. Vented sets tend to have a high flame and the logs can be placed at random, giving the look of a real wood fire. Ventless logs have a lower flame and are very particular about log placement. Thus, they are slightly less realistic. However, in a large room with good air circulation, they are an excellent source of supplemental heat. In smaller rooms, they can only be run for a certain amount of time, as they can deplete oxygen from the air and lead to excess moisture being added to the environment.
    Collin C. - NFI Master Hearth Professional
    on November 27, 2013

    from Ruidoso, NM asked:
    November 19, 2013
    Do you make a set of gas logs that have loose individual fake logs that can be custom arranged?
    1 Answer
    Unfortunately, the log sets that we offer are designed to be setup only according the manufacturer's instruction. The logs themselves are designed only to be set in one position around the burner pan.
    on November 19, 2013

    from Santa Rosa, CA asked:
    November 3, 2013
    What is the difference between vent-free and vented gas logs? Which is safer? Which is better?
    1 Answer
    Vented gas logs are generally considered to be of a decorative nature and are not intended to supply supplemental heat to the room. They are the safer of the two varieties, as all combustion byproducts are vented to the chimney. Ventless gas logs are far superior for supplemental heating, but have a lower flame and are less realistic than vented logs. They should not be used for more than four hours continuously, as they draw combustion air from the room and can increase moisture levels to a point of condensation forming on windows.
    Collin C. - NFI Master Hearth Professional
    on November 4, 2013

    from Hortonville, WI asked:
    March 22, 2013
    For a see-thru gas fireplace, what is the best way to arrange the logs?
    1 Answer
    While it depends on the particular log set that you have, it is typical for the log set to have a pair of main bottom logs. The logs are positioned at the front of each side of the log grate. Various other logs are usually provided to lay back and forth across the main logs. Ideally, the logs would be placed to cause as little disruption to the flame as possible, as this will cut down on the amount of sooting that you will experience from the log assembly.
    Collin C. - NFI Master Hearth Professional
    on March 25, 2013

    from MD asked:
    January 16, 2013
    Can you convert natural gas logs to propane?
    1 Answer
    Indeed, most vented gas logs can be converted from one gas type to another. The required conversion pieces vary with manufacturer and log set size. Vent-free log sets, on the other hand, cannot be converted.
    Kevin E. - Fireplace Specialist
    on January 16, 2013

    Gas Fireplace Log Sets for Vented or Ventless Fireplaces

    There are several things you need to consider when you are buying fireplace gas logs for a new or existing fireplace. First is the fuel source. You can buy gas logs that burn either natural gas or liquid propane. If you already have appliances that use natural gas, that might be the easiest choice. Liquid propane can be used anywhere but usually requires you to install a tank outside your house. Second is whether to go vented or ventless. This decision takes into account the main purpose of your artificial fireplace: is it mainly for ambiance or for heat?

    A vented fireplace is one that has a chimney with an open damper. This kind can create a more natural-looking and more beautiful flame but it doesn't produce as much heat as a ventless model. A ventless fireplace can deplete the oxygen in a tightly enclosed area. Even though a ventless model burns the fuel more cleanly, because it discharges the combustion products into the room, a carbon monoxide monitor is required. Keep in mind that a ventless fireplace may be prohibited in some places. The final consideration is the style of log. This is where you can get creative. Modern ceramic gas fireplace logs have realistic bark detail and natural-looking splits. Logs are available that look as if the fire has just been started. Other styles look as if the fire has been burning for hours. With log shapes and colors, as well as a range of accessories, you can design just the look you want. Of course, you will also need to think about how big the logs need to be to fit your fireplace. For more complete information on the decisions you need to make, visit the Gas Log Guide. Other guides are available to answer your questions and to help you design your perfect fireplace.


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