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What makes infrared heaters different from the rest?

What makes infrared heaters different from the rest?

An infrared heaters is unlike any other heater on the market. While many gas and electric heaters heat a room by warming the air around it, an infrared heater works through radiation. This type of heat is similar to how the sun operates because heat passes from the warm object to the cool one without touching it.

Electromagnetic energy moves from the warm object to the cool one so you can feel warm no matter what the temperature is around you. This is great because a draft in the room or someone opening and closing the door nearby will have no effect on how warm you feel. Plus, infrared heat will warm the objects (or people) nearby almost instantly. It's perfect for outdoor events, patios, and small spaces indoors.

What makes infraredheaters different from the rest
infrared heater under a terrace

Something else you may not be aware of is how many types of infrared heaters are out there. Quartz tube heaters are often found in outdoor spaces like pergolas and terraces. Plaque heaters are what some people refer to as "box heaters". They are typically found in outdoor areas because they operate at high temperatures.

Mushroom heaters are the most common patio heater sold. Though, they are less efficient than other outdoor heaters. If you are looking for an indoor heater, you can easily find an infrared heater sold as a wall unit. They are typically mounted mid-range on the wall and encased in a metal cage to prevent accidental burns.

What makes infraredheaters different from the rest
wall mounted heater

The last thing you need to know is infrared heaters can operate on electricity or gas. Mushroom, cylinder and tank tops heaters are all fueled by gas. Tank top heaters literally sit on top of a propane tank. Because of their light weight, they are portable and regularly used on construction sites. The quartz heaters we mentioned earlier run on electricity only, so you will need to make sure your space has an outlet nearby before purchasing one of these.

Last, plaque, wall, and metal tube heaters are the winners of the day because they can be fueled by gas or ran electrically. Some of them may actually need both, depending on the model. Though, if you need to save space & move your infrared heater off the floor, having the option for electrical powering may be worth it.

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