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Infratech Buyers Guide

Infratech Buyers Guide

Have you heard of Infratech heaters? If you haven't, then do we have a surprise for you! Infrared electric heaters are becoming a new, green trend in the heating world. Infratech stands at the forefront of this movement. Why is that, you might be asking yourself. Infrared heaters are more efficient and less expensive to run.

Infratech Buyers Guide

In particular, Infratech heaters have cornered the market, making top-of-the-line infrared heaters. Designed to be over 90% efficient, Infratech heaters far surpass the efficiency of gas heaters, which are closer to 50% efficient. And, some outdated gas heaters are even lower than that! Infratech heaters operate for pennies on the hour. They also work silently and emit no greenhouse gases or odors!

Part of this is due to the sleek, architectural design, leaving infrared heat unaffected by wind. The heat generated by these modes is not as intense, but they do use reflective panels to disperse the heat effectively. Instead of baking for a short time near a burst heater, you bask in comfortable, maintainable heat.

Does that all sound too good to be true? Well, it isn't — it's 100% real! So now that you know a little bit about infrared heaters, let's talk about the company.

From The Start

Infratech is a valued partner with eFireplaceStore. They have been in the heating industry since 1966 — giving them over fifty years of experience. Providing a three-year warranty on every item, they know their work is of high quality. They also work with their customers to make sure they are delighted with the products.

This California-based company knows the importance of safety as well. That's why all their heaters are UL listed for both indoor and outdoor use. The company manufactures and assembles everything in the United States in its facilities. They take pride in working with customers. They offer an easy way to find the exact combination that will work for you.

Their Heaters

With five primary lines of heaters, it isn't hard to find the heater to keep you comfortable in more ways than one. Each series has its benefits, so we'll break it down by product line. Before going any further, we'll introduce you to several terms used to describe each model of heater. The first term is called a heating element. It is referred to as an element throughout the sections below.

The element components of the heater are more like elongated bulbs, like those found in overhead lighting in an office or in a car garage. Each element or bulb, if you will, emits a certain wattage of heat. Some series utilizes a single heating element bulb, and others use dual bulbs to emit more heat. But, the concept is the same. So, let's get into the different models you may select.


Infratech Buyers Guide

The "C" series are single-element fixtures, developed for locations needing concentrated heat. Constructed from stainless steel, these are perfect for residential or commercial purposes. They remain ideal for places with mounting heights of seven to eleven feet.

The C-Series' sleek design blends into any decor, especially with customization options. Infratech offers heaters in stainless steel, eight standard colors, or special request colors. Along with color, you can also find the right heater for you. The wattages of these units range between 1,500 and 4,000. That's plenty of heat to keep you warm.

For controls, you'll have a variety of options based on which model you choose. Some are only compatible with a simple on/off switch or INF input regulator. Others work with custom smart home controls. We'll discuss those further in the Smart Home Heating section.

You can find the 4,000-watt version of the C-Series heater here .


If you're wondering what the difference is between the C and CD series of heaters... well, that's a great question! The CD Series is the C-Series with a twist. The CD-series of infrared heaters feature two elements for producing more heat.

Constructed from stainless steel, these heaters come in stainless steel or a range of custom colors. Don't worry about the sleekness of this model versus its smaller counterpart either. They're designed to optimize comfort and design in high-visibility spaces.

Designed to hang between 7 and 14 feet high, the four CD-models come in four wattage options: 3000, 4000, 5000, and 6000. Like the C-series models, these heaters have different control options. Either smart home controls or a duplex switch allows you to have your heater run at half or full power!

Infratech Buyers Guide

People always say two is better than one, right? Well, Infratech shows the power of duos with the CD series. The 6,000-watt CD-series heater stands out from other infrared heaters on the market. But, let's not forget about the other incredible models.


Many find the W-series more preferable for basic installations. With a low-profile design, these are suitable for both indoor and outdoor. Their stainless steel construction offers a streamlined look.

This classic heater comes in five different wattages from 1,500 watts to 4,000 watts. When mounted between 6 and 11 feet, these heaters provide coverage between 25 and 100 square feet. Wind and cold do impact the typical coverage offered by these heaters.

Infratech Buyers Guide

You also have the option to customize your Infrared heater with a selection of colors! Match your decor like never before with these heaters. The customization continues with controls. You have the choice of an INF input regulator knob, a simple on/off switch, or smart home controls.

Proudly an Infratech partner, eFireplaceStore offers the W-series heaters. They are top quality and exactly what you need for your heating needs.


The WD-Series takes the W-series' style and practicality to new heights by adding another heating element. These dual-element heaters produce more heat. They also offer more coverage as well, given they install higher.

Infratech Buyers Guide

These models, when mounted from 7 to 14 feet high, heat spaces from 49 to 121 square feet. The four models in this line are all constructed of stainless steel and have a variety of color options. They generate 3000, 4000, 5000, and 6000 watts of heating power. They come in the same vast array of standard and custom colors as the other heaters.

Infratech recommends either a duplex/stack switch for the dual-element models. Smart home controls also come highly recommended.

eFireplaceStore is proud to offer the WD models from Infratech, but if you're into a sleeker look and model, you should consider the SL-Series.


The Slimline series features a crisp, modern styling and narrow profile. The architectural design of models in this series allows it to disappear more easily into the surrounding decor without clashing or competing with it. These heaters come in three different colors: bronze, black, and silver. All are constructed to withstand weather year-round, making it hassle-free!

Infratech Buyers Guide

There are four different wattages available: 1600, 2400, 3000, and 4000. These provide heating for 25, 49, 64, and 100 square feet, respectively. Ideal for surface mounts up to eleven feet high, SL models feature mounting brackets and a T-slot.

These models typically come recommended for smart home controls. Others recommend the on/off switch or input regulator as optimal accessory choices.

Named slim, you don't need to worry about slim pickings with eFireplaceStore's selection! The pickings are anything but narrow . So, what makes the control options so amazing?

Custom and Core Controls

The core controls regulate the power of your heaters, adjusting it to meet your needs. Infratech offers three simple control options for their heaters and applications.

Simple On/Off Switch

First, is the reasonably priced simple on/off switch. These can be single or double switches, depending on what your exact needs are. Designed for single-element units, the switches are approved for indoor or protected outdoor space. If you have an unprotected outdoor area, they offer outdoor weather covers and boxes for the switches.

Infratech Buyers Guide

Duplex Stack Switch

The duplex stack switch comes next. These are designed for use with the dual-element heaters. They allow you to turn each element off and on, giving the option of half and full power modes. Two switch versions are also available for two switches. Outdoor weather covers and boxes also exist.

Infratech Buyers Guide

INF Input Regulators

Last, the INF input regulators look like dimmers but offer a different control scheme. For use with a single-element heater, these controls cycle the heater off and on at regular pre-set intervals when the heater isn't on full power. As with other core controls, weatherproof covers and boxes are available for an extra layer of protection.

Infratech Buyers Guide

Custom Controls

But what if you want custom controls? The ability to have custom controls for your Infratech infrared heater makes them stand out. Of course, you have the "normal" controls mentioned above, but what other alternatives are there for custom controls?

Infratech Buyers Guide

Universal Control Packages

Besides those, Infratech also offers solid-state and universal control packages. They also offer home management systems, which are described further in the Smart Home Heating section below. For now, we'll talk about the other control customizations available.

Solid-State Control - To start, we'll discuss the solid-state control packages. Since these are often custom, no exact set of bundled items you can or will receive exists. They're built to fit your unique needs. These packages are designed to be everything a customer wants for their controls. For either residential or commercial applications, these are used in areas with many heating zones.

The solid-state controls know the importance of energy efficiency. It offers timer functions, control versatility, and adjustable heating intensity. You choose between a 1, 2, or 3-zone analog controller, with or without a timer. There is also the ability to have up to six heating zones through the six electrical relays.

UL-Listed Universal Control - Next for custom controls is the UL-listed universal control package. A complete control solution, this works with almost any 120-volt lighting system. It allows you to install and control the heaters with your choice of 120-volt lighting dimmer. This can help keep the decor of your home cohesive. They also provide a dimmer for you, and what's more, there is also a timer option.

Infratech Buyers Guide

The universal controls create many heating zones. This makes it ideal for large or commercial applications, like an outdoor patio. You can even control your heaters from a smartphone or tablet with a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection.

These controls aren't the extent of what Infratech offers either! Below, you can read more about their options that allow your smart home to help with your heating!

Smart Home Heating

Smart houses are the way of the future, and that includes the control of our heating devices. For those looking to add heaters to a smart home, Infratech offers home management integration.

Their line of control options come compatible with a variety of top-selling systems like Lutron, Creston, Control 4, and others. You also choose the control options best suited for your needs when you connect an Infratech heater to your smart home system.

With the simple interface, smart home integration requires a 0-10 V DC signal, with your choice of a variety of programming options. This includes the ability to save preferred heating settings and controlling your heater through an app or mobile device.

To set up a heater with your smart home, select the best home management system for you. Then, you'll install the heater or heaters and connect the appliance to the intelligent control panel. Be sure to do so with the help of a licensed electrician. That's all it takes to set up your heated smart home!

With this smart home integration, the possibilities are almost endless for getting the exact heating system you want. Of course, you'll need a little guidance to assist with installation.

Installation Options

When you start to install your Infratech heater, you may wonder what type of installation options you have. For short, there are several. Based on exactly what you need from your heater, there are four popular options. We'll talk about each briefly and explain the typical clearances required for Infratech's heaters.

Infratech is a partner of choice among leading architects, interior designers, and engineers. This is due to there being a broad range of heating, installation, and integration options. Different spaces need different configurations. Infratech heaters can be flush-mounted within the ceiling, attached to the ceiling, wall-mounted, or pole mounted.

Flush Mounting

Infratech Buyers Guide

Flush mounting is one of the most popular choices for installing Infratech heaters. But, there are some limitations as to which models can be flush mounted. Only the W and WD series are suited for flush mounting and need a flush mount frame. When considering such an installation, this type requires a flat surface. It also requires the heater permanently installed and hardwired with the junction box outside of the lined pocket. In addition, venting holes must remain uncovered. It doesn't matter if you place stucco over the frame, do a tongue and groove flush-mount or match the color of the ceiling. Allow the venting holes to breathe.

Ceiling or Wall Installations

Infratech Buyers Guide

Ceiling and wall installations are next. These are fairly self-explanatory. On the back of each heater are multi-positional mounting bracket tabs. Exact positioning may depend on which model you select. The only limitation remaining is the clearances required for each model. Generally, these clearances are 6 3/8" from the back of the heater, 18" to either side and 72" from the ground. The only other real limitation is your imagination!

Pole Mounting

Infratech Buyers Guide

The last of the mounting options we'll cover is having your heater on a pole. Pole-mounting refers to mounting your heater on an eight-foot-tall pole also manufactured by Infratech. These increase functionality, convenience, and energy efficiency. The heaters attach via weld nuts that secure the heater.

No matter which you choose, you know these infrared heaters are the best way to heat your home, patio, or commercial space.

Care and Maintenance

The best way to make sure your Infratech heater lasts is to take care of it, maintaining it the best you can. Thankfully, that task won't be as tedious as it may sound!

Always have your heater professionally installed by a licensed electrician. But, you can easily take care of replacing the heating element yourself. Each element provides 5,000 hours of warmth. That's equivalent to a little over 203 days worth of undying heat. The element pops into its proper housing unit, which lacks any internal circuitry.

If you have any other problems, our NFI Certified Technicians will be more than happy to assist you.

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