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Reasons To Reconsider Hanging A TV Over A Fireplace

Reasons To Reconsider Hanging A TV Over A Fireplace

Mounting a tv over a fireplace is a popular way of designing a room so the focal points are streamlined. Hanging a tv above a fireplace frees up wall space and allows for more freedom to decorate the living area.

Reasons To Reconsider Hanging A TV Over A Fireplace
white fireplace with tv

Even though many people want to set their tv and fireplace up in this way, there are some other things you need to keep in mind before doing so. In this article, we will discuss three reasons why you may not want to mount your tv over a fireplace and what options you have instead.

Viewing Angle

Reasons To Reconsider Hanging A TV Over A Fireplace
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Anyone who has a TV mounted over a fireplace knows you can get some serious cricks in your neck if the angle of the TV is positioned higher than normal eye level from the couch. All fireplaces require a certain amount of space between them and the TV to make sure the TV doesn't overheat. So many televisions end up in a higher position to prevent damage but ultimately cause viewing problems.

Lack Of Industry Support

Most television manufacturers don't make their products to withstand excessive heat. Many fireplace manufacturers rarely give specific instructions for how close a TV can be to a fireplace without overheating. While a few fireplace manufacturers may include tv installation options in their manual, there isn't a ton of information on this across the board. So, people who have ideas for using a TV as fireplace décor end up confused about where to install and how to do it without risking the safety of their television.

Competing Elements

Many people install a fireplace to make it the focal point of their room. Though, if you install a TV over a fireplace, it tends to take some of the attention away. Not to mention that the design of some wall-mounted TVs compete with the design of a fireplace.

Reasons To Reconsider Hanging A TV Over A Fireplace
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If you install a wood or gas fireplace with brick or stone around the frame, then add a sleek, modern tv over the top of it, the look of the TV can clash with the traditional look of the fireplace. So, for those reasons, you may want to reconsider hanging your tv over the fireplace and opt for another design instead. If you have read through the three scenarios above and realized hanging a TV over your fireplace isn't a good idea for you, keep reading because we have three ways you can remedy that problem.

Low Output Models

Choosing a low output fireplace can solve some issues with setup. With a low output model, less clearance space is needed between the TV and the fireplace. So, if you have to put your TV above your fireplace because there is no other place to install it, consider a low output fireplace. Some gas fireplaces are low output as well as most electric fireplaces.

Low-profile models are also a good option. If a fireplace has a low height you can place it lower on the wall and ultimately bring down the placement of the television. So, the issue of neck strains can be solved by getting a fireplace with a low profile.


Alcoves are a great option if you have a specific fireplace in mind that isn't low output or low profile and you still want to put your TV above the unit. Alcoves are a recess in the wall where the TV sits. They are as wide or wider than the TV and sometimes recessed as far as the vent pipe.

Reasons To Reconsider Hanging A TV Over A Fireplace
TV in an alcove

They protect the television from heat rising from the fireplace so you can have any level of heat you need. Another added bonus of building an alcove is you can attach doors to them so they hide the TV when it is not in use and serve as another piece of fireplace décor.

Projection Display

If you are unable to create an alcove for your TV and getting a low output model isn't an option, another idea you can consider is a projector. When a projector displays the television image on the wall versus installing a TV directly on the wall, heat damage is no longer an issue. The picture quality of projectors has gotten way better in recent years. So, now using a projector for all your visuals will be just as nice to view as a regular TV.

Rearranging The Room

While many of you find yourselves stuck on what to do because the TV has to go over the fireplace, some of you could benefit by simply letting go of your favorite design option and look for a different one. The "L" style arrangement, where the TV and fireplace are on adjacent walls is an easy alternative to hanging your tv above your fireplace.

Reasons To Reconsider Hanging A TV Over A Fireplace
room layout without TV

Consider that if you are looking for another way to make your TV and fireplace work in the same room. For today, that is all we have. Thank you so much for reading and as always if you have other questions please feel free to give us a call at 800.203.1642. You can also click here for more articles on fireplace installation and design.

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