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What To Do When Your Gas Fireplace Remote Stops Working

What To Do When Your Gas Fireplace Remote Stops Working

If you have a gas fireplace that's operated by a remote, eventually you will have to change the batteries. Like other battery-operated appliances, you'll know it's time to work on your fireplace remote when the screen stops lighting up or the controls stop working. Now, it may seem like you just replaced the batteries the other day, but we all know batteries in fireplace remotes don't last forever. So, if you regularly use your gas fireplace, you may need the tips in this article sooner than you expected.

While everyone has changed batteries before, there are a few things that can be confusing when changing fireplace remote batteries. You not only have to change the batteries in your remote, but you also have to change the batteries in your receiver. The remote only operates one "side" of the controls. The receiver is the little black box inside your gas fireplace that picks up signals from your remote to tell it what to do. Receivers can be found several places within a firebox, so you should check your fireplace manual to see where yours is located. Some fireplaces also have the option to mount the receiver within a wall mounted junction box next to the fireplace as well. We strongly recommend turning the gas off to your fireplace when changing batteries. This prevents unexpected ignition when the receiver or remote "senses" power again.

What To Do When Your Gas Fireplace Remote Stops Working

When you find that your remote isn't working, it's a good idea to check your receiver as well to make sure the batteries are working in there too. If you replace the batteries in your remote, but not the receiver, you may be misled to think you have a problem with your remote when really, your receiver isn't working.

What To Do When Your Gas Fireplace Remote Stops Working

Once you've replaced the batteries in both pieces, try turning the remote on. If it still isn't working, you may need to resync the receiver and the remote. This process also varies from model to model, so check in your manual for specific instructions. After you've done all those steps, your gas fireplace should be roaring and ready to go! If you need a new fireplace remote or have questions about gas fireplaces, please feel free to give us a call at 800.203.1642. Our NFI-certified techs would love to help you!

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What is Er 9 on remote?
What is Er 9 on remote?
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