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Tips For Installing Glass Fireplace Doors

Tips For Installing Glass Fireplace Doors

There are many reasons you might want to install glass doors on your fireplace. Maybe you are tired of the sliding fireplace screen that screeches when you move it across the rails. Maybe you want another layer of protection from flying embers. Whatever your reason is for wanting glass fireplace doors, we have the article you need to learn how to install them.

The first step to install glass fireplace doors is deciding which ones you need. It might seem silly to have to say this, but you can't pick any door you want and force it to fit. Masonry fireplaces, or those built on-site out of stone or brick, have the largest selection of doors to choose from.

The glass doors made to fit these fireplaces come with a purpose-built frame that adjusts to whatever the width of your fireplace opening is. You can choose from bi-fold, sliding barn-style doors or cabinet style.

Tips For Installing Glass Fireplace Doors

If you have a pre-fabricated fireplace, or a model that slides into an opening in the wall, your only option is to get doors made by the same manufacturer that made your fireplace. This is the only way to ensure the correct sizing and/or proper airflow for your appliance.

Once you order the right doors & they arrive, the next step is to take a deep breath. No seriously, sometimes glass doors can slide around during shipment and slip right off the hinges and get misaligned.

It's also possible that a contractor may not create the frame of your fireplace with forethought about adding doors later. Though these may be annoying to deal with while trying to install your doors, they are fixable and nothing to stress over.

Tips For Installing Glass Fireplace Doors
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To realign the glass with the frames, lie the doors flat on the ground. You can loosen mounting screws to adjust the glass panes. Hinge screws can also be loosened to readjust the frame. Once, everything is aligned and level, you are ready to hang the doors.

It will be important to follow your instruction manual to make sure you do everything needed for your specific doors. For bi-fold or cabinet-style doors on a pre-fab fireplace, you will most likely need to drill holes into the frame. After drilling the holes, you can fasten the frame to the fireplace with fasteners that fit through the holes in the frame into pre-existing holes in the fireplace.

Tips For Installing Glass Fireplace Doors
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For masonry fireplaces, you will have a mounting frame that runs along the perimeter of the fireplace and holds the weight of the doors. You will need to use the door kit that came with your doors and install the frame according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Most masonry door kits use clamps that adjust to hold the door assembly to the metal lintel bar that spans the top of the fireplace opening and a set of small "L" brackets that anchor the door to the fireplace floor with a pair of masonry screws.

Tips For Installing Glass Fireplace Doors
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Once hung, if the top corner of one glass door is higher than the other or if the gap between the doors is too wide, you may have to adjust the hinges. Check each hinge to see which one is off & loosen the screws. Close that door, then realign it. Carefully reopen the door then tighten the screw to lock it in place.

Continue this process until they are aligned exactly as you want. In no time you will have beautiful new, glass doors that enhance the beauty of your fireplace. If you have any questions about what we shared with you today, please reach out to us at 800.203.1642

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