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Tips For Cleaning Hearth Rugs

Tips For Cleaning Hearth Rugs

If you have a hearth rug you probably know they can get dirty pretty quick. They are designed to protect floors from sparks, embers and coal so they don't hit your beautiful floors. So, over time, you may find yourself with a hearth rug that lacks the color it had before. If that's the case, keep reading because we put together a few steps on how to clean your hearth rug that will be super helpful in getting your rug in tip-top shape again.

The way you clean your hearth rug depends on the material it is made out of. If you have an olefin or wool rug, vacuuming is the best option. Do not steam clean them or put them in a washer. If you get the occasional stain, you can try to spot clean it instead.

Tips For Cleaning Hearth Rugs

For a single-color polyester rug, you are welcome to steam clean them but use only water and ditch the chemicals. When it comes to multi-color oriental rugs, it isn't recommended to steam clean because the heat from the steam can cause the colors to bleed. Though a wet vacuum is another option because a wet vacuum doesn't get as hot as a steam cleaner, so the risk of bleeding isn't an issue.

Tips For Cleaning Hearth Rugs
Goods of the woods 48-inch protective mat

For nylon or poly rugs, washing and vacuuming are not recommended as they can fringe the material. Spot cleaning or wiping them with a damp rag is ok. Next, we have sisal rugs. Sisal hearth rugs are different because they are vulnerable to moisture and dirt. So, washing or steam cleaning them isn't a good idea. They need to be taken outdoors to be swept, or if you want to work out some aggression, you can always beat them against the wall. It will knock the dirt out and be a lot of fun.

Tips For Cleaning Hearth Rugs
Minute Man contemporary rectangular hearth rug

There is a lot more to learn about hearth rugs, their styles, and their uses. For today, we will stop here with the discussion on how to clean a hearth rug. Should you have any other questions please feel free to call us at 800.203.1642 or check out our articles on fireplace accessories.

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