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Why Log Tongs Are Needed Fireplace Tools

Why Log Tongs Are Needed Fireplace Tools

If you have ever tried to load fire wood into a burning fireplace or stove, you know that it can be a bit dangerous. Embers can fly out at any moment. Not to mention rising heat coming off the fire itself. That's why log tongs are a great option to help keep your fire burning and keep you safe at the same time.

Log tongs are made for loading fire wood into a fire as well as rearranging fire wood that is already burning. In a previous article we discussed the fireplace poker and how that can be helpful for rearranging fire wood. Though, there are times when logs are too heavy to be pushed around by a poker.

Other times they may need to be intentionally placed in a different spot. That is where log tongs come in. A poker can push fire wood around, but its usefulness stops short of picking up heavy pieces of wood for loading or rearranging.

Why Log Tongs Are Needed Fireplace Tools

Log tongs have a hinge point at the middle of the assembly. The hinge point gives you leverage to grab fire wood and then move the logs around. Log tongs are typically made of steel or cast iron and over 25? long to give you plenty of room between yourself and the hot flames. Unfortunately, log tongs do not come with all fireplace tool sets. Smaller or low-cost toolsets tend to remove the log tongs to cut down on cost.

Why Log Tongs Are Needed Fireplace Tools
Pilgrim 5 piece modern tool set

So, if you want log tongs in the fireplace tool set that you purchase, be sure to look at everything included before you buy. Our individual log tongs can be bought for as little as $35 for a 30? pair, all the way up to $95 for 36? wrought iron designs. Fireplace tool sets can range anywhere from under $50 all the way up to $500. But those under $50 most likely do not have log tongs included.

If you have any other questions about our selection of log tongs or their features, please don't hesitate to call us at 800.203.1642

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