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The Benefits Of Using A Fireplace Shovel

The Benefits Of Using A Fireplace Shovel

If you have ever had a friend with a wood burning fireplace in their home, then you also may have seen a fireplace shovel. Fireplace shovels are a standard tool that will be used by nearly everyone who has a wood fireplace.

Fireplace shovels are similar to other shovels used for various purposes like gardening, plowing snow, or building sandcastles. The main difference with a fireplace shovel is that it is made to shovel ash out of a fireplace.

It's pretty mind-blowing, right? Unlike the cheaper materials that may be used for toy or gardening shovels, fireplace shovels are made with a steel shank and steelhead. These shovels have to be made with durable materials to withstand the heat of hot embers and ash inside your fireplace.

The head of a fireplace shovel is typically flat so it can be pushed against the back wall of your firebox & help in scooping ash. For any remaining ash in your firebox, you can always use a broom that comes standard in most fireplace tool sets.

The Benefits Of Using A Fireplace Shovel

We recommend using your shovel (and brush) along with an ash bucket. It's best to wait 24 hours before removing ash from the fireplace to make sure it has cooled down completely. Also, scooping it from the firebox into an ash bucket will create another layer of protection from burning embers and not spark a flame inside a trash can or other bin.

Thankfully, most fireplace tool sets come with a shovel and brush included. In another article, we talked about fireplace tongs and why they often aren't included in standard tool sets. Though, some manufacturers will skip tongs to make a set less expensive, you will usually see a fireplace poker, brush and shovel included.

The Benefits Of Using A Fireplace Shovel
Minuteman 4 piece ToolSet

That about covers it for fireplace shovels. If you should have any other questions about these fascinating tools, please give us a call at 800.203.1642

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