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Napoleon Fireplace Buyer's Guide

Napoleon Fireplace Buyer's Guide

Finding the right heating appliance is tough. There are many manufacturers available. And sure, you could take the time to read up on each of them. But, just when you think you've whittled down the selection, you'll find that each company makes various lines of products. And the research process starts over, again.

Napoleon Fireplace Buyer's Guide

Let eFireplaceStore save you a headache. There is one manufacturer that you can't go wrong with - Napoleon. This company has a sterling reputation.

Napoleon offers top-quality, high-efficiency products. These appliances are some of the most trusted in the hearth industry today.

In this article, we'll tell you why Napoleon is a top brand. You will learn about Napoleon's products, their vision, and what sets them apart from the competition.

Who is Napoleon?

Napoleon has a singular vision: "To inspire and enhance the most memorable experiences people enjoy in their homes."

Today, Napoleon is the largest privately owned manufacturer of wood and gas fireplaces in the U.S. and Canada. They are also one of Canada's best-managed companies according to Canadian Business. Napoleon has the credentials to back up its products. But, like every top company, greatness usually starts with its origin.

Napoleon Fireplace Buyer's Guide
Napoleon Ascent gas fireplace

Napoleon's story began in 1976. Wolfgang Schroeter started a steel fabrication business, Wolf Steel, in Barrie, Ontario. Wolfgang's success in steel fabrication led to the creation of Napoleon in 1981. Within years, Napoleon's wood stoves were in demand across both Canada and the U.S.

As more wood stoves sold, Napoleon listened to its customers and provided the features they wanted. More than 40 years later, Napoleon sports a one million square foot manufacturing plant with more than 1000 employees.

Why You Should Seriously Consider The Napoleon Brand

A Napoleon fireplace has a lot to offer besides just warmth. With Napoleon, you'll see added value to your home, ease of use you've never experienced with a fireplace, and a warranty that gives you peace of mind. Napoleon has a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. This commitment puts the company ahead of its peers and means a Napoleon product is a worthy addition to your home.

  • Make life easy. Napoleon fireplaces are easy to use. Many models can start via remote or an app. When you install a Napoleon appliance, you will have a lifetime of reliable heating. Napoleon tests its products before it ever reaches your door. You can count on optimal performance every time. And with an added remote, ease of use is at your fingertips.
Napoleon Fireplace Buyer's Guide
Napoleon handheld remote control for a fireplace
  • Add value to your home. Installing a Napoleon fireplace will give you a high return on your home investment. Not only do you get reliable heat, but you also get a more valuable home. It's a win-win.
  • Good design, high efficiency. Napoleon's engineers spend years testing and optimizing the performance of these appliances. Today, Napoleon has some of the highest efficiency products on the market. The better the efficiency, the more fuel the appliance uses to produce heat. Napoleon fireplaces, stoves, and heaters always perform well.
  • Beautiful fire. Natural wood fires in a Napoleon wood-burning unit look amazing as expected. And, even their gas log sets create realistic, beautiful flames. Napoleon's advanced burner technology makes flames so real it's hard to spot the difference between a wood fire and gas log fire.
  • Reliable warranty. Every Napoleon fireplace, stove, and the insert is backed by a limited lifetime warranty. Napoleon believes in its products, and they want you to believe in them, too. The company has full faith in its rigorous testing and innovative design process.

eFireplaceStore and Napoleon

When eFireplaceStore opened its online doors, the company searched for a premium line of fireplaces to offer. One name kept popping up over and over, Napoleon. After an in-depth evaluation, it was clear that Napoleon was a brand to carry. More than a decade later, the relationship between eFireplaceStore and Napoleon remains strong.

Initially, there was trepidation by Napoleon about selling products online. But, our NFI certified specialists proved they were up to the task. Our specialists continuously train with and learn about Napoleon's changing product line to help customers with any needs.

The Products

Napoleon's products provide an excellent accent for any part of the house. Put a Napoleon fireplace or other heating appliance in the living room, lounge, kitchen, bedroom, and even the bathroom. If you want warmth, there's a Napoleon appliance that will fit your space.

  • Gas and Wood Burning Fireplaces - No matter what your preference, Napoleon has a fireplace for you. From wood-burning to gas-fueled, there's a fireplace out there with your name on it. Each fireplace will give you a lifetime of comfort and ease of use. The sizes and BTU output vary to provide you with options so you can find the right fireplace for your home.
Napoleon Fireplace Buyer's Guide
Napoleon Ascent 36-Inch Gas Fireplace
  • Stoves - Napoleon makes gas, wood, and pellet stoves. Its stoves are some of the highest quality on the market. You'll find a vast range of heating capabilities, a variety in style and top-tier value.

Napoleon manufactures each wood stove to adhere to a strict set of standards set forth by the EPA. A Napoleon stove is a perfect mix of modern heating performance and traditional design. 

Napoleon Fireplace Buyer's Guide
Napoleon freestanding wood burning stove
  • Electric Fireplaces - Easy to install, easy to use, and modern design, Napoleon's line of electric fireplaces have a lot to offer. If the old world style of a traditional fireplace isn't for you, the contemporary aesthetic of an electric fireplace may be.

The changing colors of the flames and the push-to-start ease of use mean you can relax in seconds. There's no more cutting wood, buying pellets, or checking gas lines. Napoleon even offers an app so you can start your electric fireplace using any smart device!

Napoleon Fireplace Buyer's Guide
Napoleon Clearion 50-Inch See-Thru Gas Fireplace
  • Outdoor - Your outdoor area doesn't have to be off-limits during the colder months any longer. A Napoleon outdoor heating appliance breathes life into your outdoor space. They offer fire tables, outdoor fireplaces, and mobile Patioflame products. It's time to enjoy those chilly nights around a Napoleon fire table.
Napoleon Fireplace Buyer's Guide
Napoleon Patioflame round fire pit
  • Inserts - If you have a drafty unused fireplace in your home that's sucking heat and costing you money, think about installing a Napoleon fireplace insert. They fit into your old fireplace opening. They can run on gas, wood, or pellets and come in modern or traditional designs.
Napoleon Fireplace Buyer's Guide
Napoleon direct vent gas fireplace
  • Log Sets - A Napoleon log set is perfect for an existing masonry fireplace opening. When burning wood becomes too much of a hassle, Napoleon has you covered. These log sets can run on gas or electric and look like a natural wood fire. Save yourself the time of cutting and seasoning wood and bring back that old unused fireplace with one of Napoleon's cutting edge gas log sets.
Napoleon Fireplace Buyer's Guide
Napoleon gas log set
  • Grills, HVAC, and More - Napoleon also offers grills and HVAC systems. While these products seem unexpected from a top-tier fireplace manufacturer, Napoleon excels at crafting these items.

Napoleon offers propane, charcoal, natural gas, and electric grills. Like the choices you have when picking a fireplace, they also offer when choosing a grill. And each fuel type also has its own series of grills to choose from. So, the choice is there as well as the quality.

Napoleon Fireplace Buyer's Guide
Napoleon Prestige Pro Gas Grill

And then there are the HVAC systems. Their furnaces and air conditioners provide the quality you expect with reliable operation. If you were to take a look at their heating and cooling appliances, you'd see that they are stylish, too. That's not an extra step that most HVAC manufacturers seem to take, but Napoleon does. 

Napoleon Fireplace Buyer's Guide
Napoleon gas furnace and central heat pump

Do your homework on their HVAC systems, and you'll see the innovation and design expertise that went into these products. They craft their HVAC units with modular components, so they are easier to service. Napoleon also puts LED lights on the inside, to make inspection easy. Some units even come with smart technology to connect to an extensive amount of thermostats and control boards.

Most Popular Products

Some products in the Napoleon line are more popular than others. Let's take a look at the best selling appliances Napoleon offers.

  • Ascent Direct Vent - Customizable and affordable, the Ascent fireplaces are a flagship brand for Napoleon. Each unit can use various fonts, media kits, control options, and interior panels. The smaller the unit, the fewer options, but the bigger the unit, the more there is for you to choose. And, Ascent's affordability gives the unit a broad appeal to builders and homeowners on a budget.
  • Starfire and High Definition Series - Starfire and HD series are statement fireplaces. These are meant to be the centerpiece of the room. Napoleon crafts these gorgeous models with clean viewing areas and a generous amount of design options. You can also control this series via the entire app and control your hearth from anywhere in the home.
  • High Country Series - This line of wood burning fireplaces have always been popular. The High Country line sport big viewing areas, closed combustion burn chambers, and large fuel capacity. A High Country fireplace gives you the old-world feel of burning wood but with modern efficiency ratings and a clean-face design.
  • Alluravision Series - This is Napoleon's most popular electric fireplace. This fireplace gives you color control over the flames and a tremendous amount of size options. You can get an Alluravision in sizes, ranging from 42 to 100 inches. These options put the Alluravision ahead of the electric fireplace pack.

Commonly Asked Napoleon Questions

Napoleon's years in the business have seen the company answer many questions. Some of them are asked over and over again. So, before you ask, we will answer. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions Napoleon faces every day.

Napoleon Fireplace Buyer's Guide
Napoleon Ascent See-Thru Gas Fireplace

What should I consider when choosing a Napoleon fireplace for my home? (There are several things, but here are some of the most important things to consider.)

  • You can install a direct vent fireplace almost anywhere. Direct vent fireplaces don't need a pre-existing chimney to vent. And, they can be built into combustible surroundings.
  • You need to know the size of the fireplace and the amount of space it will take up in the room.
  • If your fireplace will go on the main floor, think about its appearance more than high BTU output.
  • Think about the size of the room. A small room with a high-output fireplace will warm up fast, but your fireplace will turn off more as a result.

How often should I service a Napoleon fireplace?

Napoleon recommends that you service your fireplaces once a year. The National Fuel Codes require annual inspections in both the U.S. and Canada.

Will a Napoleon gas fireplace operate without power?

Yes, Napoleon gas fireplaces use a self-generating millivolt system that works outside of an electrical current. But, your accessories will need power. Things like blowers and some remotes need a connection to an electrical current.

Are vent-free products legal in Canada?

No. Vent-free gas fireplaces, stoves, and log sets are not legal in Canada.

Are gas fireplaces safe?

Yes. Napoleon gas fireplaces shut off the gas flow if the flame goes out. Napoleon tests every fireplace to ensure this system works before being sold.

Napoleon Fireplace Buyer's Guide
Napoleon linear gas fireplace


Napoleon makes top-quality products built to stand the test of time. No matter what your living situation looks like, Napoleon makes a heating appliance for you. These products are customizable and easy-to-use.

Whatever your choice, you can't go wrong when you go with Napoleon. For more information on Napoleon's products, feel free to reach out to one of our NFI certified specialists at 1-800-203-1642.

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