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    How To Redecorate Your Fireplace With Fireplace Liners

    Are you tired of the look of the metal walls inside your fireplace? Have you wanted to liven up your firebox to make it more appealing? If you have been searching for an easy way to redecorate your fireplace, continue reading, this article is for you.

    Factory-built or "pre-fab" fireplaces are made with metal walls. They aren't the prettiest things to look at, but they get the job done. Some prefab fireplaces come with only metal walls as a backdrop. Though, many wood-burning prefab fireplaces come with fireplace liners included. Whether your liners are getting dirty or you want to upgrade the metal backdrop you currently have, the good news is you don't have to rip out the entire appliance and start all over again. You can simply add new fireplace liners to freshen up the look of your fireplace. This is true for gas and wood burning fireplaces. Liners are a simple and easy way to bring a whole new look to your space.

    If you have a wood burning fireplace, you will pick through cast refractory liners that mimic the look of real firebrick. People who opt for wood burning fireplaces often do so because they like the traditional aesthetic of burning wood. So, these liners come in a traditional style. Though, you can get them in a stacked or herringbone pattern.

    For gas fireplaces, you can choose from refractory, ceramic fiber or a modern polished metal look that has a mirror-like effect. Ceramic liners will give you the most variety to choose from. You can find some that have a traditional brick look. There are also ceramic liners that look like limestone. If you want to paint your liners a specific color, you can choose refractory liners and make them all your own. The options are much wider when you are redesigning a gas fireplace vs a wood-burning one.

    The only thing you have to do no matter what type of fireplace you have is make sure you order liners for your specific fireplace. Any ole' liner will not fit in your appliance. If your fireplace model happens to be out of production, you do have the option of buying custom-fit liners. We have many options like this Hargrove replacement panel for wood burning fireplaces. That can be cut to fit your specific unit. If you have questions about which liner is right for your appliance, please reach out to our NFI certified technicians at 800.203.1642 They are always ready & willing to help.

    About the Author

    Amanda Hurd

    Amanda Hurd is a native Memphian, lover of linguistics, and blues music. She has worked in digital marketing for nearly a decade and loves to move people to action with written words. She is the Content Editor for the eFireplaceStore and eCanopy online stores.

    Amanda's obsession with writing extends beyond her professional career, bleeding over into her personal life. She has maintained a blog for nearly six years, regularly posts inspirational content online, and is working on completing her first fiction book!

    If she isn't off somewhere writing, you better believe she has her nose in a book getting ideas about what to write next!

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