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How To Install A Gas Fireplace Conversion Kit

How To Install A Gas Fireplace Conversion Kit

If you want to convert your natural gas fireplace to a propane fireplace, it is possible for you to do that yourself. However, it is a complex task that requires detailed knowledge of gas fireplaces and servicing them. So, we recommend that you hire a professional to do the work for you to ensure it is done well.

The purpose of this article today is to inform you of what the process entails so you can be aware of what your service provider will be doing. First, when installing a gas fireplace conversion kit, you need to know that they are model-specific. Each kit will come with its own set of instructions that you need to read carefully.

How To Install A Gas Fireplace Conversion Kit
looking at a manual

Before beginning the conversion make sure all gas and/or electricity has been shut off. This will prevent leaks and mishaps from happening during the transfer. All gas fireplace conversions will involve changing the main burner opening. So logs and any glass or rock media will need to be removed before that can happen.

How To Install A Gas Fireplace Conversion Kit
b vent fireplace

You also may need to remove the burner assembly and air shutter to get into the place where you can switch out the burner opening. Some models will also require you to remove the pilot assembly so the burner opening can be swapped out there too.

How To Install A Gas Fireplace Conversion Kit
gas pilot

Don't forget that some models may need the regulator for the gas control valve adjusted or replaced. After following the steps, your technician should record the operating pressures directly on your fireplace to ensure they are working properly and test fire the appliance as the last step. While it may not seem complicated, there are several steps involved in this gas fireplace conversion, so please, use this article for informational purposes only and allow an NFI-certified technician to do the dirty work.

Though we talked about converting a natural gas fireplace to a propane fireplace today, we also need to mention vent free gas fireplaces. Vent free gas fireplaces are calibrated at the factory to ensure they maintain safe levels of CO/NO emissions. For this reason, the manufacturer will never allow them to be converted to another type of gas. Improper conversions can release dangerous levels of CO into your home and there is no way to test for those gases in a residential environment. So, gas fireplace conversions are limited to direct vent and b vent appliances.

If you have any questions about converting your fireplace or need a recommendation for a technician, feel free to give us a call at 800.203.1642

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