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    Type B Vent Pipe

    Finding the right parts for your type b vent pipe can be a trial. But eFireplaceStore gets an "A" when it comes to a wide selection at great prices. We have a variety of parts available for use with your b vent pipe to keep precipitation from getting inside the vent and protect from damage from high winds. If you're looking for any part for type b vent pipe, eFireplaceStore has the best prices around!
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    5 Questions & 5 Answers
    from Churchville, MD asked:
    February 16, 2017
    I am looking to order 5" Type B Vent Pipe today; how long will it be before it gets to me?
    1 Answer
    B Vent usually will arrive in 5-10 days and, in some cases, earlier.
    on February 16, 2017

    from Chandler, AZ asked:
    December 17, 2016
    We live in a 25 year old stucco over wood frame home. It has a wood burning fireplace with, what looks like, a type B chimney. In the crawl space while examining the chimney tube I found a loose section. I tried to reinstall and clamp down but found what looks to be a spark arrestor or catalyst unit in the chimney tube about 4' from the top exit. I have been unable to find this and cannot find instructions on how to make this safe/reliable.
    1 Answer
    A wood burning fireplace should not be installed with B-vent pipe as B-venting is not tested to withstand the temperatures produced by wood burning, so this is either a very dangerous installation or the hearth system the B-vent pipe is serving is not actually a wood burning fireplace at all. For clarity, I recommend searching the actual hearth system the flue is serving for a manufacturer name and/or model number. With this information, you may be able to determine what this missing piece actually is. However, if the 4" section was in the crawl space and this truly is a wood burning fireplace, it could be the mesh screening material used on the horizontal cap used with many outside air kits to prevent pests from entering.
    Will M.
    on December 19, 2016

    from Foster, RI asked:
    March 5, 2016
    Can you use type B-Vent pipe to vent a pellet stove?
    1 Answer
    Unfortunately, no. Pellet rated vent pipe is type L series vent, which uses a stainless steel inner wall. The caustic gases in pellet exhaust will soon corrode the aluminized inner wall of B vent pipe.
    on March 7, 2016

    from CAN asked:
    September 7, 2014
    Can I put a B vent through a wall?
    1 Answer
    Type B gas vent pipe can indeed be vented through a wall using an approved thimble.
    on September 8, 2014

    from Suffolk County, NY asked:
    September 19, 2013
    Can Type B Vent Pipe can be used for an oil fired boiler?
    1 Answer
    Oil fired boilers and stoves create highly corrosive flue gases. As such, type B vent pipe cannot be used. Class A chimney must be used to vent this type of appliance.
    Collin C. - NFI Master Hearth Professional
    on September 20, 2013

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