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    Finding the right parts for your type b vent pipe can be a trial. But eFireplaceStore gets an "A" when it comes to a wide selection at great prices. We have a variety of parts available for use with your b vent pipe to keep precipitation from getting inside the vent and protect from damage from high winds. If you're looking for any part for type b vent pipe, eFireplaceStore has the best prices around! Type B venting chimneys are relatively efficient and very safe for a home. These vent systems use indoor air for combustion then the air is vented outside through a chimney. Type B vent pipe allows air from outside to come into your home: if there's a downdraft while the fireplace is not being used, cool air from outside can make its way into your living area. The parts themselves for type b gas vent pipe are inexpensive when compared to other chimney systems, and if you have the right set up, these parts can be very easy to install.

    Installing this type of system for the very first time may be time consuming and difficult; it all depends on the type of chimney system you currently have. If you already have a chimney that goes through the roof, then there's an easy path for the new chimney to follow! If you have any questions or want a free
    Chimney Pipe Design and Quote, please contact our NFI certified technicians for assistance!

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    Type B Vent Pipe Q&A with the NFI Certified Specialists

    * Please Note: All customer questions are answered by our NFI Certified Specialists free of charge!
    11 Questions & 11 Answers
    Ronald O
    from Minnesota asked:
    September 20, 2020
    Can it be used for lp gas?
    1 Answer
    If you have a B-vented gas hearth system or appliance, yes. 
    Submitted by: Will M. on September 21, 2020

    Martin S
    from Alabama asked:
    June 23, 2020
    Are Duravent and Metal Fab TypeB pipe and fittings compatible?
    1 Answer
    Typically, no, brands of vent pipe should not be mixed-and-matched. We recommend staying with the same brand.
    Submitted by: Tyler M. - NFI Master Hearth Professional on June 23, 2020

    from Cumming, GA asked:
    June 23, 2020
    How long will a B-vent normally last in use with a natural gas furnace and hot water heater, before the whole system would need to be replaced?
    1 Answer
    Most type B gas vent pipe should last decades before possible replacement, though we cannot speak for brands/types we do not sell.  This assumes the pipe is properly installed and being used on a suitable appliance. 
    Submitted by: Tyler M. - NFI Master Hearth Professional on June 23, 2020

    from Rockford, MI asked:
    April 18, 2020
    Can I install a 4 inch B pipe inside of an 8 inch pipe?
    1 Answer
    The diameter of type B gas vent is dependent on the appliance's specifications and requirements.  You would need to check wit the manufacturer for details for your particular application.
    Submitted by: Tyler M. - NFI Master Hearth Professional on April 20, 2020

    D.N. M.
    from Spokane, WA asked:
    March 8, 2020
    Can I go through a wall and then turn up through the ceiling into the attic and out the roof?
    1 Answer
    In most cases that is possible, but it does depend greatly on the model of fireplace.
    Submitted by: Owen O. on March 9, 2020

    from Richmond, VT asked:
    October 11, 2019
    Can B Vent pipe be used with used oil furnace application?
    1 Answer
    No, type B vent is for gas-fired appliances only.  For oil, you need class A chimney pipe.
    Submitted by: Tyler M. - NFI Master Hearth Professional on October 11, 2019

    from Bel Air, MD asked:
    September 16, 2019
    What is the amount of temperature a B-Vent can sustain before breaking down?
    1 Answer
    B-vent pipe listed to UL 441 has a tested maximum temperature of 550 degrees F. 
    Submitted by: Will M. on September 17, 2019

    Keith T
    from Houston asked:
    August 9, 2019

    Do you need or is there a sealer for the joints of type B vent pipe?

    1 Answer
    Most current pipe brands do not require any sealant, but this will depend on the particular brand you use and your appliance - the appliance may call for sealant, at least on the flue collar.
    Submitted by: Tyler M. - NFI Master Hearth Professional on August 9, 2019