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What Are Ceramic Fiber Fireplace Logs?

What Are Ceramic Fiber Fireplace Logs?

If you have done any research online, you've probably come across many types of fireplace logs. You can choose from ceramic fiber gas logs, ceramic refractory gas logs or refractory cement gas logs. Though they all serve the same basic function, each one is unique in how it is made and how it looks. So today, we will talk about ceramic fiber fireplace logs and everything you need to know before purchasing them.

Ceramic fiber is a type of material that is light and similar to cardboard. Gas fireplace logs that are made from ceramic fiber tend to be less expensive because of the strength of their material. Even though they are light and may appear easy to handle, it is suggested that you wear gloves when handling them. Ceramic fiber can be irritating to your skin. Gloves will protect you from having an allergic reaction.

What Are Ceramic Fiber Fireplace Logs

What's very interesting, and somewhat important to note, is ceramic fiber gas logs are very porous. That means they have tiny holes all over their surface. Because of that, they can absorb odors, dust, or stray animal hair in the air. So, if you like cooking with strong-smelling foods like curry, onion, garlic, or fish, be aware that your logs may smell like your dinner for weeks to come.

What Are Ceramic Fiber Fireplace Logs
cooking with onion

Even though they have a low price point, you can expect ceramic fiber logs to last around 5 years before showing signs of wear and tear. The ceramic fibers may be thin but they are made to withstand high heat for long lengths of time. You'll even have the added bonus of your fireplace logs looking like real wood. What's better than burning real wood? Burning "wood" that you don't have to chop!

What Are Ceramic Fiber Fireplace Logs
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Now that we've covered the basics of ceramic fiber gas logs, we will end this article here. We hope you have learned enough information today to help guide you in the decision-making process. Please reach out to us at 800.203.1642 should you need more help.

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