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What Are Ceramic Refractory Fireplace Logs?

What Are Ceramic Refractory Fireplace Logs?

If you are looking for gas fireplace logs and want a durable set that will last a while, ceramic refractory gas logs are a good option. There are a couple of different types of gas logs, one of which we discussed in another article. In this article, we will go through the pros and cons of ceramic refractory logs and hope to help you decide if this model is right for you.

Ceramic refractory logs are different from ceramic fiber logs because the material they are made from is similar to reinforced cement. Ceramic refractory logs are made through a process of pouring powdered ceramic material and cement into a mold and letting it dry before coating it with heat-resistant paint.

What Are Ceramic Refractory Fireplace Logs

While all gas logs are made to withstand high heat, ceramic refractory gas logs are much more durable than ceramic fiber. Because of the higher quality of the material in ceramic refractory logs, they do tend to be more expensive. Though, when you invest in the more expensive gas log set, you will find they can last 8 - 10 years before the paint begins to fade & show signs of use. A ceramic fiber gas log set usually shows signs of wear around the 5-year mark.

What Are Ceramic Refractory Fireplace Logs
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Another benefit of ceramic refractory gas logs is that they aren't as porous as ceramic fiber logs. Ceramic fiber gas logs can absorb odors in the air and put off the smell of your favorite dinner days after you ate it. Though ceramic refractory gas logs don't absorb odors as easily, they can still attract animal hair and dust. So, if you find an unpleasant smell coming from your log set, it is possible you are burning hairs shed by "Fluffy".

What Are Ceramic Refractory Fireplace Logs
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Overall, ceramic refractory gas logs are a great option for anyone willing to invest money in a high-quality gas log set. They are durable, withstand high temperatures without cracking and absorb less atmospheric junk than other models. So, if you are searching for a good gas log set, consider ceramic refractory logs. If you have any questions about these logs or other heaters, please see our list of guides and articles for more information. As always, you can call one of our NFI-certified techs for help at 800.203.1642.

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