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How To Measure For A Gas Log Set

How To Measure For A Gas Log Set

If you are tired of the labor and maintenance that goes into owning a wood burning fireplace, it may be time to consider purchasing gas logs.

Fireplace logs are a great option for supplemental heat that can fit right into an existing wood fireplace. If you are considering purchasing a gas log set, one of the first things you will need to do is measure your current firebox to see what size gas logs you will need. In this Tech Tuesday article, we will discuss just how to do that.

Measuring for fireplace logs is as simple as finding the front, back and middle widths of your firebox, as well as the height and depth. The front measurement is found from side to side of the leading edge of the fireplace opening. The back is measured at the very rear wall of the fireplace. You also need to measure the width at the halfway point of the fireplace opening to get your middle width.

How To Measure For A Gas Log Set
wood burning fireplace

This measurement is particularly important because some fireplaces taper and aren't the same width from front to back. Since gas logs are placed in the middle of the firebox, it is important for you to have this measurement in mind before you buy.

Next, you can find the height by measuring the front of the fireplace from top to bottom. After you do that, you can finish your measurements by getting the depth of your firebox. Measuring your depth is very important because some fireboxes are too shallow to hold fireplace logs. So, you definitely have to measure from the front edge to the back wall to make sure you have enough room for a gas log set before purchasing it.

How To Measure For A Gas Log Set
gas logs

Once you have your measurements complete, you can begin to search through the different styles, like weathered or charred oak, cedar, white birch or coastal driftwood to name a few. Each gas log manufacturer will determine what size fireplace will hold their set of gas logs.

Be sure to pay attention to the specifications before purchasing. One way to search for options that fit your fireplace is by looking at our gas log calculator. All you do is put in the location, fuel type, venting system and measurements and you will see what options are available to you based on manufacturer requirements.

While there is much more we could discuss about fireplace logs, this is where we will end this article today. Should you have any questions about measuring or purchasing gas log sets, call us at 800.203.1642

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