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Indoor Firewood Racks Buyer's Guide

Indoor Firewood Racks Buyer's Guide

Indoor Firewood Racks

When you're warm by the fire, the last thing you want is to go outside for more firewood. Firewood racks keep a supply of seasoned firewood nearby, convenient and ready.

A log holder or indoor firewood rack can be quite stylish, coming in all sorts of styles and materials, including wrought iron, steel, suede, canvas, and more. Log holders aren't complicated, but it helps to know what's available so you can choose the one that suits you best. Here's an overview of the different types and some brand recommendations for a quality fireplace wood holder.

Indoor Firewood Racks

Other Names For A Fire Log Holder

People have been keeping a stash of firewood near the fireplace for centuries, so it's not surprising there are a lot of different terms. Other names include fireplace wood holder, indoor firewood rack, wood holder, and log baskets. They all serve the purpose of keeping dry, seasoned firewood conveniently indoors.

Indoor Firewood Racks
Pilgrim Traditions Log Carrier and Holder

These indoor models are different from outdoor firewood racks, not just because they are inside, but also because they are much smaller. They are also meant to hold seasoned, ready-to-use wood, as opposed to freshly cut wood. Ideally, you would have both an outdoor firewood rack and a smaller, portable indoor rack. Some of the racks include detachable canvas or leather slings with handles that you can use as a firewood carrier.

Why Buy a Firewood Log Holder?

Indoor Firewood Racks
Rural farm during cold wintry conditions

People buy log holders for two reasons. One, they are tired of multiple trips out in the rain, sleet, or snow to keep their fire going. Or two, they want a charming decorative piece. Even people without a wood burning fireplace display log holders for their sheer cuteness.

Especially if you live in a harsher climate, it doesn't take much imagination to envision a time that you might not feel like going outside for more firewood. Nothing spoils the coziness of fire like realizing that you have to go back outside for more wood! Another bonus is that the indoor holder keeps the logs dry inside, while the logs outside might be wet because of a storm.

Indoor firewood racks are such a timeless part of indoor fireplaces that even people with gas fireplaces often choose to add a decorative log holder. They're just too pretty to pass up! Plus, they add an extra dash of authenticity and charm.

How to Use a Fireplace Log Holder

Indoor Firewood Racks
Gathering seasoned firewood from the side of a house

You put logs in it and you're done! Well, sort of... Fireplace log holders require little or no assembly. The main thing you need to watch out for is log size. Most holders are designed for pre-cut wood and longer lengths might not fit. Also, you don't want to stack the wood too high since it could fall or tip over.

The whole point of a log holder (besides the fashion statement) is to keep the logs near the fire. But make sure you don't put them too close. Follow the guidelines for your fireplace or stove to keep the wood from igniting and starting a house fire.

Indoor Firewood Racks
Pilgrim brown leather wood carrier with canvas liner

Some portable log holders like this one function as log carriers instead of racks and are designed for transporting wood for small fires. Others like this UniFlame model function as both a rack and a carrier. This Minuteman log rack brings multifunction to a new level and includes a broom, shovel, tongs, and poker - it even has a rack for newspapers. If you want to keep your kindling separate from your logs, consider a holder like this one with separate racks.

Always read the instructions that come with your log holder so you know the best way to assemble and use it. You'll also want to keep the indoor rack only for dry, seasoned wood and watch that you aren't bringing in insects.

Types of Log Holders

Not surprisingly, there is a vast array of log holder styles. It's fun to have so many options, but the choices can be overwhelming. Here's a quick rundown of the different types (oval, basket, bin, etc.) along with some examples to complement different decorating styles.

Indoor Firewood Racks
Black Colonial wood holder

Let's start with the style that probably comes to mind first: a simple U-shaped rack that cradles the logs. They usually hold the logs at least a few inches above the floor. Some even have removable leather or canvas carriers.

Indoor Firewood Racks
Minuteman black steel wire wood basket

Another option is the oval basket style. They are made of metal and come in a variety of finishes. including this one in copper. The classic shape makes it an excellent choice for traditional decor, but its simplicity works well with a modern vibe, too.

Indoor Firewood Racks
Pilgrim Harvest Weathered Bronze Wood Holder Tub

Next up are the baskets, tubs, and bins. These are more of a bucket style and sit directly on the floor instead of on legs. Again, there are multiple finish options. Examples include contemporary steel wire baskets or galvanized buckets for a rustic farmhouse look.

Indoor Firewood Racks
Napa Forge 24 Inch Solid Steel Hoop Log Holder

Circular hoop style holders are, well, circular. They feature two hoops that spread apart at the base to make way for a log platform. They are simple, effective, and eye-catching. Check out this metal hoop log holder from Minuteman as an example.

Indoor Firewood Racks
Enclume Sleigh Rack

Not interested in modern or rustic decor? Browse through the decorative scroll styles for log holders like this one that complement a more elaborate traditional style.

Indoor Firewood Racks
Minuteman Graphite Cottage Wood Holder with Tools

But wait, as they say, there's more. If you have a working fireplace, you'll likely need more than just logs. Log holders like this one from UniFlame come with matching fireplace tools and hooks so that everything you need is in one place.

Top Manufacturers

Yes, it may be just a log holder, but we assume you still prioritize quality, value, and durability. Here's a list of a few companies that know what's up when it comes to log holders. You can depend on their selection for log holders that look good and last.

  • Pilgrim - Pilgrim Hearth and Home has been crafting fireplace accessories for over 65 years. With a focus on customer satisfaction and quality design, they are a recognized leader in the hearth industry. Their selection includes multiple styles of wood holders to suit any decor.

  • Minuteman - Minuteman International Company was founded in 1977 during the peak of the oil embargo. Wood stoves were gaining popularity due to the oil shortage, so Minuteman focused on supplying basic wood stove accessories. Since then, they have continued to expand their fireplace and stove products. They offer a wide range of quality log holders including models with hooks for fireplace tools.

  • Uniflame - Uniflame has a wide selection of log holders and carriers. From metal racks with removable leather carriers to larger storage with matching fireplace tools, they have a log holder to suit every style.

  • Enclume - The name "Enclume" is the French word for "anvil" and reflects the French tradition that inspires their products. Using only high-quality steel or copper, each piece is made one at a time by skilled craftsmen. They offer several different log holders in simple, classic designs.

Maintenance and Safety

Most log holders (particularly those made of metal) are very durable and designed to last many years. The maintenance is relatively simple, but ignoring the proper care could significantly shorten the lifespan. Also, keeping the logs a safe distance from the fireplace is important for preventing accidental fires.

Any excessive moisture (such as wet, snowy logs) can rust and damage the metal parts of the log holder. Read the manual or manufacturer's information that comes with your model to know how best to clean and care for your log holder. Also, don't overload the holder with logs or you will risk damage.

If your holder has canvas or leather components, the manufacturer should include specific information about how to clean it. Make sure you protect the fabric or leather from sharp logs or hot fireplace tools that could burn or scratch it.

Indoor Firewood Racks

Most metals can be wiped down with a soft cloth to remove any grime. Some may benefit from wiping down with vegetable oil to add extra shine and added protection against rust.

Stay safe by keeping the log holder a safe distance away from the fireplace. You don't want any flying sparks to ignite the dry firewood or canvas sling.

Keep small children away from the log holder since they could tip it over and injure themselves. Again, if you use the log holder only as directed and follow the maintenance guidelines, you should be set to enjoy it for a long time.


Most indoor log holders and carriers are relatively small and weigh less than 50 pounds. This qualifies them to ship via small parcel carriers such as FedEx, UPS, or USPS. Most arrive in a box and require some basic assembly.

When the package arrives, check for any damages that might have occurred during shipping and make sure all of the pieces are there. If you see any damage, or if you are missing any hardware to assemble the log holder, contact the manufacturer immediately.

In the event that you are asked to sign off on the delivery, always check the package before you sign. (Once you sign off on a delivery, the delivery service is no longer responsible for any damage that might have occurred during the shipment.)


Indoor Firewood Racks
Custom bed with wood storage

Log holders serve an important purpose, but they're also just plain stylish. Have fun searching through the wealth of options to find the perfect size and style. Even gas fireplace owners don't have to miss out! Adding a log holder - even if it's just for decoration - adds a cozy touch to your room.

We carry dozens of different log holders from several quality brands so you can browse through the options all in one place. If you have any questions about log holders or other fireplace accessories, contact us and let us know!

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