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5 Surprising Places You Can Hang An Electric Fireplace

5 Surprising Places You Can Hang An Electric Fireplace

Electric fireplaces are a modern marvel because they do not operate like wood or gas-burning fireplaces. Electric fireplace's single source of power is through an outlet in the wall. The fact that they don't have to be installed into a frame and can easily plug into any 120-volt outlet gives you so much freedom for installation. The availability of locations might even surprise you. Because there are way more options to hang an electric fireplace than most people realize, we compiled this list of 5 surprising places you can install your electric fireplace... if you so desire.

5 Surprising Place You Can Hang An Electric Fireplace


Many people love the modern look of an electric fireplace and would prefer that over a traditional wood burning fireplace. So, electric fireplace manufacturers created models that can be installed outside. This way you can enjoy your preferred fireplace wherever you go. If you plan to install your electric fireplace outdoors, it will need to be put underneath a covering. Placing them under a covering protects them from rain, snow or hail. Not to mention, installing an electric fireplace on your porch or patio will elevate the look of your outdoor space.

5 Surprising Place You Can Hang An Electric Fireplace

You can consider adding an electric fireplace by an outdoor kitchen as an additional architectural feature. It will certainly stand out and entertain your guests. They are nice to look at and can bring a bit of warmth to your patio. But you should not invest in an electric fireplace for an outdoor space if the main purpose is heat. Electric fireplaces don't put off enough BTU's to be considered full-fledged "heaters".

Mobile Homes

Mobile homes aren't the best at maintaining comfortables temperatures. Many mobile homeowners buy space heaters to help regulate temperatures in the winter. While most fireplaces aren't able to be installed in a mobile home, because their heat output is too high for the space, an electric fireplace is perfect. Electric fireplaces max out around 5,000 BTU's. This is equivalent to the 1,500-watt max that space heaters can put out in a mobile home. So, if you are looking for a more decorative option but still want the same "bang for your buck" as a space heater, an electric fireplace is exactly what you need.

5 Surprising Place You Can Hang An Electric Fireplace

While the 5,000 BTU max of an electric fireplace isn't great for an outdoor space like we mentioned above, it is perfect for a small enclosed space like a mobile home. Also, if you choose an electric fireplace over a small wood stove, you won't have to install a hearth on your floor. Hearths have to be installed to protect flooring from extreme heat. So, if you'd like to save money and time from installation, an electric fireplace may the best option for you.


Another interesting place you can install an electric fireplace is the kitchen. As we mentioned in the previous paragraph, electric fireplaces have heat limitations. Which is great if you want to put a fireplace in your kitchen. Then you can do so without getting overwhelmed by all the other heat circulated in the room while you cook. Some electric fireplaces even allow you to turn off the heat and still enjoy the flames. Which is a great option for warmer summer months or in areas where it doesn't get that cold.

5 Surprising Place You Can Hang An Electric Fireplace

If you have a kitchen that doesn't have lots of wall space, you can consider a Rumford style electric fireplace. The Rumford style is made taller than it is long so it can squeeze into tight spaces where traditional fireplaces wouldn't fit.


Having a fireplace in your bedroom makes it feel so luxurious. If it isn't possible for you to install a wood burning or gas fireplace, consider an electric fireplace. If you want to put an electric fireplace in your bedroom you need to think about the location before you install it. When installing it above the bed, it is smart to do a recessed opening. This shields you from bumping your head on the fireplace or burning yourself on accident. Also, you need to consider if you want a vent or not. Some people do not enjoy having a vent blow right next to them. So, making sure you pick the features you want for that location will ensure you enjoy the fireplace to the fullest.

5 Surprising Place You Can Hang An Electric Fireplace

If you'd prefer to not have the fireplace above your bed, you can always wall-mount it on the opposite wall. Wall mounting is a great option as long as you don't have children or family members running around that area. Wall mounting doesn't provide the "shield" of protection like a recessed installation. So, you will need to consider how busy that area of your bedroom is before you install it there. It's also a good idea to consider a fireplace with a blower for this location. If your electric fireplace is across the room from your bed, you may need the blower to push the heat all around the room.


I think we saved the best for last. There isnt much better than enjoying the warmth of a fireplace while soaking in the tub. Like the kitchen, a Rumford style fireplace will fit great in a bathroom. The slender design will give you the modern look you want while fitting into tight spaces most fireplaces can't. Running a fireplace while soaking in a hot tub may be a bit too much heat for some of you out there. So, a fireplace with a "heat optional" feature would be smart to consider in this location as well.

5 Surprising Place You Can Hang An Electric Fireplace

As an added bonus, some electric fireplaces come with color-changing options so you can match the flames to your decor. If you have been wanting to do a bathroom renovation but aren't able to do a full renovation just yet, adding an electric fireplace may be just the thing to spruce up your space.

Now that we have considered five places you can install an electric fireplace, we hope you feel more informed about deciding which fireplace may be right for you. If you have questions our NFI certified techs are available to talk at 800.203.1642. You can also look through our catalog of articles here.

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