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Finding the Right Chimney Cap for Your Chimney Pipe

Finding the Right Chimney Cap for Your Chimney Pipe

There are a few different types of chimney pipes and they each need a chimney cap to match them. Though, today we will discuss double-wall metal chimney pipes and how to replace their chimney caps.

Metal chimney pipes are often called "factory-built chimneys" because masonry chimneys, or chimneys built into the structure of a house, are made of stone or brick. So, if your chimney is made of metal, it was made in a factory and later fit into the fireplace structure.

The first thing you need to do when replacing a metal chimney cap is look at the appliance manual. It will tell you which model of chimney pipe was used for your installation. This will help you figure out which chimney cap will work for that model. Some venting works with several models and sizes of chimney caps. Others will only have one model size they can fit with.

Finding the Right Chimney Cap for Your Chimney Pipe
metal chimney cap

Another way to figure out which model you have is to find a section of the pipe and look for the tag. The tag will always display the model number somewhere.

All metal chimney pipes will have two to three walls. You do not need to measure the entire circumference of the pipe to get the right size. Only the diameter of the inner pipe is needed to select the right one. All chimney pipes are identified by their model number and innermost wall diameter. When you get that information, next you need to figure out if it is a solid pack or air-cooled.

Finding the Right Chimney Cap for Your Chimney Pipe
measuring diameter of chimney pipe

With all this info available, you will be ready to select the perfect chimney cap for your chimney pipe. We hope this article has given you a great starting point for making a decision on which chimney cap is best for your fireplace. Should you have any other questions, please feel free to give us a call at 800.203.1642

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