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King Electrical Ducted Industrial Portable Heater

King Electrical Ducted Industrial Portable Heater

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Product Details

Manufacturer: King Electric
King Electric Part Numbers: PKB2405-1-T-DT-FM
Item Number: KEM-PKB2005-1-T-DT-FM
UPC: 093319327401


  • Color: Grey
  • Size: 15 Inches
  • Dimensions: 15 1/10" W x 16 1/2" H x 11" D (PKB2005-1-T-DT-FM, PKB2405-1-T-DT-FM) 15 1/10" W x 16 1/2" H x 13 1/2" D (PKB2007-1-T-DT-FM, PKB2010-1-T-DT-FM, PKB2407-1-T-DT-FM, PKB2410-1-T-DT-FM) 15 1/10" W x 16 1/2" H x 18" D (PKB2015-1-T-DT-FM, PKB2415-1-T-DT-FM)
  • Fan-only switch
  • Duct transition collar
  • Simple plug-in design
  • 2-year limited warranty
  • 4 heavy-duty rubber feet
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Long life unit bearing motor
  • Non-mercury tip-over switch
  • Patented smart limit protection
  • Built-in thermostat (40F to 100F)
  • Durable 20-gauge steel enclosure
  • 6-foot SO Cord (plug not included)
  • High mass steel fin heat exchanger
  • Top spring-loaded retractable carrying handles
  • Amps: 24 A (PKB2005-1-T-DT-FM) 36.1 A (PKB2007-1-T-DT-FM) 48.1 A (PKB2010-1-T-DT-FM) 72.1 A (PKB2015-1-T-DT-FM) 20.8/18 A (PKB2405-1-T-DT-FM) 31.3/26.9 A (PKB2407-1-T-DT-FM) 41.7/36.1 A (PKB2410-1-T-DT-FM) 62.5/54.1 A (PKB2412-1-T-DT-FM)
  • Volts: 208 V (PKB2005-1-T-DT-FM, PKB2007-1-T-DT-FM, PKB2010-1-T-DT-FM, PKB2015-1-T-DT-FM) 240/208 V (PKB2405-1-T-DT-FM, PKB2407-1-T-DT-FM, PKB2410-1-T-DT-FM, PKB2412-1-T-DT-FM)
  • Watts: 5,000 W (PKB2005-1-T-DT-FM) 7,500 W (PKB2007-1-T-DT-FM) 10,000 W (PKB2010-1-T-DT-FM) 15,000 W (PKB2015-1-T-DT-FM) 5,000/3,800 W (PKB2405-1-T-DT-FM) 7,500/5,600 W (PKB2407-1-T-DT-FM) 10,000-7,500 (PKB2410-1-T-DT-FM) 15,000/11,250 (PKB2412-1-T-DT-FM)
  • Minimum Top Clearance: 12 Inches
  • Minimum Side Clearances: 12 Inches
  • Minimum Front Clearance: 36 Inches
  • Minimum Rear Clearance: 12 Inches
The King Electrical Ducted Industrial Portable Heater is constructed to hold up to the rigorous demands of job sites or industrial facilities. These portable heaters can be ducted, to direct the heated air to required areas and are ideal for construction sites, warehouses, agriculture, events, and military applications. It is the best heat source to assist in dry-out applications where dry electric heat is preferred over propane or kerosene space heaters. In addition, electric heat has no odor, flame, or carbon monoxide. The high CFM and low-temperature rise are also key features to make the King Electrical Ducted Industrial Portable Heater the best solution for temporary large-capacity heating applications.

Please Note: Dual rated heaters will draw 13 percent fewer amps and 25 percent less wattage when operated at 208 V.

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