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    3 Reasons You'll Love Wood Burning Stoves

    Wood stoves used to be a staple in many American households. As our country has evolved and placed a higher priority on environmental safety, wood burning stoves have been replaced with electric and gas fireplaces.

    antique wood stove

    Though, what many people don't know is the efficiency and safety of wood stoves have changed to accommodate the need for environmentally-friendly heating appliances. That, along with many other reasons, is why the Efireplacestore love wood stoves. So, we decided to write this article to give you a few reasons you may love having a wood burning stove too.


    As of May 2020, the EPA reduced the smoke emission limit for wood stoves to 2g/per hour (down from the 4g/per hour it had been since 2015). The goal of this regulation was for modern stoves to produce little to no smoke, particulate pollution, or ash. Not to mention, this also decreased the amount of firewood needed to operate the appliance.

    wood stove with legs

    So, while some people may be turned off from buying a wood stove because of old perspectives on how efficiently and safely they operate, there is no need to be worried. Wood burning stoves are incredibly safe and have minimal risk of affecting your health in a negative way.


    I'd have to say this is one of the best parts about owning a wood stove. If you are limited on space, you can combine your heating and cooking appliances all into one! Wood stoves can heat a variety of spaces, as well as offer a wider surface area for cooking of all types.

    You can cook entire meals on the top of a wood stove because you aren't limited to a particular number of burners that come on a regular kitchen stove. It is also great for heating up a pot of water to brew your favorite tea or coffee.

    wood stove

    Also, as an added bonus, wood stoves don't run on electricity, so they can be used in case of a power outage or if someone wants to live "off the grid". So, you have the option to heat your home and prepare meals without a single ounce of electricity.

    Heating Capabilities

    Lastly, we need to discuss the incredible amount of heat wood stoves put off. Unlike wood burning fireplaces, that can lose 70% of their heat through the chimney pipe, wood stoves have a 70% ? 80% heat efficiency rate. This means they only lose 20% - 30% heat through the vent piping.

    So, a wood stove can have enough "power" to heat an entire home, up to 3,000 square feet. Though, not all stoves are capable of heating this large of a space so you will need to pay attention and see what the limits are for the stoves you are interested in. Smaller stoves can typically heat up to 1,500 sq ft while larger ones heat up to 3,000 sq ft.

    wood stove heating capabilities

    Because of their heating capabilities, a wood burning stove can save you thousands on heating bills over time and be an excellent addition to a home that needs a reliable source of heat to maintain comfortable temperatures during the winter.


    Oh, you thought when we said there were three things you would love about wood stoves, we meant ONLY three? Wrong! There's way more than three, so let me hit you with a few of the most important that you need to know before making a purchase.

    • Catalytic vs. Non-catalytic ? Catalytic wood stoves are best for longer burn times and a home where the stove will serve as the primary heat source. Whereas non-catalytic stoves are best for intermittent or supplemental heating smaller spaces.

    • Price options ? Many wood stoves start at $250 and can go over several thousand dollars. So, depending on your budget and heating needs, there is an option for you.

    • Appearance ? You have two basic options when it comes to the appearance of your wood stove. The stove will either come with legs or on a pedestal. Outside of choosing a different color other than standard black, selecting the shape of your stove is the only variable feature. While many stoves only come in black, MF Fire is a brand that features other color options.

    • Add ons ? Lastly, some wood stoves come with an ash drawer or blower included. Typically, this is included in the higher-priced stoves ( around $1,000 and up) and not available for every brand. Though, these tools are very handy, so look out for a model like this England Stove Works non-catalytic stove if that is something you want.

    With that, we have brought you to the end of this article. We hope after everything you've read and seen you have begun to love wood stoves as much as we do. If you have any other questions about what kind of stove is best for you, please reach out to our NFI certified techs at 800.203.1642 for further details.

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