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Which Fire Pit Is Best For Your Backyard?

Which Fire Pit Is Best For Your Backyard?

Fire pits have become a staple in American homes. Many people install fire pits in their backyard or on a patio or deck. If you are considering a fire pit for your home, the first question to ask is, "Which one is right for me?" In this article, we will answer that question and go over different styles of fire pits and which type is best for which location.

Which Fire Pit Is Best For Your Backyard?

Gas Fire Pits

Gas fire pits are great for many different homes and communities. First, gas fire pits are perfect for people with smaller yards that have neighbors close by. Smoke can drift from a wood fire pit over a fence and bother your neighbors if their property is right next to yours. Wood fire pits can also blow ash and soot all over your patio furniture. So, if you have a smaller backyard, installing a gas fire pit will be the better option for you.

Second, gas fire pits work best for people who have limited supplies of firewood nearby. Some locations don't allow you to burn firewood recreationally. Others just don't have the supplies needed to consistently fuel a fire pit. So, the alternative is to install a gas fire pit instead.

Which Fire Pit Is Best For Your Backyard?

Natural gas is ideal for homes that already have a natural gas line available. If you already have an outdoor setup that includes something using natural gas, this will work great. Having the gas line already set up will give you an easy access point to tie in the new gas connection. If you want to get a propane fire pit they are pretty inexpensive and easy to exchange when they run out of fuel. They work best for gas fire pits that are not close to other gas lines fueling the home.

Wood Fire Pits

Like we said in the previous section, wood fire pits are not good for homes with smaller backyards and nearby neighbors. But they are great for suburban areas with large, open backyards that have plenty of space to dissipate lingering smoke and ash from your fire pit. If you have access to firewood on your property or at a local retailer, that will be important as well. Maintaining a wood fire pit with limited access to firewood may turn what is usually a low-maintenance fire pit into more hassle than it's worth.

Which Fire Pit Is Best For Your Backyard?

In addition to being low maintenance, you can also cook over a wood fire pit. It's never a good idea to cook over a gas fire pit. The by-products of the gas are toxic to ingest and food drippings can ruin the mechanical setup of the appliance. But if you are looking to add some nice, smokey flavor to your food, a wood fire pit is the way to go.

Fire Pit Tables

Fire pit tables are a unique option for anyone, but they can also meet very specific needs. If you have a patio but are limited on space, a fire pit table is a great way to utilize the space well. A fire pit table has the dual function of a heater and a piece of furniture.

Which Fire Pit Is Best For Your Backyard?

Because they are usually limited to 65k BTU's of heat, you can set your food plates and drinks around the edges without worrying about ruining them. You can also enjoy them in warmer climates without being overwhelmed by the heat. Fire pit tables are perfect for families that need a little bit of heat and a whole lot of beauty.

DIY Fire Pit Kits

Fire pit kits are last on the list for good reason. Fire pit kits are not for everyone. While it may seem simple to throw a fire pit together when it comes in a kit, only people with building experience need to attempt this job. It can be much more detailed and complicated than it looks. If you happen to have a handyman or woman around the house, then buying a DIY fire pit kit may be the perfect option for you.

Which Fire Pit Is Best For Your Backyard?

Fire pit kits are what you need if you want to build a custom fire pit for your backyard. It will be one small step towards creating the backyard of your dreams. Also, you can use it as an additional feature to liven up a larger backyard that doesn't have a lot going for it. Fire pit burners can be as small as 12 inches and go all the way up to 96 inches. So, the sky is the limit when it comes to creating the perfect fire pit for your space.

For today, that is all we will discuss about fire pits. If you have any other questions please feel free to call our NFI certified techs at 800.203.1642. You can also look through our catalog of articles about fire pits here.

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