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    Selkirk DSP Double-Wall Black 8-Inch to 6-Inch Stovepipe Diameter Reducer - For Wood Burning Stoves

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    • Reduces diameter of DSP Stovepipe from 8" to 6"
    • Inside crimp on 8" male end
    • .015" stainless steel inner liner with 26-gauge steel outer wall
    • 6" clearance from combustibles
    • Scratch-resistant black finish
    • Available in two diameters
    • Lifetime warranty
    • UL Listed
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    Product Details
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    Manufacturer: Selkirk
    Part Number: DSPR86
    eFireplaceStore Item Number: CPF-77570
    UPC: 725512447111


    • Reduces diameter of DSP Stovepipe from 8" to 6"
    • Inside crimp on 8" male end
    • .015" stainless steel inner liner with 26-gauge steel outer wall
    • 6" clearance from combustibles
    • Scratch-resistant black finish
    • Available in two diameters
    • Lifetime warranty
    • UL Listed

    *Venting Requirements: This unit requires venting pipe with an inner diameter of 8 Inches. Please see the Venting Components section on this page for venting pipe that must be used with this unit.

    This decreaser will reduce the stovepipe diameter from 8" to 6" and is compatible with the Selkirk DSP system. There is an inside crimp on the 8" male end. The part is made with two walls, the inner wall being of 0.015" and the outer of 26-gauge steel. A 6" clearance from combustibles is required. The decreaser has a scratch-resistant black finish to match the other DSP components and is available in two diameters. A lifetime warranty is included.
    Customer Questions & Answers
    9 Questions & 9 Answers
    from Ogdensburg, New York asked:
    January 2, 2014
    I bought a Drolet classic with a 6 inch flue. I have an existing 8 inch Hart and Cooley , model D -145A . Could I connect this reducer to my thimble and utilize my existing chimney, or do I need to run an entire new 6 inch chimney?
    1 Answer
    The absolute best case for venting your new Drolet would be to replace the Hart & Cooley vent with new 6" Class A chimney. This is simply due to the reduced flue temperatures of newer, higher efficiency appliances. With less heat going into the flue, there is less energy to heat the air in the chimney to establish draft. Oversizing the vent run presents a larger volume of air for the flue gases to heat, thereby potentially encumbering the drafting process.
    Kevin E. - NFI Certified Specialist
    on January 2, 2014

    from Jaxonville, FL asked:
    September 9, 2013
    I'm wondering about the practicality of reducing Franklin stove 8 inch to a 6 inch system. I have a straight up through roof 6 inch pipe.
    1 Answer
    Reducing a stove by more than one inch in flue diameter will require some different operating procedures for the stove. Decreasing the flue collar size will increase flow, causing the unit to burn fuel more quickly. For any stove without a baffle as part of its design, the best thing to do is to try to build a small, intense fire, as opposed to completely filling the firebox. This will help to keep the overdraw effect to a minimum. It is always best to keep the collar to the correct size whenever it is possible to do so.
    Collin C. - NFI Master Hearth Professional
    on September 10, 2013

    from RI asked:
    July 31, 2013
    Can this reducer convert 8" DSP double wall to standard 6" DSP stove pipe?
    1 Answer
    This adapter allows you to reduce from 8" DSP stovepipe to 6" DSP stovepipe. Standard single wall pipe cannot be mixed with the DSP product.
    Collin C. - NFI Master Hearth Professional
    on July 31, 2013

    from Groton, CT asked:
    May 4, 2013
    How can I find someone to connect my Garrison 1 w 8" to a 6" flue?
    1 Answer
    For your reference, you may use the NFI (National Fireplace Institute) website to locate a local certified installer in your area. Their website is Once there, just click on the "Public" link on the right hand side and enter your zip code.
    Tyler M. - NFI Certified Specialist
    on May 6, 2013

    from NY asked:
    January 30, 2013
    What is the length of this unit?
    1 Answer
    The overall height of this Selkirk DSP double-wall stovepipe reducer is 9 5/8 inches.
    Tyler M. - Fireplace Specialist
    on January 30, 2013

    Melvin Shurley
    from Tucson, AZ asked:
    December 4, 2012
    Can I have the exact overall design dimensions for CPF-77570?
    1 Answer
    The overall height of this item is 9 5/8 inches. The respective 6 and 8 inch sides of the reducer will have inner and outer wall measurements that correlate to the DSP stove pipe. The 6 inch DSP has an inner wall measurement of exactly 6 inches and an outer wall measurement of 6 1/2 inches. The 8 inch DSP has an inner wall measurement of exactly 8 inches and an outer wall measurement of 8 1/2 inches.
    Collin C. - NFI Master Hearth Professional
    on December 5, 2012

    from albany ny asked:
    April 18, 2012
    Old coal fired kitchen cook stove- outlet is oval and 22" in circumference. Going into an existing thimble in existing brick chimney. Gotta use a SS insulated pipe to pass through the thimble. 22" oval is really a 7" pipe. So.... the question is.... what about reducing this 7" to 6"? About a 4' horizontal run from the flue on the stove to the wall then straight up a 20 something foot chimney. I hate to hack out any brick to accommodate a 7" pipe (really 9") If I do reduce the diameter, is it better to reduce it right at the stove or at the thimble\insulated pipe? Stove is entirely rebuilt. So what do you think?
    1 Answer
    The absolute best option would be to build the entire run out of 7" pipe. This way you are providing the appropriate flue for the stove. However, if this is not possible, the alternative may be to have a custom adaptor made to connect your oval opening to a 6" run of pipe. Do you have a preference between single wall or double wall stove pipe before the conversion to chimney pipe at the thimble? How much vertical run is possible before the 90 degree elbow would be installed? What is the opening size of your chimney? Would there be enough room to run 6" chimney pipe down the entire length?
    Kevin E. - Fireplace Specialist
    on April 18, 2012

    from lancing,tn asked:
    January 19, 2012
    I am looking for this type of adaptor that will work with Duravent double wall pipe. Will this work?
    1 Answer
    This item is not designed for use with Dura Vent's double wall stovepipe. However, our 69183 should be what you are looking for. Please follow the below link to view this product. Dura-Vent 6 Inch Diameter to 8 Inch Diameter Increaser
    Kevin E. - Fireplace Specialist
    on January 20, 2012

    from Texas asked:
    November 17, 2011
    I have a wood stove that uses 6 "diameter pipe,but my through the roof chimney system accepts 8" pipe. the distance from the stove top to the ceiling box is about 60". I need a fitting for the ceiling opening of 8" and I have an elbow to move the stove away from the wall just a bit. Can you give me an idea of what I need for this application? The wall behind the stove has 1" lathe on the wall for an air gap with two 1/2" layers of concrete board and cultured rock on the face for a total thickness of about 2 1/2" inches.
    1 Answer
    Many newer stoves are not capable of venting into a chimney system that is larger than their flue outlet. This is simply because new stoves are so efficient that they do not lose the necessary heat into the chimney that is required to maintain proper draft. That being the case, what model stove do you have and how old is it? An older stove would be capable of sending enough heat up the flue to maintain proper draft in a chimney system larger than its flue system. Also, what type of stovepipe do you currently use? Single or double wall? Also, what is the brand of your chimney system?
    Kevin E. - Fireplace Specialist
    on November 18, 2011

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