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Hearth Products Controls 44 Inch Copper Fire Pit Cover for Outdoor Fire Pits

Hearth Products Controls 44 Inch Copper Fire Pit Cover for Outdoor Fire Pits

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Product Details

Manufacturer: HPC
HPC Part Numbers: FPHC-44C
Item Number: HPC-FPHC-44C



  • Color: Copper
  • Product Dimensions: 44" Dia x 14" H
  • Protect your fire pit or fire feature in style
  • Will fit any round fire pit 43" or less in diameter
  • Lightweight aluminum pit cover powder-coated with UV resistant, high-heat textured gloss copper
  • Perfect fit For Fire Pits that use lava rock, rolled lava stone, ceramic river stone, or any fire pit log sets
Do you scoff at those peasants with vinyl covers for their fire pits? Well, then Hearth Products Controls is here to make you feel like a king. This cover protects the electrical and mechanical parts of your fire pit from damage from debris and moisture when the pit is not in use, all while being an extravagant copper color - this cover is made of lightweight aluminum and has a UV resistant powder-coated glossy copper finish to give you that royal feel. This item will fit 37" and 43" diameter enclosures and has approximate dimensions of 44" diameter x 14" H. So make yourself feel like royalty today!

Customer Q&A with Product Specialists

Denis S. from asked:
Can I get this in any other color?
Can I get this in any other color?
The 44" cover is only available in copper.
Answered by: Aaron D.


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Hearth Products Controls 44 Inch Copper Fire Pit Cover for Outdoor Fire Pits
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By Mn M.
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Aluminum fire pit cover - Beautiful, effective and durable

The Hearth Products Controls (HPC) Aluminum Fire Pit Cover with Copper Finish (44" x 14") is beautiful, effective and appears to be durable. It's a quality product with an elegant design. If you can afford the purchase price, you will not be disappointed. The cover is fabricated from spun aluminum that is approximately 1/10th of an inch thick per my caliper measurement. It has two opposing handles at the base and a knob on the top for handling. Unless you have long arms, the 44" diameter makes it difficult to easily remove and replace the cover using the two handles. It's light enough, however, that most men and many women can use the knob on top for easy removal and replacement. My wife can use the knob for removal and replacement, be she prefers that I handle this task. There is one unknown: Can one replace the aluminum cover immediately after turning off the gas to the fire pit without risking damage to the powder coat finish from the radiant heat in the ceramic logs (or glass beads)? The HPC catalog description does not address this issue, and, until we get a definitive answer from HPC, we let the ceramic logs cool for a minimum of 15 minutes before replacing the cover. Ideally, for the sake of convenience, we would like to replace the cover immediately after turning off the gas. I received two conflicting answers from HPC technical support on this issue. The first HPC technical support person reported that he had not heard this question before, and recommended that we wait up to 30 minutes before replacing the cover. The second HPC technical support person told me that the cover could be replaced immediately after turning off the gas. The cover was shipped directly from HPC in a heavy duty cardboard box secured to a wood pallet, and arrived in perfect condition. There were no HPC user instructions or warranty information delivered with the fire pit cover, however. That was surprising because heat damage to spun aluminum or the powder coat finish could result in warranty claims against HPC. Notwithstanding the cover replacement issue, we love the HPC aluminum fire pit cover and recommend it.


Elegant design, beautiful finish and quality materials and fabrication


No cover replacement instructions regarding recommended wait time after turning off gas
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By Timm

Pleased Purchaser

The product is delightfully decorative and easy to maneuver. It's cooper like finish adds sophistication to our outdoor fire pit and patio area.


Design and functionality


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