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Superior (by Innovative Hearth Products) Buyer's Guide

Superior (by Innovative Hearth Products) Buyer's Guide

Superior (by Innovative Hearth Products)

When looking for a fireplace, you will no doubt come across the Superior brand. This reputable innovative hearth products company has been around for decades and left an indelible mark on the fireplace industry. Superior Fireplaces crafts appliances that provide warmth, style, and quality. They have a diverse line of products from wood, gas, and electric-fueled, in designs and sizes that can fit any home decor. Superior is a powerhouse in the hearth industry, and it's worth giving this company's products a look.

Who is Superior?

Superior is a leading manufacturer of fireplaces, inserts, stoves, gas log sets and accessories for any budget. It's essential to know Superior's origin to understand more about its products.

Superior (by Innovative Hearth Products)
40 Years of Superior

The 80s and 90s

Superior Fireplace opened its doors 40 years ago as an independent manufacturer of factory-built fireplaces. Superior made high-quality products that were some of the best on the market throughout the 80s and 90s. Despite the quality, Superior's share of the market was small until the mid-90s. That's when Superior caught the eye of Lennox Hearth Products.

Lennox Hearth Products

LHP specializes in HVAC equipment, and in the 90s the company wanted a line of hearth products. So, in 1998, Lennox acquired Superior. Lennox used the Superior name until 2010. In that year, Lennox put its focus back onto its HVAC line. LHP decided to divest themselves from its hearth products because of a downturn in sales. Another company, FMI Products, took an interest in LHP. Together, they struck a deal in 2012 and formed a new company, Innovative Hearth Products.

Innovative Hearth Products

Superior (by Innovative Hearth Products)
Innovative Hearth Products logo

IHP restructured the entire lineup and saw that a lack of brand recognition caused low sales. IHP reinstated the Superior name to cover all of its fireplaces. Today, Superior continues to expand its lineup with appliances for any home. Superior crafts products worthy of the company name, as they say in their mission statement:

"Our MISSION is to perform in every aspect of our business like our name; it is our promise 'SUPERIOR.' To create best in class products, delivered with superior selling proposition and superior service. We are committed to genuinely exceeding our customers? expectations on every level."

What are the Superior products?

Superior has one of the most diverse product lines available. They have indoor, outdoor, gas, wood, and electric appliances and a host of accessories for each product. This section will give you a glance at all of Superior's major product lines

Gas Fireplaces 

Superior (by Innovative Hearth Products)
Superior linear gas burning fireplace in a living room

Superior offers gas fireplaces in styles that can fit any home. Do you want the look of a traditional masonry hearth? Superior has models that use realistic log sets - looking for something more contemporary? Superior has linear burners that give off a modern flair. They offer direct vent, vent-free, or b-vent models all made to bring warmth and ambiance to your home.

Wood Burning Fireplaces

Superior (by Innovative Hearth Products)
Superior traditional style wood burning fireplace in a living room

Superior's wood-burning fireplaces can fit any style of home. They offer traditional and modern fireplaces that are EPA emissions certified. You can rest easy by your hearth knowing you're burning responsibly. One drawback to wood-burning fireplaces is the cutting, storing, and seasoning of the wood fuel. It takes time to season firewood so you can have an efficient and clean burn.

Electric Fireplaces

Superior (by Innovative Hearth Products)
Superior small built-in electric fireplace inside a blue enclosure

When gathering wood is too time-consuming and setting up a gas line is too costly, there is Superior's range of electric fireplaces. You can find these in both modern and traditional designs. These electric fireplaces give you all the warmth you need and create the illusion of a flame. Electric fireplaces do have disadvantages. A big one being the fake look of the logs and fire in the traditional versions.

Fireplace Inserts

Superior (by Innovative Hearth Products)
Small family near a Superior high-efficiency wood burning fireplace insert

If your home has an unused existing fireplace, one way to bring life back into the house is a fireplace insert. Superior's gas fireplace inserts can fit into nearly any old traditional fireplace opening. Give your home its flair back and turn that old drafty opening into an inviting centerpiece. Be aware though, not all fireplace inserts will fit your home's decor. Depending on your setup, a slick new fireplace insert may stick out compared to your old traditional mantle.

Wood Stoves

Superior (by Innovative Hearth Products)
Superior small wood burning stove in a small living area

Superior's selection of wood stoves is timeless in design and top-quality in craftsmanship. Wood-burning stoves will last season after season and Superior has each stove EPA 2020 certified. Warmth and beauty all while keeping emissions low, that's Superior quality. But remember, one big drawback with a stove is the heat displacement. Yes, they do give off more than enough heat but with a stove, most of the warmth tends to go up the pipe or rest at the top of the room. A blower or stove fan fixes this but many times those are separate purchases.

Outdoor Products

Superior (by Innovative Hearth Products)
Superior Outdoor Modular Masonry Wood Burning Fireplace

Outdoor fireplaces by Superior give your home the gathering place you always wanted. Perfect for parties or relaxing, these outdoor fireplaces are well built and easy to install. Superior offers wood-burning and gas models in traditional and contemporary styles. Outdoor fireplaces require regular maintenance. The firebox and flue are snug spots for animals and debris can get caught inside. Keep this in mind when searching for an outdoor appliance.

Vent-Free Gas Logs

Superior (by Innovative Hearth Products)
Superior gas log set

These gas logs are 99 percent efficient. That means 99 percent of the gas that comes through turns into heat. Superior crafts these log sets to look real to give you the flame presentation you want. You don't have to worry about the hassle of cutting, storing, and seasoning firewood. Be vigilant with the gas line on vent-free gas logs. You don't want an errant gas leak.

Manufactured Housing

Manufactured housing units indicate a line of fireplaces built for pre-manufactured homes. This includes what you would call a mobile home or trailer.

Superior crafts a line of fireplaces for manufacturers of these homes. These fireplaces come with extra accessories as a kit to meet certain safety guidelines. The craftsmanship of some mobile homes can vary.

To ensure the safety of the homeowner all of Superior's manufactured wood-burning housing kits, for example, must come with bi-fold doors, an outside air kit, anchoring support, etc. Manufactured housing kits meet high safety standards to protect you no matter how well built your mobile home may be.

Superior (by Innovative Hearth Products)
Why Choose Superior Fireplaces?

The Technology Behind Superior's Products

Superior is always improving its fireplaces. Their latest improvements have upped the game once more. With their Infini-Flame burners, Mosaic Masonry and PureFire system, Superior prove themselves to be on the cutting edge.

  • Infini-Flame Burner - Superior set out to create a burner that put more flames out per BTU than any other out there. And they did it with the Infini-Flame Burner. It puts out an industry-leading flame output with a fraction of the BTU input.

Superior (by Innovative Hearth Products)
Superior Infini-Flame Burner

  • The New Mosaic Masonry - When people think about fireplaces, they think about the classic masonry fireplace built brick by brick. Today, most fireplaces are factory assembled for faster production. Superior has created the Mosaic Masonry that blends factory-built technology with masonry looks. The finished product gives you that traditional masonry looks in a fraction of the time.

Superior (by Innovative Hearth Products)
Superior brick fireplace liner

  • PureFire - One of the most significant drawbacks to wood-burning fireplaces is the emissions they release. Superior's PureFire system reduces particulate emissions by 75 percent. It eliminates carbon monoxide, and it installs in under an hour. And once you have it in, you can't even see that it's there. It's a game-changer in the wood-burning fireplace industry.

Superior (by Innovative Hearth Products)
Superior PureFire technology for wood burning fireplaces

Superior Products and Common Q&A

Superior has been around for decades. At that time, the company fields many questions daily. Some questions come up again, and again. In this section, we will answer a few of Superior's frequently asked questions.

How often do I need to clean my gas fireplace?

  • Your gas fireplace should be inspected and cleaned once a year by a certified professional. 

How often do I need to clean my wood-burning fireplace or stove?

  • Clean your wood-burning appliance before each use. Your fireplace manual will have the details you need.

Can I install a TV above my wood or gas fireplace?

  • Superior does not recommend installing a TV above your fireplace. Temperatures can reach 200 degrees which are not suitable for the TV. With wood-burning fireplaces, you may get smoke or ash on or inside the TV which could damage it.

Can I use Vent-Free logs in my wood-burning fireplace?

  • Some Superior wood-burning fireplaces can use vent-free logs. You'll have to check your manual. If your manual is lost feel free to call us at 1-800-203-1642. One of our certified technicians has the answer.

How can I get the most heat out of my wood fireplace?

  • Wood-burning fireplaces work best when fueled with dry seasoned wood. Hardwoods are better than softwoods because the denser the wood the energy it holds. Hardwoods also provide a longer-lasting fire. Before burning your wood, make sure the moisture content is between 15 and 20 percent.

Why is my wood fireplace smoking into my house?

  • Check your flue damper to make sure it is in the open position. Your fire may be too far forward in the grate. If so, use a poker to push the fire to the back of the grate. If the fireplace starts to smoke an hour or two after lighting the fire, your house may be too airtight. Open a window and open a door and see if that stops the smoking. If a vent fan, exhaust hood, or heating/cooling system is on, it could be taking combustion air from your fireplace. Turn the vent/exhaust/cooling system off. It could be causing negative pressure and creating the downdraft.

What should I do if I smell gas?

  • Shut off the fireplace and the gas supply and leave your home. Contact your local gas supplier or call 911. Do not try to light the appliance. Do not flip an electric switch.

Superior (by Innovative Hearth Products)
Decoding Superior fireplace models infographic


With products built to last that fit any budget, the Superior brand of fireplaces has earned a look into its lineup. The modern and traditional styles of its fireplaces ensure you will find the right hearth appliance. If you have any questions not covered in this article, do not hesitate to call one of our NFI certified professionals at 1-800-203-1642.

If you want to know more about the individual products mentioned in this article, you can look into our other resources. Check out the links below.

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