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    True North Buyer's Guide

    True North
    True North Stove in a modern home

    Are you searching for an environmentally-friendly stove? With growing concern for carbon emissions, many are opting for more clean-burning solutions. True North Stoves specializes in highly efficient wood and gas heating. Purchasing a stove that meets the new EPA 2020 regulations is important not only for lower emissions but as an investment in your home.

    For those of you who have been doing more interesting things than researching EPA regulations, here's a quick summary of how they've evolved.

    The Clean Air Act requires the EPA to issue standards for "stationary sources of pollution". In other words, they regulate how much pollution your stove can make.

    These regulations have gotten stricter as technology continues to improve. The most recent New Source Performance Standards (NSPS) went into effect in May 2020. The regulations apply to all new stove sales, so you're not suddenly illegal if you own a stove you bought in 2002.

    However, an up-to-date EPA certified stove is an important factor when it comes to buying or selling a home or doing renovations. Some states even offer incentives such as tax deductions for replacing uncertified stoves.

    So what does all that have to do with True North Stoves? Glad you asked.

    Why Consider True North Stoves?

    True North has been in business for over 40-years and they make it their mission to offer clean-burning wood and gas heating appliances. Their stove designs are manufactured right here in the U.S. by Pacific Energy and offer quality at an affordable price.

    True North's wood, pellet, and gas stoves meet all the most current EPA standards including the less than 2 gram per hour emissions rate. All EPA-compliant wood stoves will have a label on the stove, and the new ones should also have a hanging tag with a summary of their emissions. Using innovative technology, they were also able to reach the emissions goals on their wood stoves and inserts without using a catalyst.

    True North
    EPA 2020 label

    Catalytic-free technology means the stoves and inserts require less maintenance and are easier to operate. There's nothing wrong with having a catalyst, per se, but catalytic models tend to be less user-friendly, and they require more maintenance.

    Now with the ability to make non-catalytic stoves highly efficient, you can enjoy excellent efficiency and air quality without having to worry about replacing catalysts.

    Their new designs also have cleaner glass fronts so you can make the most of the charming flames.

    Burning the Right Fuel

    We can't emphasize enough how important it is to burn the right fuel. Without proper fuel and safety practices, you will sabotage even a low-emissions stove. Start by reading the manual for your stove or insert, since it will provide specific information about what type of fuel it is safe to use.

    True North
    PFI Certified label

    For example, not all pellet fuel is created equal. Some have added binders and impurities that aren't ideal for your stove. The Pellet Fuels Institute (PFI) has a standards program to help you identify quality pellet fuel that will help keep your low-emissions stove burning cleanly. Look for the PFI symbol to know you're buying good quality fuel!

    Never, ever, ever burn trash, painted wood, or treated lumber in a wood stove! Doing so could release harmful chemicals into your home or badly damage your stove. Instead, use dry, seasoned wood according to the recommendations from the manufacturer.

    Pay attention to the ordinances and regulations of your state. Even with an EPA 2020 certified stove, there may still be restrictions depending on fire advisories.

    True North Product Line

    Let's jump into the product lineup. For starters, all of the following are EPA 2020 certified with catalytic-free technology. You can choose from wood, gas, or pellet fuel, and you also have the option of selecting a standalone stove or an insert for an existing fireplace.

    Wood Stoves

    True North
    True North TN10 Wood Stove
    • Model - TN10 Wood Stove
    • Efficiency - 78.3%
    • Emission - 1.4g/hr
    • BTU Output - 30K

    FEATURES: The TN10 wood stove works well for small rooms due to its compact size and comparatively low BTU output. It's also mobile home approved! It is designed with a cast-iron door and an air wash system that helps keep the front glass nice and clean. Another bonus is that it can be set up to use either inside or outside air for combustion, depending on your preference and setup.

    True North
    True North TN20 Wood Stove
    • Model - TN20 Wood Stove
    • Efficiency - 72.7%
    • Emission - 1.6g/hr
    • BTU Output - 60K

    FEATURES: Constructed from 10-gauge steel, the TN20 has twice the BTU rating and is capable of heating much larger spaces than the TN10. Even though it produces more heat, it is still mobile home approved. Like the TN10, it also has an air wash system to keep the front glass clean. It is available with legs or a pedestal base.

    Wood Insert

    True North
    True North TN20 Wood Insert
    • Model - TN20 Wood Insert
    • Efficiency - 73%
    • Emission - 1.6g/hr
    • BTU Output - 55K

    FEATURES: The TN20 wood insert is similar to the TN20 standalone wood stove, but it is designed to install in an existing fireplace. The design features a gasketed cast iron door and single-lever air control to adjust the flow of air to the fire. Both the TN20 stove and the TN20 insert give you the option of using either indoor or outdoor air for combustion. The insert comes with an optional surround to cover the gap between the insert and the wall of the existing fireplace.

    Pellet Stove

    True North
    True North TN40 Pellet Stove
    • Model - TN40 Pellet Stove
    • Efficiency - 78.9%
    • Emission - 1.36g/hr
    • BTU Output - 40K

    FEATURES: In addition to a clean burn and low-emissions, the pellet stove enables you to use biofuel to heat your home. It's designed for simple operation and maintenance with digital controls, easy-open hopper, and a self-cleaning burn pot. When equipped with a thermostat, you can set it to automatically regulate the temperature in your home.

    These units are mobile home approved and also come with the option of black metallic legs or a pedestal.

    Pellet Insert

    True North
    True North TN40 Pellet Insert
    • Model - TN40 Pellet Insert
    • Efficiency - 73%
    • Emission - .69g/hr
    • BTU Output - 36K

    FEATURES: This sleek, durable insert transforms an existing traditional fireplace into an efficient pellet burning heater. It's made from heavy-gauge steel and designed so you can still enjoy a wide viewing area of the flames. Like its standalone counterpart, the pellet insert is mobile home approved and easy to operate with digital controls. It also comes with an oversized surround to cover any gaps, airwash technology to keep the front glass clean, and the option of thermostat control.

    Gas Stove

    True North
    True North TN24 Gas Stove
    • Model - TN24 Stove
    • Efficiency - 74.4%
    • Emission - 1.6g/hr
    • BTU Output - 24K

    FEATURES: This is a great option for mid-sized rooms and will work with a rear vent or minimal vertical venting. You can order this model in either natural gas or propane depending on your preference. The viewing window offers a great view of the flames and the subtle micro-mesh screen offers safety protection without sacrificing aesthetic. It also comes with remote control for easy operation.

    International distributors

    True North
    World globe in a hand

    True North Stoves are manufactured here in the United States, but they have international distributors throughout the world. Their international distributors include Australia, Czech Republic, France, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Korea, Latvia/Lithuania/Estonia, Slovakia, and Spain.

    Which Stove is Right For My Home?

    Finding the right stove is dependent on so many factors and preferences. You can start by choosing your fuel. Gas fuel is the most convenient for those who already have a gas supply to their home. Others might not have easy access to gas, may instead have a plentiful supply of wood, or simply enjoy traditional wood-burning stoves.

    True North
    True North fireplace insert installed in a home

    Pellet stoves tend to be more expensive than regular wood burning stoves, but they offer an added degree of automation that makes your life easier.

    Another consideration is the size of the area you want to heat. When it comes to comparing heat output, most stoves and inserts are measured by BTU. Generally speaking, the more BTU, the more square footage the stove will heat.

    Check out our BTU guide for more information and how to estimate how much you'll need.

    Don't forget to look for tax credits or other incentives! You may find that you are eligible for a tax credit for putting in a biomass stove or an EPA 2020 certified appliance.

    Where Can I Buy True North Stoves?

    True North Stoves are manufactured by Pacific Energy, but you cannot order directly from Pacific Energy since all the stoves and inserts must be purchased through an authorized dealer. This also goes for any replacement parts. You can start by checking out our selection of True North Stoves and parts.

    True North
    A woman excited about making an online purchase

    If you need to match a replacement part to your stove, you can find the serial number on the appliance or in the original manual. For stoves, you'll find the serial number on the left side at the back of the stove. Insert models have the serial number on the left casing side.

    How To Use A True North Stove

    Care and Maintenance

    We might sound like a broken record when it comes to maintaining your stove, but you can buy the nicest, most efficient stove in the world and still ruin it (or your home) by ignoring proper maintenance. Always read the manual so you can be sure to keep your stove or insert safe and in good working order.

    True North
    Worn firebrick

    This includes things like making sure you have the proper clearances between the stove and flammable objects, getting regular inspections, using the right fuel, and doing periodic cleaning. Here's an example of the things you'll want to inspect on your wood stove. For gas stoves, you'll need to inspect the gas lines and hookups as well.

    Warranty (Conditions and Recommendations)

    Read the warranty exclusions carefully so you know exactly what is covered. We also recommend scanning a copy of the original receipt and saving it in a file or digital copy so that you always have a permanent record. Go online to register your warranty with your proof of purchase.

    If you ever need to file a claim, you will need:

    • Model number
    • Serial number
    • Purchase date
    • Dealer
    • Installation date
    • Installer name and location

    They may also require returning or sending photos of the defective parts.

    Note that the following warranties are only for the original customer and are not transferable.


    According to the warranty description for wood appliances, True North warranty covers the following:

    • 3 years of coverage for parts and 1 year of coverage for labor for the firebox, castings, and glass (thermal breakage only).
    • 1 year of coverage for parts and labor for electrical components and switches
    • 1 year of parts only for gaskets, peeling paint, bricks, baffle tubes, baffle manifold, and the ceramic fiberboard.


    • 3 years of coverage for parts and 1 year of coverage for labor for the firebox, castings, and glass (thermal breakage only).
    • 1 year of coverage for parts and labor for electrical components and switches
    • 1 year of parts only for gaskets, peeling paint, bricks, firebox liner, and the burn pot and liner.


    • 3 years of coverage for parts and 1 year for labor for firebox, castings, heat exchanger, ceramic fiberboard, and glass (thermal breakage only).
    • 1 year for parts and labor for gas valves and electrical components and switches.
    • 1 year for parts only for gaskets, peeling paint, and the burner tube assembly.

    Warranty exclusions include things like misuse, damage from chemical cleaners, improper installation, and lack of maintenance. There is also a one-time replacement limit for parts.

    True North
    True North Stove on a noncombustible floor


    True North is a brand you can trust for up-to-date EPA certified stoves and inserts. Whether you're looking for a gas, wood, or pellet appliance, their sleek designs are well-made and equipped with the technology for environmentally friendly low-emission heating.

    If you have any questions about True North Stoves, please reach out to us and we will be happy to help.

    Helpful Links

    True North Q&A with the NFI Certified Specialists

    * Please Note: All customer questions are answered by our NFI Certified Specialists free of charge!
    4 Questions & 4 Answers
    from Minnesota asked:
    January 8, 2022
    What is the square foot coverage of the TN10 and TN20?
    1 Answer
    The  TN10 will heat around 900 square feet, and the TN20 will heat around 1800 square feet. 
    Submitted by: Brennan W. on January 9, 2022

    Mark F
    from Portland, OR asked:
    November 7, 2021
    Can I get the TN20 with legs instead of pedestal?
    1 Answer
    We offer a version with legs here
    Submitted by: Will M. on November 8, 2021

    from Buhl, ID asked:
    October 11, 2021
    What is the weight of the TN-10?
    1 Answer
    The TN10 stove weighs about 200 lbs.
    Submitted by: Tyler M. - NFI Master Hearth Professional on October 11, 2021

    Kenneth K.
    from San asked:
    January 26, 2021
    Where are True North stoves manufactured?
    1 Answer
    They are made in Canada. 
    Submitted by: Owen O. on January 27, 2021

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