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    Fireplace with Glass Rocks - Fire Glass Fireplaces

    If you love the idea of a fire glass fireplace, because the feel a traditional fireplace will not work with your home's modern decor, a fireplace with glass rocks is a contemporary option. Glass fireplaces have choices available to make them work well with your home's decor while also offering a large selection of fireglass media.
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    A fireglass fireplace is a modern alternative to a more traditional appearing gas log fireplace, and with many
    fireglass color options available, it is easy to customize your new glass burning fireplace to match with your home's decor. Not only does a fire glass fireplace offer more customization options with color, but you will not have to worry about the precise placement of the glass media. This absence of worry is brought about by the design of the glass burning system, which requires you to cover the burner with the fireglass.

    Fireglass allows for the flames to diffuse through the loose media, creating a fuller and brighter fire which is amplified by the reflective nature of the glass itself. Moreover, unlike with glass logs, there is less chance for the fire glass to impinge on the flame, creating fewer opportunities for issues with soot.
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