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Mobile Home Approved Stoves

You already know the benefits of living where you want. Lower expenses, increased independence, less waste. But what if you want to increase the comfort of your home with a feature usually found in larger homes? Is there any way you can enjoy the benefits of a stove in a mobile home? There absolutely is. We've compiled this list of stoves just for you! Wood burning stoves have long been proven to be more cost-effective and efficient than either central heat or space heaters, but unlike other lists of these stoves, these are as safe for use in mobile homes as they are effective at heating them. Tested by their manufacturers and approved for use in mobile homes, these handsome appliances bring the luxury and warmth - not to mention increased savings and energy independence - of a wood burning stove to everyone who chooses to live in a smaller space.
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Ask a Specialist
By Michael from TX on March 1, 2015
What is the difference between a stove for a home and a stove for a mobile home?
By Tyler M. on March 2, 2015

Mobile Home-Approved stoves are units that have specifically been tested and listed for use in such an application; this requires the addition of an outside air kit and the unit must be secured to the chassis of the home. You can find the appropriate outside air kits in the "Accessories" tabs on each stove's item page.

By Patricia from Delaware on May 7, 2014
What do I need to fully install a wood stove in a mobile home?
By Collin C. - NFI Master Hearth Professional on May 7, 2014

When installing a wood stove into a mobile home, the following criteria must be met:

1. The stove must be specifically listed by the manufacturer for use in a mobile home.
2. Your local code enforcement agency must allow installation of a wood stove into mobile homes.
3. Outside combustion air must be provided to the stove. This must be by means of a sealed duct from the outside wall or crawlspace, directly to the back of the wood stove.
4. The stove must be anchored to the chassis of the mobile home. This is to prevent movement if the mobile home is relocated.
5. The stove must be electrically grounded to the chassis. This is to prevent damage, should lightning strike the metal chimney.

By Eric from Websyer, FL on November 23, 2015
I am looking for an upgrade for my wood burning mobile home fireplace insert. I have a 2000 square foot home. What is your recommendation?
By Will M. on November 24, 2015

If you are looking for a mobile home approved stove that can heat the space you've described, you will need a stove with a BTU capacity of around 70,000. The Osburn 2200 High Efficiency EPA Bay Window Woodburning Stove would be an excellent choice.

By Cindy from PA on January 19, 2015
I was looking for a wood stove for my mobile home that I can cook on in case the power goes out. What would you suggest?
By eFireplaceStore on January 20, 2015

Many of the wood stoves we carry can be cooked upon, when used in conjunction with an iron griddle. A very popular seller that features excellent quality is the Drolet Eldorado Small Wood Stove With Blower Included - DB02610.

By Liz from Northwood, NH on October 20, 2015
What does "mobile home approved" mean?
By Brennan W. on October 20, 2015

This means that the manufacturer of the stove has approved the unit to be installed in a mobile or manufactured home. Please bear in mind, however, that you will want to speak with your local code enforcement before any installation.

By Barb from Creston, WA on July 3, 2014
Hi, I need a mobile home approved wood stove for WA State - and one that will hold a banked fire overnight, for about 7 hours. Can you recommend a model?
By eFireplaceStore on July 3, 2014

One of our most popular models for this type of application is the US Stove Medium EPA-Certified Wood-Burning Stove. This unit conforms to the strict 4.5 gram standards for non catalytic appliances used in Washington and is a simple, but rugged and solid performer. Max expected burn time is 8 hours when using seasoned medium to high density cord wood.

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