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Vogelzang Wood Stoves and Furnaces

If you are looking for an alternative heating solution for you home, why not look into a Vogelzang stove from These stoves are known for being incredibly efficient, and depending on the design you choose, you are able to burn wood or coal. One of the standard models is the Vogelzang Wood Burning Ponderosa EPA Wood Stove with Window and Blower. It will produce up to 152,000 BTUs and will easily heat up 2,600 square feet, which would easily heat your entire floor and perhaps your entire house! This EPA certified stove can hold logs up to 22 in. long, and it has a one year warranty. It also has a large ash drawer to help keep things clean.
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Ask a Specialist
By Alan from Alanta, GA on January 30, 2014
Do you have any models with a side discharge with a top elevation of 20"? I want one to sit on my existing fireplace hearth, and vent into my existing flue.
By Collin C. - NFI Master Hearth Professional on January 30, 2014

My apologies, but all of the wood stoves we offer now are top vent models. We do still carry wood burning circulators with a side discharge, but their flue collar is 24 inches off of the floor, with an overall appliance height of just under 3 feet. I apologize that I do not have a unit to fit your needs.

By John from Bath, NC on October 20, 2014
How is draft controlled in this stoves?
By eFireplaceStore on October 21, 2014

While it depends on the stove, most EPA stoves use a sliding air control that has a direct effect on the burn rate. The units will have an internal baffle system that restricts the release of combustion byproducts to the chimney system, eliminating the need for a traditional damper.

By Dennis from Abiquiu, NM on December 26, 2014
Do you sell fire bricks that go inside wood burning stoves?
By eFireplaceStore on December 26, 2014

We do indeed sell high density brick for wood stoves. One of our most popular products is the Rutland Fire Brick - Box of Six Bricks.

By Tiffany from Boone, North Carolina on October 23, 2013
I have a wood stove in my basement with a duct above the stove that is suppose to allow heat up into our home. How can we push more heat up through the vent?
By Collin C. - NFI Master Hearth Professional on October 24, 2013

Is the end of the duct open to the space above the wood stove? If so, an inline fan could be purchased and installed so that more air is pulled from the area above the stove and into the home. It would even be possible to have a thermal switch installed so that the fan comes on at a certain temperature and turns off again once the stove cools down.

By Kristi from Waverly, LA on December 31, 2015
Is the Vogelzang Boxwood stove BX42E a UL approved stove?
By Chris C. on December 31, 2015

It is not a UL listed stove, unfortunately. carries a wide range of Vogelzang stoves. If you prefer a classic style stove, try the Vogelzang Defender EPA Wood Stove with Blower, Ash Drawer and Window. This design heats up to 68,000 BTUs, which will heat 1,200 square feet. It has adjustable legs as well as an adjustable blower. If you prefer a stove with more character, try the Vogelzang Cast Iron Rancher Coal Stove with Large Flare-Top Cooking Surface. This inexpensive option produces up to 60,000 BTUs (1,000 square feet) with a large ash pan for simple clean up maintenance. The cooking surface is fairly large, enabling you to have several pots going at the same time. It also comes complete with a one-year warranty. If you have any questions at all, please ask one of our knowledgeable specialists. No matter what your style preference or budget, has a Vogelzang stove for you. Each model also comes with free shipping. What’s not to love?

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