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    Class A Chimney Pipes and Kits

    During the chilly evenings of winter, a cozy fire in the living room fireplace is a welcome sight as the dancing flames give off plenty of heat to keep everyone warm! This type of fireplace often requires a class A chimney pipe to vent the hot exhaust outside. Instead of trying to build a chimney on your own, consider purchasing a class A chimney kit that contains all the various pieces needed to build a safe chimney. Interior wall venting kits and exterior chase venting kits manufactured by Superior Chimney Pipe Systems are some of our most popular items.

    When burning solid fuels like wood, coal, or oil, fires burn at very high temperaturesThe exhaust gasses need to leave your home safely without causing another fire within your walls or on your roof! That's where a class A chimney comes in handy. These chimneys are designed to vent the scorching exhaust safely through your walls and into the outdoors. Each home is uniquely designed and requires certain chimney parts to take the exhaust out of the home effectively. This project takes a puzzle of class A chimney pieces! You may want to consider having a professional evaluate your home and design a custom chimney for your home. Then you can purchase all the parts needed to build the chimney. Or you can purchase one of our popular chimney kits. These kits are designed to work with most homes. There are precise specifications of the various kits, measurements of length and width, but many of them work in several different style homes. Once again, a professional can help you choose the right kit to buy and install.

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