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By William from Coarsegold, CA on November 4, 2014
I need to know the report numbers, including the ICC report number, for the 43" Linear vent free VRL 4543 and 42" VRE 3000 series vent free fireplaces. Do you have these?
By eFireplaceStore on November 4, 2014

The PFS report number for the VRL4543ZMN and VRL4543ZMP is F11-054. The PFS report number for the VRE3000 series outdoor unit is F12-058. Neither of the units list an ICC number in their testing documents.

By Ruth from Redmond, OR on September 1, 2014
How do I remove the glass front so I can clean the glass and fix the logs inside?
By eFireplaceStore on September 2, 2014

While the procedure differs from manufacturer to manufacturer, the general idea is the same for each direct vent unit. The upper and/or lower edge of the glass should have 2 to 3 clasps. These clasps are sometimes hidden behind the upper or lower louvers that most units have. Some of the clasps are spring type and only require that you pull them forward to open them. Others are bolt type and require that you loosen the bolts until the clasps drop out of the way. Once the clasps are loose, the glass can be removed. Some units will have clasps on the top and bottom, but others will only have them on the bottom, requiring you to tilt the glass outward and lift it off of an upper rail.

By Marc from Cape Cod on August 23, 2014
What is the difference between the superior 4500 and 6000 wood burning fireplaces? Do they need assembly? I know it uses superior venting 12 outside but what is the inside?
By eFireplaceStore on August 25, 2014

The Superior WRT 4500 and 6000 series are built to the same size and specifications, however the 4500 series uses refractory panels that mimic the look of firebrick, while the 6000 uses actual firebrick panels. The brick panels for the 6000 are factory set and only require that you install them on site and mortar the inner corners to complete the look. The advantage is a more realistic looking installation that closely mimics the appearance of a true masonry fireplace, at a much reduced cost.

Both systems use the 12DM chimney system. This air cooled Class A chimney system has an inner diameter of 12 inches and an outer diameter of 15 inches.

By Rick from Laguna, CA on November 23, 2014
Can a direct vent fireplace be side vented and how long can the vent travel before it turns to vent out side. Is 6 to 8 feet too long?
By Kevin E. on November 24, 2014

Direct vent fireplaces can indeed have their venting systems terminate horizontally. The maximum horizontal run of the chimney system is solely dependent upon the vertical rise of the system before the offset.

By Julie from Milford, PA on August 24, 2014
We have a Superior BBV-36RMN fireplace. First it does not throw out any heat, so we have not used it in over 3 years. We get a ton of cold air that comes into our living room even though we have the flue closed and gas turned off. I still want to use my nice stone surround and hearth. We would like to get some heat out of a unit and , if possible, with a blower. Any suggestions?
By eFireplaceStore on August 25, 2014

B vent fireplaces are indeed a major source of cold air intrusion into the home and have largely disappeared from the market for this very reason. A vent free unit would offer supplemental heat and eliminate the issue you are experiencing now. A very popular model that we carry that has framing dimensions close to your current unit is the Empire Vail Premium Vent-Free Natural Gas Fireplace - 36". The unit can be equipped with a blower as well, if you decide you would like the additional heat circulation.

By Cherrie from Wilmington, NC on August 25, 2014
What kind of material have to be placed around the firebox and what measurements will I need?
By eFireplaceStore on August 26, 2014

This will depend on the exact model and fuel type you are interested in. Many direct vent units do not require any special provisions to be made and combustible flooring can be run right up to the edge of the fireplace. However, wood burning models almost always require a noncombustible hearth extension, the dimensions of which vary from model to model. Do you have a certain unit that you are interested in?

By Donna from Hot Springs, Arkansas on August 14, 2014
I am trying to locate a gas prefabricated Superior BC42. Can you help me?
By eFireplaceStore on August 15, 2014

My apologizes, but this unit is no longer available. The Superior BC42 was a prefabricated wood burning model with the option to install gas logs. The Superior line was recently reorganized and with the change in model lineup, this model was discontinued. We have similar models that may work in place of this unit, if you are open to alternatives.

By Linda from West DesMoines, IA on October 13, 2014
We have a Superior fireplace but no owners manual. I don't know the model number but it does measure 35 inches across. The tile above the fireplce and the mantle are discolored from soot. I tried cleaning the tile and wood but it does not remove the dark color. What causes this? Also, is there a deflector that can be purchased and attached?
By eFireplaceStore on October 14, 2014

Over time, the rising heat from either a gas or wood burning fireplace will cause a reaction to occur in combustible and noncombustible materials alike, resulting in the discoloration. Soot can be removed, but the darkening that resembles a soot stain cannot be removed.

Your best option is to use a surface mount fireplace hood, such as the Elite Square End Fireplace Hood with Lintel Mount - 36 Inch x 6 Inch. While advertised as a lintel mount, it can be made into a surface mount style that will allow attachment to the surface just above the fireplace opening.

What are most people looking for when they want to install a fireplace? A reasonable price is certainly a factor, coupled with high-quality construction and visual appeal. That’s why so many customers over the years have been very pleased with their purchase of Superior Fireplaces. To us, “Superior” isn’t just a name—it serves as a guiding principle. Whether you’re looking for a fireplace for indoors or outdoors … whether it burns wood, propane, natural gas, or works from electricity … whether your home is comfy and traditional or sleekly modern … we’re sure Superior Fireplaces can offer a product to fit your needs. And we strive to do it all while providing you a truly “Superior” customer experience.
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