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Caframo Firemizer Stove and Fireplace Catalyst

Caframo Firemizer Stove and Fireplace Catalyst

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Product Details

Manufacturer: Caframo
Caframo Part Numbers: 8360FMSEN
Item Number: CAF-8360FMSEN


  • Product Dimensions: 13 1/2 x 10 x 1/4
  • Product Type: Burn Aid
  • Maximizes fuel usage by preventing fuel fragments from falling through to your grate
  • Ensures heat is conducted evenly across the fire for full combustion
  • Decreases your burn time by slowing the air flow
  • Prevents fuel fragments from being left unburned in the ash bed
  • Ideal fit for all types of solid fuel fires and stoves
  • Can last up to 500 hours
  • Scientifically proven to minimize creosote in chimneys by up to 57%
  • Can limit particulate emissions by up to 72%
  • Will extend fuel burn time by up to 38%
The Caframo Firemizer Stove and Fireplace Catalyst, an accessory capable of maximizing your fuel usage, is responsible for ensuring you get the most from your resources, in addition to ensuring that heat will be evenly conducted across your fire for full combustion. Also, decreasing your burn time and slowing the air flow, the product is known for ease of use and scientifically documented to positively affect particulate emission reduction by up to 72%.

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Mike from San Augustine, Texas asked:
How is this used?
How is this used?
This item is placed on top of your fireplace grate and allows the small particles of wood, that typically fall through the grate, to be burned completely.
Answered by: Aaron D.


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Caframo Firemizer Stove and Fireplace Catalyst
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By Gerard T.
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Pleasantly surprised!

No issues with ordering and shipping on this item. Initially I was skeptical that the 'catalyst' would stand up to the heat. After many years my old metal ember retainer had several large holes burned into it and was no longer effective in the open fireplace. I was looking for a replacement but could not find the correct sizes. I bought the catalyst in an attempt to cover the holes and prevent embers falling through. It has been absolutely great. The embers are retained and burn longer with more heat being dissipated into the room. The room is 24' x 17' and the addition of the 'catalyst' mat has had a major impact in the room's heat. I would highy recommend this mat


Retains the wood embers Increases heat output No issues with airflow when lighting the fire Wood burns longer


A little difficult to clean the residue ash from it as not all of the ash falls through after burning.
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