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Stone Age Manufacturing Buyer's Guide

Stone Age Manufacturing Buyer's Guide

With the rise of fire pits and outdoor fireplaces, many people have come to love the combination of a cool breeze and the calming crackling of a warm fire. However, when a particular product starts "trending", it isn't long before many people want to ride the wave of popularity and make a similar product of their own. Sometimes, the increase of ingenuity is great. Other times, it leads people to create cheap products in an effort to maximize profit potential. But, that is not the case with Stone Age Manufacturing.

Stone Age Manufacturing

Stone Age Manufacturing, Inc is a family-owned and operated business, whose background is in masonry and fireplace construction. Their first product, the Stone Age fireplace, now called the Standard Series, arose from them identifying needs in the market and creating a product to be the solution. When you invest in a Stone Age Fireplace, fire pit or pizza oven (yum!), you know you will get a quality product made by people who've invested decades in perfecting their craft.

After the standard series grew in popularity, the Stone Age product line expanded to include many outdoor living products, as well as a complete line of indoor fireplaces. Stone Age Manufacturing is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma and is proud to manufacture products right here in the good ole U.S. of A.

How they are made:

All of Stone Age's fireplace kits are made from their proprietary heat-tolerant, high-strength concrete mix, with solid wall construction, and steel and fiber reinforcement. This results in a stronger and more durable fireplace than other products that may look similar at a glance.

Stone Age Manufacturing
stone age setup

The key differences in Stone Age fireplaces are:

  • Deeper Firebox Designs
  • Precisely Sized Front Openings
  • Larger, Lined Chimney Flue
  • All Refractory (High-Temperature Resistant) Materials
  • Heavy-Duty, Solid-Wall Construction
  • Steel and Fiber Reinforcement Within Kit Pieces
  • Simplified Construction
  • Side View Cutaway of Fireplaces

Products Offered:

Stone Age's commitment to expertly crafted products led them to create outdoor and indoor fireplaces that are a cut above the rest. Their outdoor fireplaces operate with minimal smoke spillage and hold up in intense elements better than most models on the market. Their indoor models perform at the same levels while addressing the unique needs of an indoor heating appliance.

Because of their ingenuity in masonry, it was only natural for them to expand their product line into pizza ovens, fire pits and more. So let's take a moment to look through a few of their best sellers and what makes them stand out.

Contractor Series:

The Contractor Series fireplace, available in indoor or outdoor models, offers standard design and materials with an emphasis on value. The kit comes with the basic components for a fireplace, leaving all additional items optional. With The Contractor model, you are free to create a product as simple or as elegant as you'd like.

Stone Age Manufacturing
contractor fireplace

New Age Series:

The New Age Series combines high-quality materials, traditional square fireplace design and simplified construction. The slim profile allows for fitting into tighter spaces that are typical of indoor units. Easily assembled interlocking pieces and heat-tolerant reinforced concrete blend create a fireplace with excellent heat output and superior durability.

Stone Age Manufacturing
new age series

New Age kits either come with all masonry components or options for zero clearance set up. Less clearance is required for all Stone Age UL-127 certified fireplaces, simplifying installation within the appliance.

Stone Age Manufacturing
new age cutaway shots

Veranda Fireplaces:

If you are short on space but in need of a powerful appliance to heat your outdoor area, a Veranda Fireplace is right for you! This little package of dynamite gives the user an authentic wood-burning experience while restricting the unit size so it can fit in those hard to fill outdoor areas. And these are just a few of the reasons why The Veranda model is our best-selling Stone Age product! The unique tongue and groove design allow for easy assembly with a simple tube-applied adhesive and high heat mortar. Making the installation so simple, anyone can do it.

Stone Age Manufacturing
veranda fireplace

Mezzo Pizza Oven

Stone Age produces a larger variety of wood-fired pizza ovens and smoker kits than any masonry kit manufacturer in the market. Per their standard, each model incorporates the highest quality materials, superior design and simple construction.

The wide range of options offers the consumer more customization and design flexibility. Not to mention, each pizza oven is tailored to work seamlessly with Stone Age outdoor kitchens and fireplaces. So, the fun just keeps on going! When you cook on a Mezzo pizza oven, a fantastic meal, flavored by real wood, is only minutes away.

Stone Age Manufacturing
mezzo pizza oven


It's a bit baffling why Stone Age named this device "The Little Pig". Seeing as it delivers big on flavor and tenderness when it comes to slow-cooked BBQ, this guy is anything but little. The Little Pig's 1/4 inch steel doors are surrounded with 6 inch thick walls, sealing in every ounce of heat, moisture, and flavor inside the smoker ...and your food. With four large cooking racks, you'll be able to fill your belly and everyone else's in your neighborhood at the same time!

Stone Age Manufacturing
little pig smoker

Why they are a great value:

If we haven't sold you on the quality and value of Stone Age products by now, let me leave you with a few "subtle" reminders of what makes them one of the top-rated manufacturers of modular masonry kits in the market.

Like we said before, Stone Age is a family-owned and operated business. They are made up of 2nd and 3rd generation masons. Their knowledge doesn't go back years, it goes back decades. They have been in the business of creating heating appliances longer than many people today have been alive.

This experience isn't to be taken lightly, because you know everything they make, they have spent months, or even years, laboring over to ensure the quality is at the highest level. There will never be a product coming out of Stone Age that's made without the customer in mind.

This is why their modular masonry kits are such a hot commodity for people around the country. The assembly is so simple, you and a handy friend could install a new fireplace in under a few hours. And once it's installed, you and your family will get to enjoy it for years to come.

The eFireplaceStore is proud to sell Stone Age products, so we hope you will check out our website and see which one is right for you. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our NFI certified techs here.

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