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5 Reasons You Need An Electric Fireplace

5 Reasons You Need An Electric Fireplace

Electric fireplaces have a long and muddied history. Their existence goes all the way back to the early 1900s, though it wasn't until 1995 that Dimplex patented the first indoor electric fireplace.

What happened during the eighty years between the time they were first used as props in the theater to the time when they were used in homes across the country? The truth is... no one is 100% certain.

5 Reasons You Need An Electric Fireplace
theater example

Some people link Benjamin Franklin to the creation of the electric fireplace. While it is true that he invented the ?Franklin Stove? that upgraded common colonial fireplaces, there is no direct evidence showing his contributions went far enough to be intertwined in inventions 100+ years after his passing.

While the back story of the electric fireplace might be one of mystery, what is certain is their dominance in the modern hearth industry. Thanks to electricity becoming a common household utility in the mid-1900s, more and more houses across the country are proudly proclaiming the brilliance of modern ingenuity with beautiful electric glowing fireboxes on their walls.

So, if you have ever considered buying an electric fireplace, or wondered what makes them so special, let me walk through five reasons why you should consider an electric fireplace for all your heating needs.

1) Ease of operation:

Electric fireplaces are the easiest fireplace model to operate. You can skip the boy scout lessons that teach you how to properly stack firewood for burning. You don't need to learn how to operate a pilot light or gas line. And if that wasn't enough, most of them come remote control ready, so all you have to do is plug it in, hit the "on" button and you are ready to burn! How about that for a hard day's work?

5 Reasons You Need An Electric Fireplace
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2) Variety of Installation Options:

The second super appealing feature of electric fireplaces is their variety of installation options. Because they aren't immobilized by being fully built into a wall or tethered to a gas line, electric fireplaces are often very lightweight and portable. They can hang on a wall or be set on a floor. You can find models approved for indoor use in small spaces likebathrooms or bedrooms, as well as larger areas outdoors.

5 Reasons You Need An Electric Fireplace
bathroom fireplace

3) Modern look:

If you are looking for something outside of a traditional wood burning fireplace, then the sleek, clean look of an electric fireplace may be a great fit for you. Wood burning fireplaces may take you back to another era with antique design elements and ornate mantels. Though, sitting under the purple or blue hue of an electric fireplace is an enjoyable aesthetic traditional fireplaces don't have.

Not to mention, you have a ton of options for further customization with fireplace mixed media. If you want to step your fireplace game up a notch or two, we have fire glass, lava rock, and stone that add a subtle touch of elegance to any appliance.

5 Reasons You Need An Electric Fireplace
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4) Buy for heat or ambiance:

Another great feature of the electric fireplace is its versatility. Long gone are the days where people in warmer climates had to suffer through unbearable heat to enjoy the crackle of a fire. With electric fireplaces, you can purchase a unit to fit your exact heating needs.

For warmer climates and smaller rooms, a unit that puts off under 5,000 BTU's would work perfectly. If you want a little more heat alongside your ambiance, then increasing the BTU's to around 10,000 is a good choice. Thanks to modern technology, you can create any atmosphere you'd like with the click of a button.

Note: BTU needs can vary based on your climate, room size, and insulation. Check out this BTU calculator before buying to make sure you get the right model for your needs.

5 Reasons You Need An Electric Fireplace
outdoor fireplace

5) Safety:

A study in 2011 reviewed instances of fires caused by heating appliances. Out of every case reported, not one of them was caused by an electric fireplace. Lack of fumes and the possibility for creosote buildup, make having an electric fireplace one of the safest options for your family.

They are very low maintenance and you'll never have to worry about venting issues. There's no risk of smoke inhalation or dangerous fumes seeping into your home and harming your loved ones. You will never have to worry about embers flying outside of the firebox and onto flammable materials. Simply put, if safety is your top concern, then an electric fireplace is the choice for you.

5 Reasons You Need An Electric Fireplace
family around fire

To wrap things up, electric fireplaces are easily installed and maintained. They come in a wide variety of modern, unique styles. And due to their standard of safety, peace of mind is a great freebie to throw on the list of their attractive features. We love electric fireplaces here at the efireplacestore and hope you will too! If you have any questions feel free to reach out to our NFI certified techs anytime.

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With over 13 years in the industry, Collin is a National Fireplace Institute (NFI) certified technician and managed content for the eFireplacestore and eCanopy brands. He has achieved the highest NFI certification possible as a Master Hearth Professional and is certified in all three hearth appliance fields: wood, gas, and pellet. With experience with sales and in-field installations, his expertise shines through his technical knowledge and way with words.

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