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How Flex Venting Helps Complicated Vent Pipe Set Up

How Flex Venting Helps Complicated Vent Pipe Set Up

Are framing restrictions in your house causing you to look for a creative way to set up vent pipes? If you had the perfect layout already designed but are running into unforeseen problems, maybe you need to consider using flex vent pipe. In this article, we will discuss how flex vent pipe can help you maneuver around framing and give you more options for set up.

So, you created the design you wanted for the house you're building. And what happens next? The framing isn't able to layout according to plan and now there's a ceiling joist or beam in the way of what was supposed to be the vent pipe run for your fireplace or stove. So what do you do? Well, if you are using rigid piping you'd have to recalculate all the lengths of your pipe, create a new plan and buy costly offsets or elbows.

How Flex Venting Helps Complicated Vent Pipe Set Up

Thankfully, with flex vent pipe, that's not the only option. Flex venting comes compressed and stretches out to the length you choose. You can bend it to any angle you need and replace harsh turns with smooth slopes. Flex venting can work in spaces where rigid piping cant and when you stretch it to the length you need, you simply cut the end and attach it to your termination or fireplace.

How Flex Venting Helps Complicated Vent Pipe Set Up

One other great thing about flex venting is that it is typically cheaper than rigid piping. One piece of rigid pipe that runs straight up and down would be an affordable option. Though, if you need piping that requires offsets to turn past framing, flex piping will save you money by replacing the need for elbows. Since flex piping is made to stretch and bend however you need it, it would be much less expensive to buy that one piece of pipe for all your venting needs.

For today, that is all we will cover on flex venting. If you have any other questions please feel free to call us at 800.203.1642

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