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How Ash Buckets Protect You From Fire Embers

How Ash Buckets Protect You From Fire Embers

Ash buckets are important but often overlooked fireplace tools. You may be wondering "Why do I need an ash bucket?" or "Can't I throw fire embers directly into the trash can"? If you have questions like these, then this is the article for you. Give us a few minutes of your time and let us walk you through the basics of ash buckets and a few tips on fireplace safety.

How Ash Buckets Protect You From Fire Embers
shoveling ash from a stove

Ash buckets are a great place to store fire embers once you are done burning wood or coal. It's best to leave ash in an ash bucket for 24 - 48 after it burns to ensure it is completely cool before putting it in a trash can. If you choose to leave leftover ash in your fireplace, a draft could blow it into your living space and potentially cause a fire or at the very least, make a mess.

How Ash Buckets Protect You From Fire Embers
dumping ash into a plastic bucket

Ash buckets are made from fire-resistant, durable materials and often have a double bottom to insulate heat and keep the exterior of the bucket from reaching unsafe temperatures. Ash buckets are an invaluable piece to any fireplace tool set, though they are usually a separate purchase and not included in the package of shovels, tongs and brushes.

While they aren't included in the typical fireplace tool set, you can buy an ash bucket by itself or in a set that includes the bucket and a shovel. Some ash buckets come with a lid to contain the ash and embers. Though some ash pails remain open, they tend to be deep to guarantee the fire embers stay in the bucket.

How Ash Buckets Protect You From Fire Embers
Copperfield ash bucket and shovel set

Ash buckets are great fireplace tools that everyone should invest in to ensure safety in their hearth and their home. If you have questions about options and pricing of ash buckets, please feel free to call us at 800.203.1642 or look through the ash bucket department on our website.

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